Clinked Software

What Is Clinked?


Clinked is a cloud-based project management software designed to help teams collaborate, manage projects, and share files. It is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, making it easy to manage projects on the go. Clinked offers solutions to help teams overcome missed deadlines, inefficient communication, and disorganization.  

The software has features such as task management, team calendars, file sharing, and communication tools. With this platform, you can store all your project information in a single centralized location, making it easy to manage your projects effectively. 

What Is Clinked Best For?

One of the most notable features of Clinked software is its ability to create custom branding for your portal, which gives your team a personalized experience. For example, you can create a progressive web app for clients (corresponding to their branding) to access the platform from their phones and tablets.  

Clinked Pricing

Clinked offers the following pricing plans: 

  • Lite: $99/month 
  • Standard: $249/month 
  • Premium: $495/month 
  • Enterprise: Customized quote 

Learn more about the individual plans by viewing the pricing table at the end. To create a custom plan, click the "Get Pricing" button and get started.  

Clinked Integrations

Clinked integrates with several third-party applications, including: 

  • Google Suite 
  • Jotform 
  • Google Drive 
  • Zapier 
  • Adobe Sign 

The software also integrates with several other platforms through Zapier.

How Does Clinked Work?

Here’s how you can get started with Clinked after installation: 

  • Log in using your credentials 
  • Click "Client" and follow the instructions to create a new client (you can also invite new users to the platform) 
  • Assign members to a project and add tasks (the task list is present under the "Tasks" tab) 
  • Create and manage groups of users and communicate with them by using the "Reachouts" tab 
  • You can run an Audit by entering the "Audit Trial" option and selecting the date range 

See the software in action by scheduling a Clinked demo today; just click the "Watch Demo" button. 

Who Is Clinked For?

Clinked is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes that want a comprehensive project management tool that is easy to use and cost-effective. The software is especially useful for the following: 

  • Financial services 
  • Investment 
  • Insurance 
  • Legal 
  • Accounting 

Clinked Features

Following are some of the key features of Clinked

File Sharing

With Clinked, team members can easily upload and share files in a secure and organized manner. Users can create folders to categorize files, set permissions for individual files or folders, and collaborate on files with team members in real-time.  
Clinked also supports version control, ensuring team members always work with the up-to-date file version. Additionally, the platform allows for file preview and annotation, making it easy for team members to provide feedback on files. 

Team Calendar

Users can easily create and manage events and appointments, assign tasks and deadlines, and send reminders to team members. The calendar can be viewed by day, week, or month and color-coded to help users quickly identify important dates and events. Team members can also subscribe to the calendar feed to receive updates on upcoming events and deadlines. 

Task Management

This feature allows users to create tasks and subtasks, assign them to team members, and set due dates and priorities. The platform also shows task dependencies, so team members can see which tasks depend on others before they can be completed. Clinked's task management feature also supports task commenting and file attachment, allowing team members to collaborate and provide feedback on specific tasks. 

Audit Trail

The software provides a detailed record of all user activity on the platform. This feature is especially useful for tracking changes to files, tasks, and events and maintaining accountability and compliance. The audit trail allows users to see who made what changes at what time, providing an extra layer of security and transparency for team collaboration. 

Activity Stream

Clinked's activity stream feature provides a real-time feed of all user activity on the platform, including file uploads, task assignments, and comments. Team members can stay up to date on the latest activities and collaborate more effectively.  
Users can filter the activity stream to show only specific types of activity or to view activities for specific team members or groups. The activity stream also includes notifications for new messages, tasks, and events, ensuring team members never miss an important update. 

Is Clinked Right For You?

Are you looking for a cloud-based project management solution that is easy to use and cost-effective? Clinked can be an ideal solution for teams of all sizes. 

With bank-grade security, including two-factor authentication and encryption, Clinked is a secure and reliable platform for project management and collaboration.  

The software has been recognized for its user-friendly interface and the ability to help teams manage their projects more efficiently. That is why companies like VOX, Bouyges, Capita, and more trust it. With the help of its add-ons, Clinked can be further customized to fit the unique needs of each team. 

Whether you want to upload files in a central location, streamline group tasks, track status changes, or collaborate with external stakeholders or your team instantly, Clinked is the right tool to help you.  

Read Clinked reviews to see what others say about the platform, or contact our customer support team and take the first steps to set up your Clinked account.  

Clinked Pricing Plan

  • Lite
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Enterprise
99 / month
249 / month
495 / month

What’s included
(Lite Plan Features)
What’s included
(Standard Plan Features)
What’s included
(Premium Plan Features)
What’s included
(Enterprise Plan Features)
  • White-label Portal for Small Businesses
  • Files and Notes
  • Full-Text Search
  • 100 Members Included
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Tasks, Shared Calendar, and Discussions
  • Real-time Group and 1 to 1 Chat
  • 1 TB Storage
  • Your Own Domain (URL)
  • Audit Trail
  • 250 Members
  • 3 TB Storage
  • White-label email notifications
  • Document Watermarking
  • 1000+ members
  • 5 TB+ Storage
  • White-label mobile app
  • Active Directory & Single Sign-On
  • Response and uptime SLAs option
  • Customer Success Manager

Clinked Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • File sharing and content creation are easy
  • User friendly
  • Customizable


  • Storage and member limitations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Clinked offer an API?

Yes, Clinked offers an API that allows users to integrate the platform with their existing systems.

Does Clinked support mobile devices?

Yes, Clinked is fully supported on mobile devices.

What languages does Clinked support?

Clinked supports English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese, and more.

