Continuum PPM Software

What is Continuum PPM Software?


Continuum PPM is a project portfolio management software that helps organizations manage, prioritize, and track the progress of their projects. It provides features of resource management, project tracking, budgeting, and risk management.

The software aims to help organizations align their project management processes with business strategy, thereby improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of project delivery. Along with lowering costs, Continuum PPM streamlines reports, and compiles workflows on a single platform. The software leverages its features to also promote innovation amongst its users. 

What is Continuum PPM Best for?

Continuum PPM software is best known to maximize the profitability of businesses by integrating financial accounting and project management. It allows users to manage every stage of their project and deliver all tasks on time. Continuum PPM demo can show interested buyers how it uses automation tools to help organizations improve their productivity.

Continuum PPM Pricing

Continuum PPM Base pricing plan starts at $15 per month for every user and it offers access to all the basic project management and collaboration features. Users can upgrade to the Professional license which starts at $25 per month or the Enterprise pricing plan which is $35 every month for additional security, storage, and user capacity.

Continuum PPM Integration

Continuum PPM offers integration options that help users synchronize it will other collaboration, communication, and project management applications. It can seamlessly connect and import data from other systems such as QuickBooks, Google Drive, and many more.  

Continuum PPM software supports all major desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a Software as a Service product that can be installed on any computer.

How does Continuum PPM Work?

The company offers technical support in the form of guides and tutorials available on the website. They also offer live customer support whenever required. You can get started with the software with the following steps after launching the app: 

  • Visit the Dashboard to get an overview of your projects. 
  • Click on the "Projects" tab and choose "New Project." 
  • Fill in project information, including name, description, and project manager. 
  • Click on "New Task" to set tasks according to project goals. 
  • Assign tasks to relevant team members. 
  • Edit “Schedule" tab and adjust the timeline for each task. 
  • Monitor project regularly through the Dashboard. 
  • Click the “Reports” tab to generate reports and calculate project performance. 

Users can also request the software API on special demand and customize the application even further.

Who is Continuum PPM for?

Continuum PPM is used by small businesses as well as large corporations. The developers have used real-world experiences to design the platform for its users. Continuum PPM software is suitable for creative teams, software development companies, architectural agencies, accounting firms, and other professional service providers.

It is specifically made for the following PMO Teams:

  • Creative Teams 
  • IT Teams 
  • Software Development Teams 
  • Architecture Teams 
  • Accounting Teams 

Key Features of Continuum PPM Software

  • Budgeting/Forecasting

Organizations can plan budgets and allocate resources for their projects using the budgeting and forecasting tools in Continuum PPM. The software can perform real-time updates and forecasting, providing users with a clear picture of their project finances. It compares budget projections against actual expenditures, making it easier to track project expenses and stay within budget.

  • Milestone Tracking

It tracks project milestones and deadlines, providing real-time updates on project progress. You can easily set milestone targets and monitor progress against these targets, ensuring that projects are delivered on time. The software also provides notifications for upcoming milestones, ensuring that users stay on top of project deadlines. 

  • Focused Dashboards

Continuum PPM provides a centralized dashboard that displays real-time information on all projects, making it easy to track project progress. 

Users can customize their dashboards to display the information that is most relevant to their work, ensuring that they have access to the data they need, when they need it. 

The dashboard also provides alerts and notifications, helping users stay informed about project progress and any potential issues.

  • Resource Management

This helps to ensure that projects are delivered with the right resources and that resources are used optimally. Effective resource management can also help companies minimize waste and reduce costs, as they can avoid over-allocating resources or using them inefficiently. By providing real-time information on resource utilization, Continuum PPM enables companies to make informed decisions about resource allocation, helping them to optimize their investment and deliver projects successfully.

  • Project Planning 

Continuum PPM provides project planning tools that allow organizations to create and manage project schedules. Businesses can create detailed project plans that include tasks, deadlines, and resource requirements. The project management platform offers tools for tracking project progress and making real-time updates to project plans, ensuring that projects are delivered on time.

  • Task Management

Users can create task lists and assign tasks to team members, ensuring that everyone knows what needs to be done and when. This PM tools facilitates tracking task completion and identifying any potential issues, helping organizations ensure that projects are delivered successfully. Continuum PPM helps organizations manage their project tasks, ensuring that work is completed on time and to the required standards.

  • Time & Expense Tracking

Continuum PPM Project Management Software provides time and expense tracking tools that help organizations track the time and resources they are investing in their projects. This feature helps organizations understand the cost of their projects. The platform also offers features for generating reports on time and expenses, helping organizations understand the cost of their projects and make informed decisions.

  • Portfolio Management

Continuum PPM provides portfolio management that allow organizations to manage and track multiple projects at the same time. You can prioritize projects based on business goals and objectives, ensuring that the right projects receive the resources they need. It also streamlines tracking project progress, helping organizations understand the status of their projects and make informed decisions.

  • Change Management

This software provides change management tools that help you to manage changes to their projects. Users can request changes, track change requests, and approve or reject changes, ensuring that changes are managed in a controlled and effective way. This project management software also provides tools for tracking the impact of changes on project schedules and budgets, helping organizations understand the implications of changes and make informed decisions.

Is Continuum PPM Right for You?

Continuum PPM is one of the leading software solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It won “Top Project Management Award” and has emerged as one of the finer options for collaboration and task management. It has mostly positive reviews because of its ability to provide users with all the project management capabilities in a single solution. Users particularly praise it for its user-friendly interface. 

Continuum PPM offers a free demonstration where licensed professionals can showcase all the features and functionalities. The demo can be booked through the “Watch Demo” button.

Continuum PPM Software Pricing

Continuum PPM offer three basic packages for its software which can be used according to the needs of the company.

  • Base
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
$ 15 / month / user
$ 25 / month / user
$ 35 / month / user

For more Continuum PPM pricing information and details, click on the "Get Pricing" button, and one of our customer care experts will get back to you shortly to help you select the best plan.

Continuum PPM Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Continuum PPM Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Continuum PPM Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Very cost-effective and easy to use

December 2022

Jared M.


Time management has never been easier, and Ive successfully integrated all of my needs with Continuum so that I dont have to switch back and forth between software. It makes data entry much easier and with fewer mistakes.
There are certainly more advanced tools out there. Continuum has a lot of features so tightly packed together that there are bound to be some inconsistencies. It feels like it is still on its way to becoming a more cohesive, singular product for you to use.

Excellent project management solution with one of the best tracking features on the market

November 2022

Walter Miles


It is by far the most user-friendly PPM I have ever used. The resource management is very reliable and lets us keep track of our inventory and expenditures. Another handy feature is the time tracking, which has really helped keep our team on track. Additionally, the integration with Quickbooks is really helpful for invoicing.
There are little things that bug me and don’t really have a solution currently. I mean, the notifications would just get delayed for no reason, and it happens so randomly that talking to the support team is basically useless since I can’t replicate the issue. So, I end up getting a generic solution that does nothing, and I just have to kind of live with it.

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