KLIKER is a web-based platform that offers retail and supply chain management for businesses. The software helps users optimize logistics operations, analyze market performance, and make informed decisions to stay competitive in segmented markets. 

What Is KLIKER Best Known For?

KLIKER software is known for providing a full market picture for a selected category. This feature allows retailers to gather crucial market data and insights, facilitating informed decision-making and effective project management.  

KLIKER Pricing

The vendor offers dynamic pricing options, and the details have not been disclosed. Click Get Pricing for a customized quote. 

KLIKER Integrations

KLIKER has not disclosed the third-party applications it integrates with. Contact us at (661) 384-7070 to learn more. 

How Does KLIKER Work?

Here's how you can get started with KLIKER after installation: 

  • Log in using your credentials and access the dashboard 
  • Click on the "Retail and Supply Management" module 
  • View and manage your inventory, orders, and suppliers 
  • To add a new product to your inventory, click on the "Add Product" button and fill out the required information such as product name, description, and price 
  • To manage your orders, click on the "Orders" tab 
  • To manage your suppliers, click on the "Suppliers" tab 
  • You can also generate reports on inventory levels, sales, and other metrics by clicking on the "Reports" tab 
  • To update any information in the system, simply click on the relevant module and update the necessary fields 
  • Once you've made any changes, be sure to save your work before exiting the system 

You can also click Watch Demo and access a free KLIKER software demo to learn more about its functionality.  

Who Is KLIKER for?

KLIKER is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It is used by vendors, distributors, and retailers/wholesalers. 

KLIKER Features

Following are some of the key features offered by KLIKER:  

Channel Coverage Planning

The software allows purchasing, product, and sales managers to check the channel coverage for a desired stock keeping unit (SKU). This feature helps plan fulfillment deliveries by ensuring the product is available and distributed across the desired market channels. 

Project Monitoring And Tracking

KLIKER offers project management functionalities to monitor and track channel coverage, promotions, and brand performance activities. Capabilities like task management, progress tracking, timelines, and reminders help ensure that projects are executed efficiently and timely. 

Promotion Planning And Optimization

The software allows retailers to plan promotions based on competitor promotion samples. By analyzing and understanding competitors' promotional activities, retailers can optimize their promotions to achieve profitable sell-outs while minimizing excess stock. This feature helps retailers allocate resources effectively and avoid investment pitfalls. 

Data Analytics

KLIKER offers advanced data analytic capabilities with visualizations, reports, and dashboards to present the data in a user-friendly and actionable format. These analytical tools assist in making data-driven decisions, identifying trends, and evaluating project outcomes. 

Inventory Management

The platform provides tools to help sellers manage inventory levels, track stock levels, and set up automated reorder alerts. This results in improved accuracy and efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. 

Is KLIKER Right For You?

If inventory management, order tracking, and reporting are critical to your operations, then KLIKER might be a good fit. The software is suitable for businesses involved in supply chain and retail management. 

Moreover, it can help wholesalers manage logistics and supply chain operations, while retailers can use it to manage many categories with high SKUs and optimize promotions. Still not sure if KLIKER is right for you? Read KLIKER reviews, or get in touch with our customer support team, who will help you make the best decision. 

KLIKER Pricing Plans

Pricing may differ depending on your organization type and needs. Please click Get Pricing for a customized pricing guide. 

KLIKER Features


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Budget Management


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Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does KLIKER offer an API?

Yes, KLIKER offers an API.

Does KLIKER support mobile devices?

No, it does not support mobile devices.

What languages does KLIKER support?

KLIKER supports English. 

What other apps does KLIKER integrate with?

KLIKER has not provided information on the third-party apps that it is compatible with.

What type of pricing plans does KLIKER offer?

Click Get Pricing for more information.

Who are the typical users of KLIKER?

KLIKER is a platform that can be utilized by businesses of any size, including vendors, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers.

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KLIKER reviews

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