Ayoa: AI-Powered Mind Mapping Tool

What is Ayoa?


Ayoa is the #1 neuro-inclusive productivity tool for mind mapping, task management, and AI-powered brainstorming. It uses AI and state-of-the-art mind-mapping tools to help you brainstorm ideas and manage tasks more effectively with real-time collaboration and task management boards.

What is Ayoa Best for?

Ayoa is the only mind-mapping tool in the world that leverages AI to elevate creativity and thinking. It’s an intuitive, "brain-friendly" tool where users can map project cycles in canvas and workflow style boards for seamless task management and idea generation.

For those who want to brainstorm the traditional way, Ayoa supports freehand branches that mimic the feeling of drawing a mind map by hand.

Ayoa’s UX-focused interface and easy-to-use features enable users to plan, manage, and achieve their goals flexibly and unlock their true productivity potential, while stimulating memory and creativity at the same time.

Ayoa Pricing

Ayoa offers three different plans, including:

1. Ayoa Mind Map

2. Ayoa Task

3. Ayoa Ultimate

Ayoa Mind Map costs $10 per month and includes all the mind mapping features. Ayoa Task costs the same and contains task management features like unlimited task boards and real-time collaboration.

The third plan, Ayoa Ultimate, is a mix of Ayoa Task and Ayoa Mind Map, with additional features like AI-powered brainstorming, built-in video conferencing, and much more, for just $13 per month.

Users can get a free 7-day trial without submitting any credit card details. Volume discounts and custom pricing plans are available for teams (50+ members) and educational and non-profit organizations.

Compared to other productivity and mind-mapping tools like imindmap and opengenius, Ayoa is regarded as the best value for money.

Ayoa Integrations

Ayoa is available as an in-browser and desktop app for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is also compatible with other business and productivity tools like Zoom, Google Calendar, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.

Ayoa can also be accessed via mobile phones and tablets. You can download it for free on the App Store and the Play Store for Android and iOS.

How Does Ayoa Work?

Ayoa is available for desktop and mobile devices. You can sign up using your Gmail, Facebook, or Apple accounts to get started. From there on, you can:

  • Create unlimited mind maps, whiteboards, and task boards
  • Access extensive template libraries
  • Use the built-in video conferencing tool
  • Integrate Google Calendar
  • Create hand-drawn maps
  • Create canvas and workflow board styles for task management
  • And much more…

Who is Ayoa for?

Ayoa is the #1 productivity tool designed to spark creativity and boost productivity for individuals and teams. It is best suitable for:

  • Creative designers
  • Writers
  • Freelancers
  • Developers
  • Human resources managers
  • Students
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs

What are some key Ayoa Features?

Mind Mapping

Ayoa enables users to power their imagination in visual mind maps to help discover new ideas and keep track of them. You can create mind maps and add shapes and objects to them using drag-and-drop features. Insert pictures on their maps from your devices or choose from the extensive built-in library of free-to-use images of Ayoa to add clarity to your thoughts.

Ayoa’s mind maps are also highly customizable and can be visualized in different background colors, font colors, and sizes.. At the end of the day, you can export your mind maps into multiple formats, including PDFs, Word files, images, and PowerPoint presentations.

Task Management

Ayoa Task Management tool helps users streamline tasks, set priorities, assign tasks to other users, create and edit deadlines, and monitor progress. It is an all-in-one project management tool that uses Kanban board to give complete transparency to the managers.

The software comes with two state-of-the-art task boards to help users visualize and manage their projects seamlessly. The first is the Workflow task board where you’ll be able to keep track of your projects in a clear, linear way. The second is Canvas, a more creative way to create and visualize projects in a circular format.


Like brain dumping all your fragmented ideas onto one place? Ayoa’s whiteboards are perfect for that purpose. You can create hand-drawn maps and dashboards, notes, links, objects, flowcharts, images, voice notes, and even videos on the whiteboards, and share them with other team members.

AI-powered Brainstorming

Ayoa leverages artificial intelligence to power up brainstorming and creativity. You can generate innovative content ideas using AI and deep learning to boost productivity and make work effortless and fun. Create content outlines, build flowcharts, draw images, and even conduct SWOT analysis reports with the help of artificial intelligence.

Video Conferencing

Ayoa’s built-in video conferencing feature facilitates seamless communication and collaboration. It supports up to 75 participants per call and rivals any video conferencing platform in terms of video/audio quality and features. However, this feature is currently available only on desktop versions.

Collaboration & Integration

On Ayoa, you can invite any team member to view or edit your task boards and organic mind maps for real-time collaboration. Create polls and add votes, comments, images, and voice notes on the boards shared with you. Open up your task boards to other team members for feedback.

Ayoa also integrates with all your favorite tools like Google Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zoom, Evernote, and Google Contacts.

Is Ayoa Right for Me?

Ayoa is ranked the #1 productivity tool in 2022 by Success Magazine. It boasts positive ratings and reviews from thousands of users on the App Store and the Play Store, with over 100k+ downloads.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, Ayoa is the perfect tool to map ideas, convert them into actionable tasks, and get work done with more flexibility.

Ayoa is also ideal for those in the creative field, such as writers, designers, and even software developers. The software’s AI-powered mind-mapping tool will help you brainstorm ideas and transform them into visuals and actionable tasks.

College students and freelancers can also benefit from Ayoa in managing assignments and projects, creating to-do lists, designing presentations, and tracking everything with aesthetically-appealing graphs and grant charts.

Ayoa Pricing

You can get a 7-day free trial of Ayoa without putting your credit card details. After the trial ends, you can choose from the following three pricing plans:

Ayoa Mind Map

The #1 productivity tool for brainstorming and mapping ideas with proven capabilities to boost productivity

$10 Per user/month
Ayoa Task

The one-stop task management and real-time collaboration tool with unlimited task boards and personal planner

$10 Per user/month
Ayoa Ultimate

The ultimate task management and AI-powered mind mapping tool with voice notes and video conferencing integrations

$13 Per user/month
What’s included:

✔ Organic maps
✔ Radial maps
✔ Speed maps
✔ Capture maps
✔ Real-time sharing and team collaboration
✔ Image libraries with thousands of fair-to-use images
What’s included:

✔ Unlimited task boards
✔ Real-time sharing and collaboration features
✔ Canvas board style
✔ Workflow board style
✔ Personal planner
What’s included:

✔ Everything in Ayoa Mind Map and Ayoa Task, plus…
✔ AI brainstorming tool
✔ Grant charts to track progress
✔ Freehand drawing tool
✔ Voice note feature
✔ Video conferencing
✔ Unlimited storage to save up to 60MB of files
✔ Integrations with Google Calendar, Evernote, Zoom, and Dropbox
✔ Group brainstorming and collaboration features
✔ Routine updates

Ayoa: AI-Powered Mind Mapping Tool Features


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