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What is Merico Software?


Merico is a project management platform that offers businesses a unique codebase analysis and information extractor. With its powerful monitoring capabilities, Merico helps stakeholders and managers track the evolution of code and measure the overall contribution of team members. This software also provides users with custom trends and graphs to help them visualize their project's progress. 

What Is Merico Project Management Software Best For?

Merico is a unique project management software solution that sets itself apart from other options available in the market. While many project management tools focus on task assignments and progress tracking, Merico is a complete DevOps platform that takes a different approach. It uses evaluation tools to analyze codebases. This assists in extracting relevant information and development data and monitoring the overall contribution of team members. 

A few key ways in which Merico software stands out are its ability to analyze code, use custom metrics, and integrate with other tools. Code analysis allows businesses to gain insights into how their development teams are contributing to projects. Users can also build custom metrics to track the metrics that are most relevant to their business, rather than relying on preset metrics that may not be valuable to their development processes. Meanwhile, integration with other tools helps simplify work and boost productivity through one interface. 

Merico Software Pricing

Although the vendor does not publicly disclose pricing information, they do offer potential customers a free trial period. During this time, users are able to experience firsthand the various products and features available from Merico project management without having to commit to any long-term contracts. This allows businesses to gain valuable insight into just how effective Merico can be for them prior to making any decisions. 

For details on determining the Merioco pricing, click the Get Pricing, and one of our pricing experts will contact you soon.

Merico Software Integrations

There are no comprehensive details available concerning the integrations offered by Merico software. However, the vendor does publicize that the different software products integrate with the following: 

How Does Merico Software Work?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how Merico project management software works: 

  • Go to the Merico website and configure your free trial
  • If you are happy with the features, subscribe to a payment plan
  • To begin using the software, connect your code repository to the platform
  • Next, Merico will analyze your codebase and extract relevant information, such as lines of code, the number of commits, and more
  • Create custom metrics based on the specific needs of your business. For example, you might want to track the percentage of code contributed by each team member or measure the time it takes to complete certain tasks
  • Use customizable trend graphs to track project progress over time. This can help developers identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions
  • Monitor team contributions by analyzing code commits. This allows stakeholders and managers to gain insights into how each member of the development team is contributing to the project
  • Set real-time alerts and notifications to see when there are changes in the project status or if team members have completed tasks or made updates to the codebase
To learn more about the Merico demo functionality, click the Watch Demo.

Who Is Merico Software For?

Due to the flexibility and scalability of the software, both small and large businesses can use Merico complete DevOps platform. The software offers features that streamline the development process and assist in monitoring developers' contributions, making it highly adaptable for software development firms. In addition to tech-based companies, financial services, retail, and healthcare establishments can also benefit from Merico. 

Is Merico Software Right For You?

Merico is a powerful tool for companies that want to improve their engineering performance by learning more about their codebase and keeping track of metrics in real time. 

With its collaboration tools and customizable dashboards, Merico makes an excellent choice for developers looking to work together more effectively and make data-driven decisions about their code contributions. 

Notable brands that use the Merico project management tool include Tencent, Dell EMC, Clutter, Scopic, Nutanix, and The Autoware Foundation.

Merico Software Features

Merico provides comprehensive program analysis capabilities that enable businesses to gain insights into the performance of their programming and engineering teams by identifying critical aspects of their code.

With Merico software, businesses can track real-time metrics such as code complexity, code health, code quality, maintainability of the code, test coverage, etc. With vulnerability management, developers can also identify areas for improvement in their development processes.

Merico has tools for collaboration that make it easier for teams to work together by letting them share ideas and get feedback on code contributions.

Businesses can create customizable dashboards to track the metrics that matter most to them and gain a better understanding of their engineering performance.

Merico works with popular tools like GitHub and GitLab, which makes it easy for businesses to add it to their existing workflows.

Pros and Cons of Merico Software


  • Provides a data-driven approach for developers
  • Easy to use and navigate for developers of all skill levels


  • Difficult to integrate with other software solutions
  • Limited features as compared to project management alternatives on the market

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