Clockwise Software

What Is Clockwise?


Clockwise, now called TeamKeeper, is a cloud-based calendar platform for time management. The AI-powered software helps teams optimize their calendars to efficiently manage their time.

Additionally, Clockwise software provides custom web and mobile app development services focused on JavaScript development. It helps businesses turn their ideas into live products or upscale existing ones. The application also offers reliable consulting, implementation and support services, focusing on application development and quality assurance.   

What Is Clockwise Best For?

Clockwise project management software is well known for its ease of use and intuitive interface. Hence, users with minimal technical training can also manage their projects effortlessly. Clockwise is also popular for its efficient attendance system and leave management.   

Clockwise Pricing

The vendor offers the following two Clockwise pricing plans:   

  • Standard - $5 per user for a minimum of 15 users per month  
  • Premium - $7 per user for a minimum of 15 users per month  

Users may get a further discount for Clockwise cost depending on the number of users. Click Get Pricing to get a personalized pricing quote.

Clockwise Integrations

Clockwise can develop personalized integrations with various payroll and accounting software platforms. It integrates with the following third-party applications:  

  • MUNIS  
  • ADP  
  • QuickBooks  
  • Paychex  
  • Tyler Technologies  
  • USP  
  • GMS  

How Does Clockwise Work?

Here’s how to get started with Clockwise project management software:  

  • Log in using the credentials provided by the vendor  
  • Set up your account and customize your preferences according to your specific needs  
  • Import existing projects and tasks into Clockwise or create new ones within the software
  • Schedule your tasks and events within the AI-powered time management calendar
  • Optimize your time allocation using the software’s automation capabilities and smart suggestions
  • Use the review timesheet to stay informed about employee absences, approvals, and total hours
  • Collaborate with your team by assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking progress
  • Regularly review and adjust your calendar to accommodate changes and priorities

Click "Watch Demo" for a free Clockwise demo and learn more about its functionalities.

Who Is Clockwise For?

Clockwise software offers time and attendance solutions suitable for companies of all sizes in several sectors, including the following:   

  • IT  
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Accounting and finance
  • News editing and reporting
  • Administration

Clockwise Features

  • Automated Timesheets

This feature simplifies task automation for managers and reports the hours worked of the employees. Employees can also access their timesheets from any internet-connected device.   
Additionally, all timesheets have an audit trail that timestamps every transaction by username, device ID, and IP address. Clockwise software ensures accuracy in tracking employee hours and provides security against fraudulent activities.  

  • Project Tracking

Clockwise allows administrators to create limitless combinations of time-charging codes. It caters to employees' diverse backgrounds and needs, accommodating various work categories, tasks, and projects.  

  • Leave Management

Clockwise enables organizations to track and manage employee leave, including vacation, sick time, family leave, and PTO. The system allows for accrued, earned, or flat leave types, ensuring flexibility tailored to your organization's specific needs. 
Moreover, employees can easily submit leave requests within the platform. It automatically generates a notification for their supervisor. The employee receives a notification of their request status after it is approved.  

  • Reporting

This functionality enables users to access online real-time reports. The report data includes authorized charges, hours by charge code, employee hours, and missed punches. The software also offers custom reports, ad-hoc, Excel and HTML reports for more detailed analysis. 

  • Employee Scheduling

The software’s AI-powered time management calendar allows you to manage employee schedules. You can ensure that everyone has enough time for their tasks.  
Clockwise also enables you to set up preferences for each employee. Moreover, you can allocate projects or tasks to employees and verify scheduled hours compared to their worked hours.   

Is Clockwise Right For You?

Whether Clockwise is the right software depends on your organization’s requirements. The software lets teams optimize their calendars to streamline workflows. It is highly scalable and can be used by companies of any size or complexity.  

Additionally, the application uses industry-standard encryption protocols and has been certified by SOC 2 Type II. It meets the highest data security and privacy standards to ensure your data is safe and secure.  

Still confused about whether to buy the software? Call our customer representatives at (661) 384-7070 to determine whether the software fulfills your requirements. 

