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Dealing with online project management and resource allocation challenges? Project management often presents shifting deadlines and resource complexities. Consider LiquidPlanner, a cloud-based solution that offers an innovative, agile, and intuitive approach. It aids in task prioritization, precise forecasting, and seamless collaboration to help teams and project managers.

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What Is LiquidPlanner?


LiquidPlanner is a cloud-based project management software designed for various industries. It addresses several constraints of project management, providing solutions that adapt to change and manage uncertainty, giving project managers more control over multiple projects.  

The software uses a predictive scheduling engine to create realistic and accurate forecasts for project completion and resource allocation. It supports priority-based planning, ranged-estimation, time tracking, and intelligent insights. These features enable teams to plan, predict, and perform confidently, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

What Is LiquidPlanner Best For?

LiquidPlanner software is known for its exceptional customer support services. The customer support team is very responsive and knowledgeable, ensuring a smooth workflow by providing timely solutions to customer queries and enhancing the user experience.

LiquidPlanner Pricing

The software offers the following three pricing plans:

  • Essentials – $15user/month
  • Professional – $28/user/month
  • Ultimate – $42/user/month
Get a custom LiquidPlanner cost per your organization’s requirements and size.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

LiquidPlanner Integrations

The following third-party systems integrate with the software:

  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Zapier
  • Jira

How Does LiquidPlanner Work?

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software's features:  

  • Log in to your LiquidPlanner using the credentials
  • Create tasks and use task details to set due dates, assignees, and dependencies
  • Assign priorities to tasks and estimate effort with customizable units like hours, days, or points
  • Visualize project timelines with Gantt charts, showing task dependencies and critical paths
  • Collaborate by adding comments, attaching files, and mentioning team members within tasks
  • Log time spent on tasks with the timer feature or manually enter time entries
  • Generate reports to track project progress, resource allocation, and team performance
Learn more about the software’s features by scheduling a free LiquidPlanner demo.

Who Is LiquidPlanner For?

LiquidPlanner is designed for companies of all sizes, including small to midsize businesses. The following industries use it:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Automation
  • Information technology
  • Marketing

Is LiquidPlanner Right For You?

Are you looking for a project management solution that dynamically adapts to change, manages uncertainty, and helps your team plan, predict, and perform confidently? If so, LiquidPlanner might be the perfect fit for you. It prioritizes security and employs measures to protect content posted in private Organizations and Workspaces. 

The software uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) for all server and network operations and equipment. All employee laptops and workstations are centrally managed with full disk encryption, EDR/antivirus, Zero Trust, and firewall.

Want to learn more about LiquidPlanner? Contact us at 661-384-7070, and our customer support team will give you a complete overview of the software to help you analyze if it is worth your dime.

LiquidPlanner Features

This feature combines ranged estimates and priority-based scheduling to provide realistic project timelines. It allows teams to see the potential impact of changes in real time, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. The software reduces the risk of project failure by providing a more accurate and reliable schedule, considering the inherent uncertainty in project tasks.

The time tracking functionality facilitates accurate tracking of effort against tasks. Team members can log hours directly against their tasks, clearly showing productivity levels. LiquidPlanner aids in monitoring team performance and plays a crucial role in future project planning and resource allocation.

The software provides teams with real-time analytics and reporting tools. These tools allow teams to monitor project performance and make informed data-based decisions. Users can also create custom dashboards to visualize project data, providing valuable insights into project progress and performance.

LiquidPlanner offers an effective utilization of team members. It provides tools for capacity planning, workload visualization, and resource-leveling. These tools help managers allocate resources effectively, ensuring team members are neither overworked nor underutilized.

Pros and Cons of LiquidPlanner


  • Robust predictive scheduling
  • Prioritization and ranged estimation
  • Helps teams plan, predict, and perform with confidence
  • Resource allocation tools
  • Real-time analytics and reporting


  • Steep learning curve
  • Complex setup for larger teams, according to some LiquidPlanner reviews
  • Initial training required

LiquidPlanner Pricing



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What's Included

  • Capacity for medium-sized portfolios and teams

  • Task Management

  • Personal Work Views

  • Task Export

  • Task Import

  • Availability Management

  • Portfolio Workload Views

  • 5000 max tasks

  • 50 max projects



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What's Included

  • More features for powerful planning

  • Timesheet Review & Exports

  • Rate Sheets

  • Custom Cost Codes

  • Custom Data Fields

  • 50,000 max tasks

  • 500 max projects



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What's Included

  • Ultimate features, service, API, and enterprise pricing

  • Member Groups

  • Group Workload Views

  • Access Roles

  • Project Access Controls

  • Open API

  • Unlimited Workspaces

  • Unlimited max tasks

  • Unlimited max projects

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The software has three pricing plans: Essentials ($15/month), Professional ($25/month), and Ultimate ($35/month). Get a personalized LiquidPlanner price quote tailored to your specific needs.

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