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Mavenlink software is a project management tool designed to assist service organizations. The software helps service businesses by hosting projects, financials, collaboration, resource management, and business intelligence in a centralized location. This makes it possible for service projects to thrive. 

Mavenlink project management is ideal for professional services firms, mainly marketing, advertising, creative agencies, software, IT services, and management consulting. Salesforce, NetSuite, Hubspot, Workday, Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics 365, G Suite, JIRA, and other third-party applications are all supported by Mavenlink.  

Key Features  

Resource Management 

The resource management features of Mavenlink project management are also excellent. These features enable users to manage their resource requirements throughout the project life cycle, from project planning to project execution. 

Mavenlink resource management is divided into four stages: 

  1. Estimating 
  2. Planning 
  3. Executing 
  4. Optimizing and analyzing 

Timesheets and Expense Reports 

The accounting feature provides timesheets and expense reports. Timesheets allow you to record time entries for all projects and expense reports: track project expenses, filter by category, and view project receipts. 

Expense reports are beneficial because they show you exactly where your money is. These reports describe the expense, when it occurred, how much was spent, where it was finished, and the current status of the expense. 


Mavenlink also allows users to create invoices linked to your project's tasks and milestones. Linking project tasks to an invoice template can significantly simplify the billing process. 

Mavenlink allows you to see how much time or resources you spent on a task or project when creating an invoice. These can be fed into a function that outputs the amount needed to bill for the tasks or projects. 

The invoicing feature also employs weighted milestones to determine how much you can charge clients at various stages of the project's development. This allows you to collect throughout the project rather than all at once. 

Mavenlink Pricing 

Mavenlink is geared toward medium to enterprise-sized businesses, so keep that in mind. The Mavenlink costs are divided into four pricing plans as follows:  

  • Teams - $95/month for five users 
  • Professional - $39/month per user 
  • Premier - Not shared by the vendor. 
  • Enterprise - Not shared by the vendor. 

Mavenlink Demo 

You can use the Mavenlink demo to access the software in real-time. The demo allows you to explore the Mavenlink tools to determine whether they meet your requirements. According to users, a demo is ideal for evaluating software before purchasing it. You can thoroughly investigate the software, which is preferable to simply reading about it. 

Mavenlink Reviews 

According to Mavenlink reviews, users are pleased with the software and its robust features. Most users also praise the powerful tools which streamline their tasks. You can also read Mavenlink software reviews from current users by scrolling down.   

Our Thoughts 

Your operational data is in one place and easy to access with Mavenlink, allowing you to work smarter and drive continuous improvement. Thanks to robust reporting, real-time monitoring, and customization, you have complete control.  

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