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What Is iRise?


iRise is a collaborative platform designed for businesses to visualize, prototype, and validate their ideas before development. It has an intuitive interface enabling users to create realistic simulations and interactive prototypes. It also empowers teams to collaborate effectively, streamline decision-making processes, and reduce time-to-market.  

With its robust features, including drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built user interface (UI) elements, iRise helps organizations bridge the gap between ideation and implementation. 

What Is iRise Best For?

iRise software can create realistic and interactive business process flow simulations and software prototypes. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to build visually impressive models that closely resemble the final product.  

This feature enhances communication allowing for rapid iteration and validation of ideas before the development phase. By enabling teams to test and refine their concepts in real time, iRise reduces the time and cost associated with revision. 

iRise Pricing Plans

iRise offers three pricing plans:  

  • Personal - $19/per month  
  • Teams – Customizable  
  • Enterprise – Customizable  
Interested customers can receive personalized iRise cost details by clicking Get Pricing.

iRise Integrations

Integrations with the iRise prototyping tool enable automatic and real-time syncing with other tools Some common integrations include: 

  • Jira 
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps 
  • IBM Rational 
  • Visual Studio 
  • Jama Software 

How Does iRise Work?

Here's how users can navigate the iRise dashboard and benefit from the different features: 

  • Access iRise by entering your registered email address and password on the login page 
  • Explore the dashboard and various features available within the platform  
  • Click the "New Project" button to start, enter a name, and a brief description 
  • Collaborate with your team by inviting them to join the project 
  • Capture requirements of the project by creating user stories and use cases 
  • Utilize the drag-and-drop interface to create interactive diagrams  
  • Share your prototypes with team members, stakeholders, and clients  
  • Based on the feedback received, make necessary adjustments to your prototypes, requirements, or user stories 
  • Connect iRise with popular tools to streamline your workflow and keep your entire team in sync 
Contact Software Finder for more assistance. Or schedule an iRise demo by clicking Watch Demo.

Who Is iRise For?

iRise is adaptable to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Its intuitive interface and features make it an ideal choice for various industries: 

  • Technology 
  • Finance 
  • Healthcare 
  • Retail 
  • Education 

Is iRise Right For You?

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses need to deliver high-quality software applications, websites, and mobile apps that meet user needs and expectations. One of the best ways to ensure success is by using a powerful prototyping and requirements management tool like iRise software.  

What makes iRise stand out from the competition? Let's see. 

If you need to create prototypes and validate ideas before committing to the development phase, consider choosing iRise. It is ideal for organizations that value effective collaboration to foster clear communication and understanding of project requirements.  

Additionally, iRise is well-suited for companies aiming to reduce time-to-market and minimize the costs associated with revisions. The software streamlines decision-making, enhances productivity, and supports delivering superior products and services by bridging the gap between ideation and implementation. 

We recommend reading iRise reviews to see how existing users benefit from the software.  

You can also call us on (661) 384-7070, and our customer support team will assist you in making the best decision. 

iRise Features

Create realistic, interactive prototypes that closely resemble the final product, enabling teams to visualize and test their ideas before development.

how it worksSee How It Works

The platform features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, enabling users to quickly create and edit prototypes without any coding knowledge. This user-friendly approach speeds up the design process and allows for rapid iteration.

how it worksSee How It Works

iRise offers a library of pre-built UI components that can be easily customized, allowing teams to create visually appealing prototypes quickly. Each screen and diagram can be annotated with detailed requirements that can be exported into custom documentation.

how it worksSee How It Works

The software facilitates collaboration among teams, stakeholders, and clients by providing commenting, sharing, and version-tracking features, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Fosters effective communication and efficient decision-making among stakeholders with iRise’s features.

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iRise offers robust requirements management capabilities, enabling users to capture, organize, and manage project requirements within the platform. This integrated approach ensures alignment between stakeholder expectations, prototypes, and the final product.

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Quickly gather feedback on prototypes to iterate and refine ideas based on input from stakeholders and clients. The platform provides built-in commenting features, making it easy for reviewers to leave comments directly on the prototype.

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Users can take advantage of customizable templates to jumpstart their prototyping process or create their own master templates for future projects.

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iRise allows assigning different roles (editor, reviewer, or admin) to team members, ensuring appropriate access levels and maintaining control over project assets.

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Pros and Cons of iRise


  • Scalable
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Pre-built UI components


  • Multilanguage support not available
  • Most integrations come with the Enterprise plan

iRise Pricing


What’s included;(1 user accountUnlimited reviewer accountsUp to 10 projects )


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What's Included

  • Web, mobile, and desktop prototypes

  • Free iRise mobile app for on-device review

  • Custom asset libraries

  • Custom project templates

  • Inline reviewer walkthrough guides

  • Export to HTML / CSS / JavaScript

  • Customizable requirements schema

  • Models, process, flows, and diagrams

  • Requirements, user stories, tasks, and more

  • Requirements change history



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What's Included

  • All features in Personal plus

  • Slack & Skype integrations

  • Public projects



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What's Included

  • All features in Teams plus

  • Automated revisioning and reporting

  • Custom documentation

  • Definition intelligence analytics

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Rich third party integration library

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Thanks to iRise's wide range third-party integration options, we were able to seamlessly migrate our projects from other sources.


They should improve their customization tools and add more features to the mockup creation module.

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