NueMD is a Saas platform providing clinical, billing, and practice management applications to practices and university health centers. It is the vendor of choice for around 340 medical billing companies who leverage this platform to process claims and provide transparency and practice management automation to their clients. Its flagship product is its clearinghouse that processes 3.5 million claims transactions per year.

Established in 1993, the company has a US customer base of more than 15,000 users. Currently, the software can be deployed in most specialty private practices, whether solo, , small or large. Their customer support is based in the United States and offers multiple points of contact via email, instant messaging system, and phone calls. Their mobile app is available on both iOS and Android

NueMD EMR has a  monthly subscription pricing model, which includes an unlimited number of users and practice locations. Mobile apps are available for Android and iOS.

AdvancedMD acquired the vendor in July 2018. According to news reports, the software will continue to be fully supported after the acquisition, and their clients will have the option to upgrade to any AdvancedMD solutions. 

Price: The price for their standard package is $149/month. Please click the " Get Pricing" button to request detailed pricing for your organization. 

NueMD Pros:  NueMD clients can now enjoy the benefits of feature-rich EMR software, while AdvancedMD customers will have free access to the NueMD clearing house facility. 

NueMD Cons:  Clients have complained about an unsupportive support team. 


NueMD EMR Software

NueMD EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

13 Reviews



Pleasure Island Health

11-50 employees

June 2019

It is awful.

The pros are so less in comparison to the cons, like the awful customer support, the system is not instable, and the sales representative are very misleading, so the pros are not even mentioning when all of this is happening.

You’ll regret using this software, not now but soon. AdvanceMD who owns NueMD was itself a terrible experience. The customer support is worst. This software is a true nightmare, it isn’t something that would help you solve your problems for you, but it creates more for you. The tickets that were issued to us were never resolved, even though we asked them to help a lot of the times. All EMR companies are useless, they are greedy, and make worthless things that are of no help to anyone.

Lic. Francia Sanoja

Sanitas Venezuela

1001-5000 employees

January 2019

Great experience.

It has quite a simple medical billing. This product gives you speed of appointment, scheduling and billing. Due to all this I can keep track of all the data, stay organized and synchronize all the agenda in real time and that also with the help of my mobile phone. My experience with this product is quite great. It is easy to optimize the scheduling time of appointments from my mobile phone.

There isn’t anything bad about this product, just the fact that you would need a stronger internet connection to make best use of all the features that this product provides. There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy.


Diagnostic Medical Testing, Inc / Home Medical Visits

51-200 employees

November 2018


I am not a college graduate, and yet I have no issues using this product/system. It is pretty simple to understand this product and use it. It is quite easy to use. They use different colors to distinguish between the transactions (e.g. payments received, insurance updates, patient scheduling etc.) that have been made or are to be made, it makes it visually easier to determine. Its faster to negotiate between the patient files around with the help of speed buttons that are provided. I would recommend this product to any office that is looking for and EMR/EHR.

I don’t like the financial page of the product, because when a patient comes to visit a lot, then the financial page becomes too long and keeps on increasing. They should add a feature that has tickets that can be closed when the visit is complete or can downsize the page.


Adult Primary Care Services

2-10 employees

September 2018

Highly disappointed.

We have opted for the billing of NueMD, and to some extent we do like our biller. We often have no issues while sending claims. The customer support team of the company do answer the phone and asks you to hold, which takes up to 30 minutes, but they have improved a bit.

The EHR is terrible. We pay an extra fee for the appointment reminders and e-prescription. The screen keeps freezing continuously. When we signed the contract with them, they did not mention about any extra costs that we would have to pay to use the features, but now we have to pay for it to use them. When asked upon, they simply said that they were too many features to mention, but when we signed the contract it was just a half sheet of paper, not even full. For 4 months all of our providers couldn’t work, just because of the extra fee. Its horrendous. Don’t fall for them, and always check your contract before signing.


Diagnostic Medical Testing

2-10 employees

May 2018

All you need.

This product is extremely amazing. The 5 stars speaks for itself I guess. This product is very user-friendly. The customer support is really great and is on your fingertips, you can easily get hold of them. The tutorials that they have created to train us is amazing. The scheduling and billing is quick and easy. Nothing to worry about with this product. I am highly pleased with it.

There is this one thing that is kind of a pain, you have to update the Java file just to run the program, and often that is a pain. However, once you’ve updates it, everything gets back to normal and feels great.



 2-10 employees

July 2017

Poor interface

Works well for submitting invoices

It does not sync with other functions and one has to repeat appointments


UR1 Professionals

2-10 employees

June 2017

Great software and good customer support service

".User friendly Easy to use Claim submission is really easy".

Numerous issues with customer service.They do not address issues.System freezes

Carlos Alejandro

Universidad Central de Venezuela

 1 employee

April 2017

User friendly

Good customer support system

Some minor issues. otherwise the system works well



2-10 employees

March 2017

Suitable to my needs

".User friendly Easy to use Fairly priced".

The software often freezes and it does not work correctly. It is not user friendly


 MD Billing Associates

 2-10 Employees

January 2017

Wonderful product

Very easy to use software.Scheduling system was much better than clinical portion.Great customer support system

As my internet is slow and it is cloud based so it is not as fast as I would like

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