Leap Software

What is LEAP Software?


LEAP is a cloud-based software for legal practice management that improves the efficiency and profits of law firms. LEAP software is a comprehensive document management and accounting solution for financing, contracting, and real-time communication.  

LEAP aims to make attorney and lawyers’ offices paperless by storing and organizing legal matters electronically. Additionally, the platform enables paralegals to add notes or images, generate digital contracts, and capture e-signatures. It also facilitates client billing by generating reliable invoices digitally. 

What is LEAP Software Best For?

LEAP document library is one of its best features that sets is apart from its competitors. It contains over 2500 preinstalled matter types for the most common subjects of law. As a result, lawyers, paralegals, and attorneys can autofill their legal clauses efficiently, significantly speeding up time-critical cases.  

LEAP Pricing

LEAP software offers different pricing plans, each designed to meet the specific needs of different organizations. The vendor has not publicly disclosed the LEAP pricing plan information yet. However, you can get a customized pricing quote tailored according to the requirements of your organization by clicking the "Get Pricing" button. 

LEAP Integrations

With LEAP software, you can conveniently work on your Mobile, iPad, or desktop and it automatically syncs all data. LEAP project management software provides exclusive integrations with the following platforms: 

  • InfoTrack 
  • RapidPay 
  • LawConnect 
  • Microsoft365 
  • LawToolBox 

It also offers integrated apps such as: 

  • LawTap 
  • Xero 
  • QuickBooks 
  • E-Billing 

How does LEAP Software Work?

Here are the basic steps on how you can get started with LEAP:   

  • After logging in, configure your practice settings. These include your firm name, address, contact details, and billing rates. 
  • Add your clients to the system. You can easily import client data from existing systems or insert the data manually. 
  • Create “Matters” for each client. Matters are legal issues or projects that you are working on for a client. 
  • For each matter, you can set up detailed information such as type, status, assigned staff, billing arrangements, and deadlines. 
  • Add documents and notes such as client correspondence, court paperwork, and research notes. 
  • Maintain a record of billable hours and expenses with LEAP project management built-in invoice tracking feature. 
  • Generate invoices directly from LEAP software and get paid on time.

For more details regarding the LEAP Demo, please click “Get Demo” 

Who is LEAP For?

LEAP law practice management software is designed for a wide range of legal workplaces, from solo practitioners to fully staffed law firms. Its target audience includes lawyers, paralegals, and other personnel in jurisdictional systems who are liable for managing their firm's operations and handling client matters. 

It is also well-suited for firms that require advanced billing capabilities, as LEAP offers built-in accounting and payment processing features. 

LEAP Features

Mobile Law Office

This feature provides easy access to all legal documents and client information, whether you’re working from home or the office. The option to work remotely is quite convenient, and Mobile Law Office syncs data across all your devices. 

Document Management

LEAP enables you to build a paperless office by centralizing all data in a single database electronically. This feature allows document sharing which facilitates collaboration and increases productivity. LEAP contains pre-configured matter types, providing a wide range of legal cases, which can then be easily edited according to client-specific cases. 

Automated Legal Forms

Through over 11,000 automated legal forms and templates, you can auto-fill information to save time and eliminate manual errors. This feature also offers LEAP Clause Library which provides an extensive database for legal clauses. You can insert clauses automatically with a single click and speed up the drafting process of contracts. 

Accounting & Billing

LEAP provides an efficient cloud-based accounting solution. This feature automatically calculates the billable amounts based on your billing rates and time entries, allowing you to generate invoices for clients. LEAP built-in billing feature complies with IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts) and state bar rule which makes the process quite reliable. It also offers customizable billing templates, a built-in calculator, and extensive performance reports.  

Is LEAP Software Right for You?

LEAP legal practice management software has been awarded “Overall Practice Management Solution of The Year” in 2022. Its users appreciate the intuitive interface and ease of use. Moreover, LEAP claims to increase revenue by 30%. Its security measures and mobile-first design are also frequently cited as key benefits.  

If you belong to the jurisdiction sector and are looking for software that manages all of your legal documents and contracts, along with providing an extensive billing solution, LEAP might be right for you. It is important to consider the LEAP features and capabilities offered by the vendor and compare them to your current workflows to determine if they align with your goals.  

