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A1 Tracker is a cloud-based risk management software designed for contract, finance, and insurance management. It is a lifecycle platform that mitigates risks related to all financial issues, including assets, claims, billings, payments, renewals, and more. A1 Tracker provides equity and investment management for business, personal, and commercial activities. It has an automatically scheduled distribution of statements that update batch data and provide financial analytics. A1 Tracker contract management software manages Workers' Compensation, Automobile General Liability, Commercial Liability, Life & Health, Fire & Flood, Property & Casualty, Umbrella, Marine, Aviation, and OCIP insurances.  

It has integrated modules for quotes, insurance certificates, and applications. It offers policy generation tools so you can manage payment schedules and sales leads. A1 Tracker facilitates you with report management for the Account holder, tax, management, and compliance reports. The security features involve SSL, VPN, & data encryption. This SAAS software is available on Windows, Linux, and web-based devices. 

Key Features 

Web-based Warranty Management Portal 

It provides single sign-on features to maximize ROI. It offers customizable reporting and document tracking tools for commission management and case management. A1 Tracker CRM manages guarantee agreements for claims adjuster management and claims tracking.  

Procurement Portal for Vendors & Suppliers 

A1 Tracker reviews and approves RFP proposals and NCRs for you. With E-signature integration, you can get RFP quotes and handle NDA agreements. It maintains your confidentiality through initial analysis and audit management. You can get a highly flexible procurement management dashboard module with A1 Tracker Contract management software.  

Effective Billing & Invoicing 

A1 Tracker software manages billing, invoices, payments, pre-payments, and refunds for fixed assets, facilities, legislative management, and financial stability. It contains OSHA and FROI (First report of injury) to manage TPAs and injury costs. You can access dashboards for subrogation, litigation, and appointments.  

A1 Tracker Pricing 

A1 tracker software cost starts from $800 per month.  

A1 Tracker Software Demo 

A free trial of A1 Tracker project management is not available. However, the vendor provides A1 Tracker software demo. There is no free version of the software. 

A1 Tracker Reviews 

Many users have reviewed A1 tracker software with high ratings and positive remarks. It is a Workers Compensation and Safety incident reporting software with injury tracking and incident management tools. Policy renewal tracking and claims automation features help you to minimize management complications. You can find more reviews about the A1 tracker in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

A1 Tracker is a self and cloud-hosted CRM and ERP software for streamlining workflows, audits, analytic report management, and priority management. It has tracking tools for NDA, buy-side, and sell-side contracts. A1 Tracker Project Management facilitates your compliance, safety, and procurement management. It has personalized dashboards for HR, Client/Broker Communication, Audit management, and business process control. The SMS/Alert features combined with the effective collaborative tools make A1 Tracker a worthy software. 

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