What is AchieveIt?


AchieveIt is a cloud-based enterprise planning and execution platform that helps organizations manage and track their strategic plans, goals, and initiatives. The platform enables organizations to align their objectives across departments and stakeholders, track progress, and identify potential roadblocks in real time. It can be used for many different things, like managing strategic plans, organizational OKRs, project portfolios, company performance metrics, and more. 

AchieveIt software also has robust reporting capabilities that enable teams to visualize progress and gain 360-degree visibility across all organizational plans. With its user-friendly interface and a full set of AchieveIt features, it's easy for professionals to work together and make decisions based on data that lead to success.

What is AchieveIt Best For?

AchieveIt project management is best known for its ability to offer unparalleled insight and clarity to businesses at any level of their organization. While other project management tools may provide detailed project status updates, AchieveIt stands out by seamlessly connecting projects and allowing for a bird's eye view of all initiatives. It lets users zoom in and out, giving them the right amount of detail for all of their projects and letting them see their operations from both a big-picture and a small-picture point of view. 

AchieveIt Pricing

AchieveIt offers value-based packages that are tailored to ensure long-term planning and execution success for organizations. The vendor has three different pricing plans to meet the needs of businesses with different needs. 

The AchieveIt pricing plan, which is priced at $80 per user per month, is ideal for small organizations looking to improve their planning and execution. However, please note that the CORE plan requires a minimum of 20 users and is billed annually. 

The PLUS plan, priced at $90 per user per month, is perfect for medium- to large-sized businesses looking to enhance their visibility and accountability. It also requires a minimum of 20 users and is billed annually.

Moreover, the AchieveIt cost plan PRO offers custom solutions for larger organizations with multiple locations that require additional features and support. The price of the PRO plan is not made public because it is tailored to the needs of the company. 

Not sure which AchieveIt pricing plans are the best fit for your business? Get a customized pricing guide for your organization by clicking the "Get Pricing" button now! 

AchieveIt Software Integrations

AchieveIt project management software provides businesses with the flexibility to integrate their systems and processes through its API, which supports custom integrations. This means that organizations can easily connect AchieveIt to the tools, platforms, and apps they already use. This makes it possible for data to flow smoothly between systems.

How does AchieveIt software work?

Here’s how you can get started with the AchieveIt software

  • Sign up for AchieveIt and get started with just a few clicks. 
  • Set up your account by following the on-screen instructions, which will include creating a login and password. 
  • Start organizing your initiatives and projects to ensure long-term success. 
  • Create as many plans as you want using the information that is unique to your organization. This will help align plans and processes across the organization. 
  • Manage progress through the automation of notifications for updates, so you can stay on top of changes as they happen. 
  • Use dashboards to steer meetings towards useful discussions and conclusions, with visual aids to help you make informed decisions. 
  • Assess performance with just a quick click and see all the updates and history on any initiative in your organization. 
  • You can zoom in and out in AchieveIt to see your projects and initiatives from both a big-picture and a small-picture point of view. 
  • Collaborate with your team to ensure everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals.

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Who is AchieveIt For?

AchieveIt software is a versatile platform designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes across various industries. Here are some typical users who can benefit from this solution: 

  • Healthcare industry 
  • Nonprofit organizations 
  • Educational institutions 
  • Manufacturing companies 
  • Federal Government 
  • Banks and financial institutions 

AchieveIt Features

Strategic Planning

AchieveIt strategic planning feature enables businesses to manage, connect, and execute their strategic plans with ease. It helps users create and connect an unlimited number of strategic plans to align processes and progress across the organization. Overall, the software automates everything, from collecting progress updates to compiling real-time reports and dashboards. 

Project and Program Management

The software offers a comprehensive project and program management solution designed to improve execution processes. Its real-time program management metrics dashboard helps users track progress, stay informed on the status of their projects and programs, and see how their work fits into larger organizational plans. 

Operational Planning and Execution

AchieveIt project management tool offers a robust operational planning and execution feature that helps businesses stay on track with their operational strategy and easily monitor project progress in real-time. The software shows how departments collaborate and work together to reach organization-wide milestones. This makes sure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

This feature allows users to plan, budget, forecast, and report on their performance through a centralized interface. It also gives teams the power to make decisions based on data, avoid bottlenecks, and stay on track to reach their strategic goals. 

How is AchieveIt Different from Other Software?

Some of the key features that set AchieveIt software apart from other similar products include: 

Automated Update Requests: AchieveIt sends automated update requests to users via email. With just a single click, users can access the updates page without having to log in. This level of convenience and efficiency is unmatched by other software.