What other apps does Clinked integrate with?

Clinked integrates with Google Suite, Jotform, Google Drive, Zapier, and Adobe Sign.

What type of pricing plans does Clinked offer?

Clinked offers four pricing plans, ranging from $99/month for the Lite plan to customized quotes for the Enterprise plan.

Who are the typical users of Clinked?

Clinked can be used by teams of all sizes, including small businesses and large enterprises. The software is especially useful for the financial services, investment, insurance, legal, and accounting industries.

Clinked Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Clinked Software reviews

Overall Rating

20 Reviews


Photography Collaboration Platform

June 2023



Clinked offers a variety of cloud-based collaboration tools and features that aid in effective teamwork, communication, and file sharing. Its particularly useful for creating workspaces dedicated to different projects or teams.
Some users have expressed the need for enhancements in the mobile application and the integration options, while also suggesting improvements to the notification system and user interface customization.

Excellent Client Portal Software

May 2023


Information Technology and Services

Clinked stands out as an exceptional platform for creating customized client portals, providing secure and accessible storage for client data.
There are no current issues with the platform.

Seamless Experience with Clinked

May 2023


Marketing and Advertising

Clinked has been highly beneficial for managing client interactions, offering a streamlined and organized approach to collaboration.
Some specific features like project management might not align with personal preferences, such as using alternative tools like Trello.

Promising software with a Helpful client portal

March 2023

Warner R.

Environmental Services

The Clinked team is really helpful and professional. We have loved using it for our organization. Clinked makes it simple to share files and generate content within a team. They have also built a private cloud for my company (at an added cost) that can be utilized for a variety of purposes. We mainly use it to store files, which aids the aforementioned sharing between team members without the worry of individual users space running out.
The private cloud is the backbone of our operations, but its difficult to customize at our end. We would love greater control over storage allocations and user access. It is still very functional though, so dont get me wrong. Just a little more flexibility and customization from within the platform, and it would be perfect.

Excellent security features.

February 2023



Clinked has an excellent business portal. It gives me peace of mind that all of my data is saved with encryption and made available for future reference. I can download and share whichever file I want right from the app itself. Or I can have my clients login and take a look themselves. Several persons can participate, which is beneficial to the client. Everything, from files to debates, is in one convenient location. Ive been using it every day for almost a year. I strongly suggest it.
Even when extended, the picture download box is relatively small. And though it boasts a lot of the same capabilities as Google Docs, it comes with no spell check, not even as an add-on. This is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming, especially for clients. Other than this, I have no complaints as the software runs smoothly and never breaks down. The support team is good at helping with small issues that come up every now and then.

Its so easy to use!

February 2023

Mandi C.

Law Practice

Clinked has been helpful in several ways and it’s amazing how well it manages everything. The best thing by far is the client portal. After a plan upgrade, I was able to utilize all the capabilities of the software without much effort. My clients find the software easy to use as well since I ask them to share all the information with me through the platform for better tracking accountability. I enjoy how the activity stream displays who did what and when in chronological order.
They had marketed the Tasks feature so heavily that it became one of the reasons I chose to switch to this software. I was surprised to learn that I needed to upgrade in order to use Tasks in all of my groups. I was able to use only a few of them in select groups with the previous plan, but theyve imposed a need to upgrade to use them in all groups. And thats not actually the bad thing about it. The issue is that the price jump between plans is substantial. I believe I can get more in another software for the same price.

User-friendly design.

January 2023

Owen H.


What I loved best about the software is its clear, well-organized, and user-friendly design. In just a few minutes, we were able to redesign the complete customer interface with our own logo, custom domain name, favicon, and headers for each group/client. I really enjoy how I can incorporate Google Docs inside the portal as well as embed media from various websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Fleeq, Brandquiz, and so on. They also have a solid mobile app, which makes everything easier to access.
Clinked seriously lacks integrations with third-party products, especially the ones that we already utilize. Adobe Sign is the major integration that we do not have. Furthermore, the storage for the plan we purchased is extremely limited, thus many people are recommending investing in Google Drive, OneDrive, and other services. The member constraints are also a disadvantage because we must constantly check for available license due to the license limit.

Efficient Internal Portal for Team Collaboration

November 2022


Financial Services

Clinked has been instrumental in organizing documents, ensuring easy access and secure data sharing within our team.
Minor reservations regarding the mobile apps design.

Highly Customizable Client Management Portal

September 2022


Building Materials

Clinked has enabled the creation of tailored client management portals that cater to our specific needs.
Some suggestions for further improving the file-sharing system.

Simplified Collaboration

February 2022


Marketing and Advertising

Clinked has made collaboration more efficient by providing a secure platform for project management.
No current issues reported.

Streamlined White Label Experience

February 2022


Not specified

Clinked simplifies document access and sharing, providing ease for collaboration.
Learning curve and reliance on training videos.

Comprehensive Solution for Attorney Needs

November 2021


Law Practice

Clinked has provided a comprehensive solution for organizing discussions, thoughts, and documents for legal work.
Minor challenges in terms of help videos and user interface design.

Unique Collaborative Tool

November 2021


Education Management

Clinkeds user-friendly features have made it an essential tool for my business, aiding in sharing professional documents.
Issues with email compatibility and calendar synchronization.

Promising Portal

November 2021


Marketing and Advertising

Clinkeds potential to streamline communication and document sharing within agencies is promising.
Design aesthetics could be refined further.

Enhanced Business Management

November 2021


Marketing and Advertising

Clinked effectively manages multiple businesses through secure client portals.
Incremental pricing for larger usage might be a consideration.

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