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Discover Binocs, the innovative SaaS solution for seamless resource planning and scheduling in quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA), research and development (R&D), and cell and gene therapy (CGT) environments. Streamline processes, track performance, and optimize workloads effortlessly.

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What Is Binocs?


Binocs is an enterprise-ready software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed to improve operational performance for quality operations teams, research and development (R&D) laboratories, and cell and gene therapy (CGT) execution. Developed by Bluecrux, the software enables teams to manage their workload, optimize resources or equipment, and foster collaborations. With its user-friendly interface, powerful analytics, and real-time insights, Binocs helps businesses stay agile and improve efficiency.

What Is Binocs Best For?

Businesses looking to increase analyst productivity and asset utilization and improve their right-first-time rates in quality operations will find great value in using Binocs resource planning software. The platform also excels in helping R&D departments focus on rare diseases and complex therapeutics by increasing productivity. For the uniquely challenging CGT industry, Binocs provides solutions that cater to single-patient batch requirements, revolutionizing how supply chain operations are organized and scaled.

Binocs Pricing

The pricing of Binocs lab management software may be based on several key factors. The most important being the number of users, selected modules, customization needs, contract length, industry, and additional services. Larger user volumes, more complex requirements, and extra implementation aspects generally result in higher pricing, while longer agreements and standard installations provide more affordable options.

Binocs Integrations

Binocs integrates with the following third-party solutions:

  • LabVantage
  • IBM AS/400
  • Protime
  • SAP
  • Starlims
  • Microsoft Excel
  • LabWare

How Does Binocs Work?

Here's how to start using Binocs:

  • Log into your account
  • Navigate to the dashboard
  • Choose the operation you want to manage: QC/QA, R&D lab, or CGT
  • Go to 'Projects' to create new projects. Set up your project parameters
  • Integrate with your existing systems
  • Assign tasks to your team
  • Monitor progress through real-time updates
  • Use the data analysis tools to evaluate performance and make necessary adjustments
Watch a Binocs free demo to learn more.

Who Is Binocs For?

Binocs is suitable for business organizations of all sizes across various sectors that require efficiency in QC/QA operations, R&D lab operations, and CGT execution. Some of the industries and sectors that can benefit include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotech
  • Healthcare
  • Life sciences
  • Research and development

Is Binocs Right For You?

Binocs software benefits businesses aiming to improve operational performance, particularly in QC/QA operations, R&D laboratories, and CGT execution. Its seamless integration capabilities, tangible ROI, and enterprise-ready SaaS solution offer scalability while maintaining compliance with the highest security standards.

We recommend reading Binocs reviews to see how existing users find value with Binocs. For more details, contact Software Finder at (661) 384-7070.

Binocs Pricing Plans

The overall Binocs cost may take into account various factors, notably the number of users, chosen features, customization requirements, contract duration, industry sector, and supplementary services. Typically, larger user bases, more complex specifications, shorter-term deals, and add-on functionality drive costs up, whereas standard implementations and more extended agreements allow for better value.

Binocs Features

Labs can easily configure equipment, rooms, and personnel across different periods like days, weeks or months. Resources can be allocated optimally based on various constraints to maximize throughput. Dynamic dashboards provide clear visibility on the scheduled plan to help meet targets.

This tool ensures all machines and tools are running at peak efficiency. Binocs tracks real-time performance metrics for predictive maintenance to minimize downtime. Utilization rates help identify underused assets for improved ROI. Labs get alerts on calibrations and certifications to maintain compliance.

The feature is useful for networks with labs across locations. Binocs facilitates collaborative planning involving distributed resources. Managers get consolidated views on capacity and workloads. Laboratories can balance workloads seamlessly based on specialized equipment and expertise at each site.

Digitize and streamline business processes for repetitive tasks. Regular workflows like sample receipt, storage, testing etc., are programmed once and can be reused through templates. This brings significant time savings compared to manual work. Consistency and compliance are also better ensured through automation.

Get actionable insights for continuous enhancements. Key performance indicators show bottlenecks and adoption rates and help benchmark against goals. Managers can make data-driven decisions through interactive dashboards that provide real-time visibility. Detailed audit trails improve traceability and support regulatory requirements.

Binocs provides what-if scenario planning to help labs strategically assess impacts. It allows modeling scenarios by modifying variables like demand, resources and equipment. Features include comparing scheduling plans, forecasting capacity needs, and optimizing resource allocation. Risk assessments and modeling evaluate issues such as quality issues or supply disruptions. Labs can virtually simulate scenarios to test approaches, validate decisions and mitigate risks, strengthening strategic planning and resilience.

Pros and Cons of Binocs


  • User-friendly system
  • Enterprise-ready and cloud-based SaaS
  • Provides actionable analytics
  • Quick implementation process


  • Multi-language support not available
  • Data transition may take time
  • Limited customization options

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