Clustdoc is low-code onboarding software that enables business departments to create and implement industry-specific, client-centric onboarding processes before, throughout, and after the sales process. Managers can use the application to execute end-to-end procedures remotely, expedite approval processes, and track team productivity in real time. 

Clustdoc software enables users and their team members to cooperate with onboarding consumers in a convenient and smooth manner. Users can use Clustdoc to create to-do lists, review and approve documents and files with team members or other parties, and construct a mobile app to handle customer requests and submissions on the move. 

Clustdoc Features

Client Administration

Clustdoc is intended to improve user experiences by offering a 5-star digital procedure from onboarding to customer management. Clustdoc enables users to implement onboarding procedures that improve new customer experiences, increase team efficiency and productivity, and save user spending on manual work. Clustdoc project management allows users to provide information to prospective clients, fill out forms, and electronically sign papers via a secure and customizable portal accessible from any device. Furthermore, Clustdoc allows the user to send provided information, documents, and material to the user's tools or deliver messages to customers automatically. 

Client-Team Collaboration

Clustdoc-client onboarding software makes it easier for users to collaborate on all of the duties associated with customer onboarding. All of the information required by user team members is centralized, including client submissions, to-do lists, and updates. Users and team members can immediately evaluate, validate, and approve client-submitted information, documents, or files without exchanging emails or making phone calls. 

Clustdoc also includes an admin dashboard, which allows users to track the effort and performance of their user team. Users can monitor the progress of internal operations and tasks as well as the status of customer requests, applications, or submissions. Clients are also automatically sent follow-up emails and SMS. 

Mobile Apps

Clustdoc is a mobile app that enables users and teams to onboard and manages clients from any location. This app enables the user to collect and process client information and documents while on the road, collaborate with team members and third parties, and manage user onboarding processes. As a result, users may interact with and support clients at every point of the onboarding process while keeping all stakeholders informed. 

Efficient Workflow

Clustdoc organizes loan papers automatically in the user's admin interface, allowing the user's team to evaluate, approve, or refuse them with a single click. Furthermore, internal cooperation and workflow stages make validation more convenient and efficient. 

Portal for Clients and Documents

Clustdoc was created to give consumers a strong document and client portal without the requirement for a developer. There is no longer any need to follow down with clients for papers. 

Clustdoc Pricing

Clustdoc provides three levels of service: Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ to get a custom price quote for your organizational needs. 

Clustdoc Demo

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Clustdoc Review

Clustdoc is an award-winning software that is utilized in more than 70 countries. Clustdoc is one of the top 200 software applications for business process management. FinanceOnline awarded it a fantastic user experience in 2020, while Capterra gave it a 5/5 rating. 

Our Thoughts

Clustdoc software allows customers to create their own automated client onboarding workflows by utilizing the software's ready-to-use templates. Clustdoc also allows users to construct forms and checklists to easily collect and handle requests, information, and documents from stakeholders. Clients may quickly share and receive information and documents, as well as communicate with their team, using a customizable and versatile portal. 

Clustdoc Features


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Clustdoc support an API?

The software includes API access.

Does Clustdoc support mobile devices?

It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

How does Clustdoc work?

The software provides tools to share documents, build forms, store files within the cloud, and collaborate with partners. It automates the process of document collection.

What is Clustdoc used for?

It is a document collection platform for businesses.

What level of support does Clustdoc offer?

Customer support is available through email, phone, chat, FAQs, a knowledge base, and a 24/7 live representative.

What other apps does Clustdoc integrate with?

It can integrate with Google Drive, Zapier, Dropbox Business, and Slack.

What type of pricing plans does Clustdoc offer?

The software has a flat rate of $100 per month.

Who are the typical users of Clustdoc?

Freelancers and SMEs are the typical users of the software.

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