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Clockwise Software is a DCAA-compliant time and attendance tracking solution for easy business productivity improvement. Clockwise uses AI to automatically reschedule meetings through an integrated Smart Calendar. It assists in meeting unique time tracking, including project tracking, overtime, and leave management, with QuickBooks and other payroll integration. The biometrics, PIN code, card swipe, and proximity features ensure safety and privacy. Clockwise project management provides email and SMS alerts so that you never delay multi-tiered approvals. 

Employees can use digital pay stubs and W2s to save time and paper complications. Clockwise time and attendance system provide ADP, Deltek, Microsoft Dynamics, Millenium, Paychex, Peachtree, Sage Product Line, and Tyler Technologies multi-integration. This cloud-based SaaS software is compatible with all web-based devices.  

Key Features 

Calendar & Event Management 

Clockwise Software frees up blocks of uninterrupted time to help you manage priority tasks. It reschedules conflicting meetings by reflecting your preferences. The calendar syncs with collaborative tools and gives a comprehensive dashboard for time management. Clock Wise automates schedules to prevent overtime and increase availability management efficiency. 

Protects Focus Time 

Clockwise Software makes collaboration with your team seamless with group scheduling tools. With real-time, up-to-date analytics, you can forecast your team's bandwidth. It increases team focus with no-meeting days that are automatically protected with AI third-party integration. You can mitigate tasks with Clock Wise HRM software through task management solutions. 

Personalized Calendar Assistant  

It synchronizes your personal and work calendars to maintain productivity. Clockwise software automatically color-codes meetings so you can see them with a single touch. It even calculates your travel time and estimates scheduling for you. The personalized reporting and statistics help in the project discovery phase and optimize team performance.  

Clockwise Software Pricing 

Clockwise software pricing is available in two basic packages: 

Free Customized Setup: $0 per month 

User Standard Clockwise Package: $5 per month and user ($75 / 15 User Monthly Minimum, tiered on-premise pricing available upon request)  

Premium Clockwise Package: $7 per month and user ($105 / 15 User Monthly Minimum tiered on-premise pricing available upon request) 

Clockwise Software Demo 

It provides free trials for all users. The software is available in a free version as well. Clockwise Software offers a demo for each of the plans available. Throughout the training process, documentation, chats, and a 24/7 helpline are provided by the vendor. 

Clockwise Software Reviews 

Clockwise Software has an extensive list of satisfied customers. The software has received high ratings and positive reviews from users. It increases teamwork, productivity, and efficiency in small, medium, and large business organizations. You can focus on fundamental and pivotal tasks with customized task management calendars. You can find more Clockwise software reviews in our Reviews Section.  

Our Thoughts 

Clockwise software is extremely simple time management cloud software that improves project deployment time. Employees can log in to record their hours, request time off, and have time sheets approved by supervisors through synced timetables and records. The color-coding and scheduling dashboards ease your daily practice making it competent software. 

Clockwise Software Pricing

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