Phoenix Ortho is an electronic health record (EHR) software designed for orthopedic-specific practices of all sizes. The ONC-ATCB certified platform automates multiple practice areas including e-prescribing, image integration, patient messaging, and documentation. It can either be acquired on a stand-alone basis or integrated with RIS and PACS. The Health IT Software solution offers an Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) feature that allows medical staff to capture a patient's history, social habits, and family history without staff data entry. Phoenix Ortho integrates with digital x-rays and MRIs. The system does not include any templates as it is designed specifically for orthopedics, and templates are not generally required in this practice. Multiple modes of data entry such as point, and click, voice dictation, and traditional transcription, etc. makes it easier for users to enter data.

The platform comes with an intelligent system that can seamlessly adapt to each user's preferences. It creates "smart lists", which can display the common selections of a physician during a patient encounter including orders, diagnoses, and medications. The EHR software completes patient visit documentation, allowing practices to improve the quality of care and track relevant outcomes, procedures, and events. With PACS features and integrated Practice Management, the vendor offers the "all-in-one" platform for orthopedic-specific practices. It can also cater to clinics looking to upgrade their EHR function. Phoenix Ortho also supports integration with 3rd party PM vendors, imaging centers, labs, etc. The software helps users understand government EHR guidelines better, while also enhancing their overall clinical workflow.

Price: The pricing details for Phoenix Ortho are not available publicly. Users can request the vendor for pricing details, and also ask for a quote.

Free Trial: Not mentioned by the company. They do offer a free online demo.

Support: The platform offers support via a knowledge base.

USP: Phoenix Kiosk, their tablet-based application helps practices to effectively reduce paperwork, saving both money and time while enhancing the satisfaction speed of patient check-in times.

Product Advantages: The platform ensures its users have staff on-hand for deployment. Their tech support is highly responsive. It requires fewer mouse clicks and offers improved workflows, making the solution easy to implement and use. Features such as automatic charge capture, E & M coding engine, drug-allergy, and drug-drug interaction, helps clinics reduce risk.

Product Limitations: Their patient portal is somewhat difficult to use. Some users suggest it has a steep learning curve. Their fax system is also not very well set up.

Phoenix Ortho

Phoenix Ortho reviews

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San Diego Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center

11-50 employees

February 2019


There is plenty of features you get in this tool. There is a ton of features incorporated with the product that doesn't expect us to make changes to it. Also, a significant number of features can be altered to our particular needs.

Getting response for help or an issue is practically impossible. The patient portal is additionally very hard to use. It would be better if the desk work was all the more effortlessly changed to accommodate our particular needs.


San Diego Sports Medicine & Ortho Center

11-50 employees

August 2018

Phoenix review

They have a ton of cool features, for example, drag and dropping which works incredible for a bustling timetable. Ortho office neighborly, front office staff friendly. Efficient and simple to explore to discover things for patients.

It is somewhat hard to make sense of things initially and have had a few issues at the rate of two times every week with some technical troubles. The fax system is not set up well.


San Diego Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center

11-50 employees

July 2018

Good for our practice

The scheduling OPS in the system is incredible. Also, scanning is extremely simple. The record documenting can be altered and subsequently is well disposed of. Phoenix works well for us.

The clinical side can be bulky. The clicking of buttons isn't simple for our providers, thus we use dictation into the appropriate field. The MA's have more work to do. There are a couple of things that could be digitalized to improve the product.

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