A1 Tracker: Risk Management Software

What is A1 Tracker?


A1 Tracker is a cloud-based risk management software for proactive risk management and mitigation at the organizational level. It is a one-stop solution for risk identification, analysis, and control.

Risk managers and business owners can use A1 Tracker to divert threats and avoid negative consequences to their market reputation, human resources, financial stability, fixed assets, and intellectual property.

What is A1 Tracker Best for?

A1 Tracker is an easy-to-use risk management software with a UX-focused interface design and state-of-the-art features and functionality to mitigate strategic and operational risks. It is a cloud-based platform that leverages AI and feature-rich tools to derive actionable insights and minimize risks through data-driven decision-making.

Apart from risk management and mitigation, A1 Tracker can also be used as an ERP tool to streamline workflows, audits, analytic report management, and priority management with personalized, feature-rich dashboards and automation capabilities. It helps reduce operational costs and improve the overall efficiency of operation processes.

A1 Tracker Pricing

A1 Tracker starts at $800 per month and offers monthly, quarterly, and annual pricing plans. Although there are no free trial services, users can get a free software demo with a practical guide to learn about the features and test efficiency.

A1 Tracker Integrations

As a cloud-based enterprise risk management software, A1 Tracker can be accessed online or deployed on-premises for Windows and Linux.

How does A1 Tracker Work?

A1 Tracker offers highly customizable dashboards and user portals to set priorities, run reports, search metrics, batch transactions, filter data, and import blocks of data from other devices. This risk management tool is compatible with both cloud and on-premise hosting facilities and can be accessed through mobile devices for real-time reporting and sending text alerts and email notifications.

A1 Tracker also integrates with accounting and CRM systems. The software deployment team provides hands-on training during software implementation and 24/7 customer support via call or email to ensure seamless workflow.

Who is A1 Tracker for?

A1 Trackers is a productivity tool designed for business owners and risk managers working in the following industries:

  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Food & Beverages
  • Healthcare
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Legal

What are some key features of A1 Tracker?

Live Reporting

A1 Tracker offers real-time, live reporting features, including heat zones, GPS and map reports, and dashboard reports for quick access to risk data throughout the organizations and regions. Users can also view timeline graphs to analyze the sequence of events and their lifecycle.

Event Calendars

The event calendar enables risk managers to schedule risk audits, key dates, risk durations, peak risk dates, and more. Managers and business owners can trigger reminder notifications based on the key dates mentioned on the event calendar.

Cost Tracking

A1 Tracker enables managers and business owners to track the cost of risk, including the anticipated cost of certain events and threat assessment. It also helps calculate reserved costs for allocated funds in case an event actually occurs.

Mobile Access

A1 Tracker is a mobile-friendly risk management software enabling users to send text and email notifications for real-time reporting. It also allows managers to assign tasks and send workflow triggers and real-time alerts across the team.

Risk Management Templates

A1 Tracker offers risk management templates, including waivers, disclaimers, insurance policy contracts, assignments, and checklists. Managers and business owners can also route these documents for electronic signatures, and receiving parties can resubmit the electronically signed documents back to the A1 tracker portal.

Data Migration

A1 Tracker enables users to migrate data from their legacy systems (including excel, CSC, and txt documents) and integrate it with ERP or CRM tools. The deployment team from the A1 enterprise, the parent company of the software, migrates all the data during software implementation. Users can also request to schedule recurring data imports to keep data consistent.

Live Tracking & Security

A1 Tracker has a secured portal to track user activity and changes made by users on the system. The SSL servers and data encryption offered by A1 enterprise guarantee the privacy and security of confidential data of organizations.

Is A1 Tracker Right for Me?

A1 Tracker risk management software is ideal for entrepreneurs and risk managers looking to proactively track and mitigate risks at different levels of their organizations.

This software helps enterprises boost productivity and maximize overall efficiency with state-of-the-art features, from live reporting to budget management and insurance claims to risk mitigation.

