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iMeet Central is digital project management software, and over 750,000 firms rely on it. It streamlines the business with its intact collaboration tools, empowering team connectivity. Taking the chaos out of projects is the prime focus of this solid platform. 

It is a global solution that ensures maximum security across all parameters while following strict privacy protocols. IMeet Central software organizes workspaces and centralizes project databases. Moreover, it automates workflow, making it less of a headache with online approvals and more. 

Key Features 

Plan and Manage 

Proving to be a solid project management solution, iMeet Central pairs project planning tools with document management ones. This intuitive pairing streamlines overall business workflows, helping practices excel. In addition, the project managers know which teammate is working on what. 

Handling project plans is a hassle-free task as the software manages resources, keeps track of document versions, and handles template project plans. With complete and centralized document management, iMeet Central makes sure that all tasks are done right. 

Share and Collaborate 

According to the software review for iMeet Central, it keeps teams on the same page regardless of time or continent. It builds interactive workspaces where all teammates work toward a common goal. The software pulls teams together with continuous discussions and timely notifications. 

Besides social collaboration, iMeet Central offers file sharing, web meetings, calendar syncs, and mood boards. The online mood boards inspire visual and creative ideas and guide teams to create a unified project version for the entire team. In addition, the conference calls of iMeet Central software nurture streamlined experiences at a low cost. 

Track and Reporting 

Keeping teams on track and monitoring the progress of teams is relatively easy for iMeet Central software users. This credible software provides visibility into the statuses of all the projects inspiring greater decisions. iMeet Central, an all-inclusive project management software, offers dashboards, and audit trails, and conducts reports. 

It helps users review project status, examine resources, maintain activity logs, and review file versions. All these functionalities group data and gather insights by conducting performance reports. Using it, businesses can also generate workspace-specific summaries. 

iMeet Central Pricing 

iMeet Central entertains firms with two exceptional pricing plans. The iMeet Central software designs its cost plans to tend to the needs of marketers, agencies, and enterprises. Click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get a custom quote tailored for your requirements. 

iMeet Central Demo 

Take a tour of iMeet Central by scheduling a demo with the vendor. The demo of iMeet Central is available on request. Gain insights into how this system can help you run custom reports and more. Click on ‘Watch Demo’ to experience a visual demonstration of iMeet Central features and Services. 

iMeet Central Reviews 

The reviews of iMeet Central are all about its success stories. Users say the system facilitates core-team training to help users get the hang of the system. Reviews state that it fosters workspace collaboration that firms can never imagine. The version control of iMeet Central is highlighted in the reviews as it provides users control over their projects. 

Our Thoughts 

The iMeet Central is a wonderful project management solution that eases the frustration of project managers. It is an extensive solution; millions rely on it to nurture simplistic workflows. The approval workflows and unified interface of iMeet Central software led practices to prosperity by helping teams manage projects with accuracy and dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does iMeet Central support an API?

Yes, iMeet Central provides an API for its users.

Does iMeet Central support mobile devices?

Yes, the iMeet Central software supports the following mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Is iMeet Central a database?

Yes, iMeet Central is database software.

What level of support does iMeet Central offer?

iMeet Central offers the following support options: Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, and 24/7 (Live rep).

What types of pricing plans does iMeet Central offer?

iMeet Central is available in different plans for marketers and enterprise.

iMeet Central Pricing

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iMeet Central reviews

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