Book a call with one of our experts to discuss your project needs and determine the suitability of LEAP for your business.  

LEAP Pricing Breakdown

LEAP Pricing

Unavailable: Click “Get Pricing” for more information

Leap Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Leap offer an API?

Yes, LEAP offers APIs, and you can use them to create apps that interface directly with other LEAP products.

How does Leap work?

Leap is digital contracting and estimating software that lets businesses that provide home services make accurate digital estimates without using spreadsheets.

Is Leap cloud-based?

Lead is a cloud-based integration platform that connects insurance companies with their digital marketing, data services, and Internet of Things (IoT) partners.

Is Leap compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, LEAP supports deployment options for Android and iOS mobile devices.

What are the typical uses of Leap?

The leading users of Leap consist of law firms and lawyers.

What is leap used for?

Cloud-based legal practice management software assists law firms in becoming more efficient and profitable. With real-time subject and customer information, the strong features enable you to manage your business from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

What other apps does Leap integrate with?

Leap works easily with industry-leading CRMs like Salesforce, Market Sharp, improveit360, Lead Perfection, and others to help users' sales reps handle the in-home sales process more successfully from start to finish.

What types of pricing plans does Leap offer?

LEAP has one price option. There is no free trial. For more pricing details, click on the "Get Pricing" option.

Leap Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Leap Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


It can handle virtually anything we throw at it.

March 2023


Legal Services

We implemented Leap while expanding our business, which did not disappoint us. It has completely transformed how we conduct our business, allowing us to outsource far more to team members than we used to. It has undoubtedly aided productivity, profitability, and client management. The accounting component and reports are by far the best features of Leap. They have made it considerably easier for me to keep track of finances. Overall, customer service is excellent, and the community forums are quite helpful.
The upgrades they push out routinely make necessary changes that affect our experience with the software. In older versions, we could enter an address on a card by searching the postcode. But they have removed that in the most recent release. The InfoTrack integration is useful, but the additional expenses are very expensive, and their sales crew has been very pushy with us for the past two years. They keep on trying to get us to buy more services from them. We feel they are very intrusive at times.

Leap has been quite helpful in allowing us to work from home.

February 2023


Law Practice

Implementing Leap took some time, but it was worth the effort. Our entire practice now runs solely on Leap and its Microsoft interfaces. We planned on temporarily moving towards the work-from-home system, but it has become permanent for us thanks to the software. We have saved a lot on office and travel costs. Its integration with Microsoft Office is the complete feature we have used. The flexibility to personalize estate planning templates and the convenience of drafting documents once those templates are in place have streamlined our planning approach by quite a margin.
There is some translation ambiguity between UK/Australian and US law practices, which is inconvenient for us, given that we routinely deal with all three regions. The learning curve is also very steep, often requiring our new users to spend days in training. And they need to improve their Microsoft Excel interface with the court forms. Customer support is also just average and is not quick at giving us a response.

Robust case and firm management solution

February 2023

Brenda D

Law Practice

I have been using it for case management for about a year now. Opening files, creating folders, and creating business/personal cards are as quick as they would be in a Windows OS. Also, it can integrate with Xero for office accounts, which makes sending/receiving money easy.
There is just one thing that I am waiting for the vendor to add. Phone messages. It is crucial in our practice to have immediate access to phone messages on a client’s file but in a way that it only notifies the person dealing with that client. Instead, we receive company-wide alerts with Leap.

Leap is straightforward but very powerful.

January 2023


Legal Services

We have successfully implemented Leap in our company to provide better services to our clients. It looks and feels very simple but manages to be extremely detailed and advanced. There has rarely been something we couldn’t accomplish using Leap, and a brief talk with the helpdesk frequently disclosed that the feature we needed has always been there and is easily accessible. Support is always quick and efficient, and it mostly solves many issues. I like how LEAP is open to community suggestions and discussions regarding modifications or additions to its product.
Using software to manage our cases was a new concept, especially considering our firm’s size. So, adjusting to a completely new thing at first was tough, and there was a strong desire to return to our old procedures. It took some time for us to overcome everyone’s anxieties and adjust to a new way of thinking. It was a major fault on our end, but it did not help that Leap’s agents could not guide us properly. We might have been okay if we had a little more guidance. However, the advantages of using LEAP significantly outweigh the difficult first learning curve.

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