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Explore EddyCore, a robust solution designed to simplify credentialing and enrollment. With its agile and seamless functionalities, it's the answer to healthcare organizations' needs for a streamlined, efficient system. EddyCore optimizes processes, reduces paperwork and errors, and ensures compliance through its customizable automated workflows.

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What Is EddyCore?


EddyCore is a regulatory-compliance software that operates on the cloud and assists healthcare organizations with obtaining and verifying insurance providers' credentials. It can be used to manage and smoothen enrollment. The software syncs multiple primary source verification (PSV) databases, allowing managers to automatically check submitted credentials.

In addition, healthcare professionals can use EddyCore to auto-fill official documents, forms, and applications. Supervisors can allocate tasks to designated team members, monitor action items, evaluate finished tasks, and include vital notes for later use.

What Is EddyCore Best For?

As an enrollment software, EddyCore is best known for its centralized expiration tracking dashboard. It displays all expirable credentials and documents in one place. As a result, it is easy for users to access, review, and update the information as needed. You can manage licenses, certifications, malpractice insurance, and other essential documents.

EddyCore Pricing

The following are some factors that may affect the EddyCore cost:
  • Number of users
  • Implementation services
  • Choosing additional modules
  • Customizations
  • Integration with external databases

EddyCore Integrations

The vendor has not specified if the platform integrates with third-party applications.

How Does EddyCore Software Work?

Here is how to get started with the EddyCore project management software:

  • Use the provider dashboard feature to manage and track provider-specific information, including contact details, insurance provider credentials, expirable documents, etc.
  • Utilize the PSV worklist and status tracking features to monitor each provider's credentials verification progress
  • Go to the centralized expiration tracking feature to keep track of time-sensitive credentials and documents
  • Tailor the enrollment workflows to meet the specific needs of your healthcare organization
Watch an EddyCore demo to learn more.

Who Is EddyCore For?

Healthcare providers, small practices, and large healthcare facilities can use EddyCore software to manage provider credentialing, facilitate enrollment processes, and monitor expirables.

Is EddyCore Right For You?

EddyCore would be a great choice for any business that needs to manage credentialing, enrollment, and privileges for providers. As credentials management and privileging is a complex process that requires collecting and verifying a lot of data from providers, the user-friendly software streamlines this workflow with its easy-to-use interface. Providers can enter all their data just once and upload files, saving time.

Meanwhile, EddyCore ensures security and compliance by offering specific user permissions for viewing, adding, editing or deleting data. Users can only access information relevant to their role. EddyCore also allows customizing settings per provider type and location. It monitors expiration dates to avoid lapses.

Read EddyCore reviews to learn about the experience of existing users. Interested customers can call Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 for more details.

EddyCore Features

The PSV worklist is a central dashboard that displays all insurance providers requiring credentialing. The list includes important provider information such as the name, the date of the initial request, and the status of the credentialing process. Meanwhile, the tracking feature allows managers to monitor each provider's credentialing progress in real-time.

The software automatically sends notifications and alerts to both the providers and relevant team members well before the expiration date of a credential or document. This ensures everyone knows about upcoming expirations and can take appropriate action to renew or update the necessary items.

EddyCore allows managers to track the progress of insurance provider enrollments in real time. The dashboard displays essential information such as provider name, enrollment request date, and the current status of the enrollment process. The software automatically updates the credentialing status as tasks are completed and alerts managers when any outstanding items require attention.

You can track all expirable credentials and documents in one centralized dashboard using the expirable tracking. This includes licenses, certifications, malpractice insurance, and other essential documents.

Pros and Cons of EddyCore


  • Vendor offers industry-leading implementation speed
  • It is a cloud-based software
  • Centralizes essential data
  • Good customer support


  • Initially challenging to navigate, as per one EddyCore review
  • Customization may be limited
  • Some modules may require additional fees

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The factors that influence the EddyCore price include the number of users, implementation services required, additional modules/customizations selected, and the extent of external database integrations. Organizations can expect their unique needs in these areas to determine an estimated cost.

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