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Copy5 is an all-in-one solution that allows small businesses to collaborate on projects. It is a digital transformation tool that facilitates hybrid work settings. Partner management and customer engagement are all possible with Copy5 software.  

The entire team will be coming together in a single workspace that is designed to fast-track the progress of any initiative. Copy5 has features designed to create a conducive virtual work environment and integrates project management with task monitoring, internal messaging, calendar management, video conferencing, document management, and a lot more. Copy5 demo showcases its powerful features and how they can be configured to meet the requirements of any team.  

The software is most suitable for small to medium business leaders who understand the importance of digital acuity. It has been created for engagement and provides companies with the capabilities they need to succeed in their industry. Since Copy5 software has all the necessary tools in one platform, users do not need to juggle between programs to complete tasks.  

Copy5 Key Features 

Workspace Personalization 

Users can customize their Copy5 workspace according to their priorities and see all their pending tasks and processes in one place. They can collaborate with each other, manage their files, and execute action items without having to open another window.  

Internal Communication 

Copy5 software has chat, call, and video conference options integrated into the platform to facilitate virtual meetings and quick communication. 

Document Management 

All documents can be stored in a secure location and accessed, shared, or edited by other authorized users. The files are organized according to their importance and relevant activity.  

Workflow Definition 

Copy5 software allows users to build workflows that promote the best practices and are in compliance with the industry standards. They can connect one workflow to another through dependencies within the organization.  

Task Management 

Project managers can monitor the status and progress of all tasks to ensure their team is achieving the targets on time and under budget.  

Manage tasks, track progress and achieve goals in a collaborative environment. 

Copy5 Pricing  

Copy5 offers a personal office package that starts at $5 per month. It includes all the basic features such as document management, video calling, and calendar management. They also offer the business plan at a monthly $20 per user and the enterprise plan starts at $25 per user. These Copy5 pricing packages include special-purpose rooms for collaboration, dedicated dashboards, and dashboard storage space of up to 1 TB. 

Copy5 Demo 

Copy5 offers a free demonstration where licensed professionals can showcase all the features and functionalities in person. The demo can be booked through any local vendor. 

Copy5 Reviews 

Copy5 reviews praise the platform for its ingenious combination of key features critical to the success of any flourishing business. You can share your Copy5 reviews with us too! 

Our Thoughts 

Copy5 software is one of the leading project and task management solutions for small businesses. It includes several features and help keep track of progress and documents.  

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