Clockwise Pricing Plans

  • Standard
  • Premium
5 / month
7 / month
What’s included
(Free Plan Features)
What’s included
(Standard Plan Features)
  • DCAA Compliance
  • Multi-level Supervisor Approval
  • Project/Job Tracking
  • FLSA (Overtime) Tracking
  • Email Notifications
  • Web Clock
  • Mobile Apps
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Leave Request
  • Leave Management
  • SaaS "Cloud" Hosted
  • Online Employee Pay Stubs
  • Online Employee W-2s
  • Time Clock Integration
  • Biometrics
  • Card Swipe
  • Proximity

Pricing may differ depending on your organization type and needs. Please click Get Pricing to get a customized pricing guide.

Clockwise Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable integrations with popular payroll and accounting software platforms
  • Automated timesheets for accurate task tracking
  • Reporting options, including real-time and custom reports
  • Scalable solution suitable for companies of all sizes


  • Customization options may be limited, according to Clockwise reviews
  • Customer support response time may vary depending on the level of service required

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Clockwise offer an API?

No, Clockwise does not have an API.

Does Clockwise support mobile devices?

Yes, the software supports all iOS and Android mobile devices.

What languages does Clockwise support?

It supports the English language. 

What other apps does Clockwise integrate with?

The software integrates with several applications, including MUNIS, ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, Tyler Technologies, USP, and GMS.

What type of pricing plans does Clockwise offer?

The software offers two pricing plans starting at $5 per month. Click here for a customized pricing quote.

Who are the typical users of Clockwise?

Clockwise software is used in several sectors, such as IT, healthcare, engineering, operations, accounting and finance, news editing and reporting, and administration.

Clockwise Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Clockwise Software reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


The software allows us to perform tasks timely

March 2023


Government Administration

Clockwise has been saving us a lot of time, and it’s been great so far. I no longer have to stop what I’m doing to receive an employee copy of their pay stubs/W2 because they can log in anytime they want to get this information. We have provided them with 24/7 access, which benefits them and us. There’s also no limit on what information we need to make visible and what to hide. Employees can publish news articles on the homepage for everyone to view when they check in. This way, everyone can stay up to speed.
The implementation phase is time taking. There are a lot of hoops that we went through to get things straight. Most importantly, we had to complete your company’s protocols and employee information that needed to be imported into the new system. Everyone here wanted it to be over quickly, but we had to spend a lot of time. Hoping the software can introduce some features to do this smoothly and quickly.

Outstanding customer service!

February 2023

William S.

Information Technology and Services

Clockwise is not just immensely simple to use. It is accompanied by outstanding customer support that I have never seen before. I am always able to get help if I run into a problem. Investing in Clockwise was the best move I ever made, which has been made even better with the response time of their team. I used to do timesheets and paychecks management manually, but that all has gone away now. Clockwise has greatly simplified the payroll process. I am a very satisfied customer.
We have made groups of employees working on similar projects or belonging to the same department. But that raises a concern for us since Clockwise doesn’t allow us to export a single timesheet of an employee from one of those groups. I wish there were a way to export only one employee’s timesheet inside a group. It would be helpful for us when assessing an individual’s performance during yearly reviews, for example.

The software allows managers to track their employees' performance.

January 2023


Civic & Social Organization

Clockwise is one of the rarest time tracking software that allows supervisors to take complete charge of employee leaves. We love that our supervisors had access to the entire timesheets and task lists when they requested leave to decide accordingly. All the projects have their timesheet data entered daily. Programs can be added or altered. It connects with our accounting software to import timesheets and allows pay stubs and leaves balances to be exported from the accounting software back into Clockwise. As a result, employees can see their pay stubs and W-2s online. It saves time by eliminating the need to manually enter timesheet information.
What we dislike is the mechanism of adding supervisors. Setting up supervisors is so difficult that we avoid adding anyone new to the list. Our payroll is biweekly, but employees fill out timesheets weekly and get them signed by supervisors. Unfortunately, the first week's leave does not lower the available leave for the second week. If we could do both weeks together, it would notify us when someone took more leaves than they had.

Call us at

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Call us at

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