Business owners operating in high-risk environments will be able to identify gaps and potential threats before they occur, conduct root cause analysis, and eradicate or at least mitigate the potential threats to productivity and cash flow.

A1 Tracker Pricing

A1 Tracker is available at $800 per month with auto-renewals. Although the software does not offer any free trials, you can request a free demo or get a free consultation to learn about the features and efficiency of the software.

A1 enterprise also supports volume licensing, and the software can be used across multiple devices in an organization. 

In case you're wondering if this tool is worth $800, it has hundreds of positive user reviews and boasts a 4.9 overall rating across top software review platforms, ranking among the top business software for risk management.

A1 Tracker: Risk Management Software Features


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Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


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Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does A1 Tracker offer an API?

No, A1 Tracker does not offer an API to its customers.

Does A1 Tracker support mobile devices?

No, the software does not support mobile devices.

How does A1 Tracker work?

The program assists businesses of all sizes in managing and mitigating risks associated with contracts, migrations, insurance, assets, and claims. The platform includes a claim management module that allows customers to track, report, and manage trends, lowering risks on insurance premiums, worker's compensation, product liability, and other claims.

Is A1 Tracker cloud-based?

Yes, A1 Tracker is a cloud-based enterprise risk management platform.

What are the typical users of A1 Tracker?

The typical users of A1 Tracker include freelancers, small to large enterprises, and non-profit companies.

What is A1 Tracker used for?

A1 Tracker software is used to track contracts of any type, including NDAs, buy-side (vendor agreements), and sell-side (sales agreements) contracts.

What other apps does A1 Tracker integrate with?

The software integrates with the SAP Business One app.

What types of pricing plans does A1 Tracker offer?

To view A1 Tracker pricing plans, click the "Get Pricing" button above.

A1 Tracker: Risk Management Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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A1 Tracker: Risk Management Software reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


Best claims processing I have experienced.

February 2023

Roy S.

Education Management

A1 Tracker modified everything about their software for us to handle claims processing, reporting, and EOBs. Thereby, we were able to customize the entire application and keep only those functionalities that we need for our tasks. Furthermore, the customer support is excellent and I always have a satisfactory response when I reach out to them regarding any issues. They helped me greatly during the implementation process and it is good to know that my office is in capable hands. I would consider other offerings from the A1 team in the future and highly recommend the software to others as well.
A1 occasionally resets on its own leaving our data unsaved. We find that the last entries made have disappeared which is inconvenient since we have to go back and recheck if anything else is missing as well. As a workaround, we have started saving frequency so it's not too bad anymore.

Smooth implementation with a user-friendly interface.

January 2023


Hospital & Health Care

The initial implementation phase was the smoothest so far, in my experience. A1 Tracker’s team started from scratch and took all the data from our excel spreadsheets to create a solution that is specific to our needs. The software is easier to operate and navigate than the spreadsheet we used earlier. Customer service is responsive and goes above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction. Plus, the price is affordable. I have looked into different contract management tools, and A-1 provided the best value. Above that, a few detail tabs, such as contact information and remarks, were also added upon my request
While I do not have any negatives to say about the software, I do have a suggestion that I believe can further ease out my tasks. I have the flexibility to personalize or use other features. However, because I didn't use some of these options frequently, I had trouble recalling how to make choices or move around the menu.

A1 tracker can be customized as per your needs.

January 2023



A1 Tracker is very flexible and we rarely need help from their support to change the entire dimensions of our software package. What I like the most about the application is its attention to detail which is amazing. Besides, the ability to customize the application as per our needs was very beneficial as we were able to get only those features that we required while avoiding unnecessary ones. The team helped us develop workarounds to tailor the A1 tracker to our specific requirements. The knowledgeable team and employees collaborate with us to develop new products for the software.
Considering the size of our company, we had a lot of data that needed to be imported, sorted, and made available for the users. That was probably the only time that A1 proved inconvenient for us. Besides, having a company with so many employees, it is just not possible for all of the employees to be present in the organization every day and time.

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Call us at

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