Powerful Filters and Reporting: The software provides an Excel-like interface with powerful filters that enable users to zoom into the data that matters most. This feature makes AchieveIt stand out from other software because it gives you a lot of freedom and control over how reports look.

Custom Dashboards: AchieveIt allows users to create custom dashboards that provide a complete view of their initiatives across one or multiple plans. Automated report distribution also makes it easy to stay up-to-date on key initiatives without having to manually search for information. 

Is AchieveIt Software Right for You?

AchieveIt project management software is dependable strategic planning and execution software that can adapt to various use cases and industries, including healthcare, education, and government agencies. With features like automated progress tracking, real-time dashboards, and customized reporting, it offers a powerful and user-friendly platform for teams to track and manage projects, plans, and goals in one place. 

The vendor also prioritizes the security of customer data and implements robust measures to protect it. It uses SSL encryption to secure all communication between users and the platform, ensuring that data is protected in transit. AchieveIt also uses encryption to safeguard customer data while it is at rest on its servers. Furthermore, their servers are housed in a data center that is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified. 

However, deciding whether AchieveIt software is the right software for your organization will depend on various factors, including the size and complexity of your operations, your budget, and your specific needs. If you're interested in exploring AchieveIt as a potential solution, we recommend booking a call with one of our experts, who can provide more information and help determine its suitability for your business. 

  • CORE
  • PLUS
  • PRO
80 / user / month
  billed annually
20 users minimum
90 / user / month
  billed annually
20 users minimum

  Pricing not disclosed
What’s included
(Ideal for small organizations)
What’s included
(Perfect for medium to large businesses)
What’s included
(Custom solutions for larger organizations)
  • Unlimited plans & projects
  • Access to core platform features
  • Implementation planning calls
  • Designated customer success manager
  • Strategy consultant
  • Quarterly status calls
  • Everything in CORE plan, plus:
  • Custom statuses
  • Monthly status calls
  • Quarterly strategy calls
  • Semi-annual dashboard creation & optimization
  • Everything in PLUS plan, plus
  • Integrations
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Bi-weekly status calls
  • Monthly strategy calls
  • Plan facilitation workshop
  • Custom dashboard creation & optimization

Achieveit Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Centralized Interface: AchieveIt provides a comprehensive suite of strategic planning tools, enabling teams to define their goals, develop action plans, and track progress over time in a centralized location.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: The software offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes and types. Whether it's a small team, a mid-sized business, or a large enterprise, AchieveIt can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any organization.
  • Streamlined Communication: AchieveIt's collaborative features promote teamwork and collaboration, enabling team members to work together seamlessly on strategic plans and provide real-time feedback.


  • Cost: The software can be expensive for businesses that may not need all of its features.
  • Steep Learning Curve: The software requires some training and onboarding before users can take full advantage of its features.
  • Limited Integrations: AchieveIt does not integrate with as many third-party tools as some of its competitors. This can make it difficult for teams that rely on other tools for their day-to-day work to fully integrate AchieveIt software into their workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does AchieveIt offer an API?

Yes, AchieveIt does offer APIs.

How does AchieveIt work?

AchieveIt is employed to track progress on important programs and initiatives in real time using a single, automated platform. AchieveIt encourages responsibility throughout the agency and facilitates informed decision-making by establishing uniformity and visibility across plans and initiatives.

What level of support does AchieveIt offer?

AchieveIt provides a knowledge base, FAQs and forums, live support (live reps) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, email and help desk support, chat, and phone support.

What other apps does AchieveIt integrate with?

Even though it's not clear which apps can be integrated with AchieveIt, the software has an open API that lets custom integrations happen.

What types of pricing plans does AchieveIt offer?

You can get custom pricing for AchieveIt by clicking on the "Get Pricing" button above.

Who are the typical users of AchieveIt?

AchieveIt typical users are large enterprises, mid-size businesses, non-profit organizations, public administrations, and small businesses.

Achieveit Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Achieveit reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Excellent platform for performance management.

December 2022

Candice W.


I have been working faster and more efficiently thanks to AchieveIt. I can now deal with all bank activities and performance metrics just by clicking one mouse button and everything is ready to be tracked/monitored.
Some of the calculations I perform like variance calculations cannot be done in this software. I have been working around that issue by using excel but that’s not really ideal since I have to switch back and forth very frequently. They should consider adding more calculation features.

Great product! It saves me time.

December 2022

Bridget A.

Health care

I am a data entry operator, and this software makes my job so much easier! The modules are laid out in a nice and appealing manner. This makes monitoring goals simple. The ability to quickly locate information makes it ideal for use in meetings.
I would like an option to share only those charts that are required (instead of all of them). And an Outlook integration would make my job even easier because we could populate our calendar reminders in there as well.

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