Midaxo, an intuitive and agile solution, simplifies complex work management for corporate development and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). It streamlines tasks and ensures seamless collaboration, making it a go-to for businesses of all sizes. Explore the potential of Midaxo to manage your projects efficiently.

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What Is Midaxo?


Midaxo streamlines corporate development and merger and acquisitions (M&A) processes. It offers various features, including playbooks, reporting, mobile app, security measures, deal scoring, outlook integration, collaborative due diligence module, and integration module.

As a productivity platform for corporate dealmaking, Midaxo provides a centralized online environment for workflows, documents, information, etc. Leveraging AI and automation enhances deal organization, target identification, and the streamlining of diligence and integration processes.

What Is Midaxo Best For?

The Midaxo platform is renowned for its capacity to drive higher, more consistent inorganic growth for businesses. As a purpose-built work management platform for corporate development and M&A, it accelerates dealmaking processes and improves outcomes. It can be customized for different enterprises with purpose-built functionality for each stage in finding, evaluating, and delivering deal value.

Midaxo Pricing

The number of users requiring access and the types of features/modules implemented may influence the Midaxo price.

Midaxo Integrations

The platform can integrate with the following:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Power BI

How Does Midaxo Work?

Once your business or company has implemented Midaxo project management software, here is how your corporate dealmakers can start using it:

  • Log into the platform with your credentials
  • Familiarize yourself with the different modules and features available
  • Create customized playbooks and project plans for each transaction, ensuring consistent workflows
  • Collaborate with team members by sharing workflows, documents, communications, plans, assignments, and approvals
  • Access all relevant communications and work plans through the online platform and mobile app
  • Use role-based real-time dashboards and reports to track project statuses and monitor progress
  • Leverage analytics reporting to gain insights into project performance and identify next steps
  • Utilize AI and automated data intelligence to streamline deal organization, identify new targets, and optimize resource allocation
Watch a Midaxo demo to learn more about how the software can help with reducing risk and increase visibility during M&A processes.

Who Is Midaxo For?

Midaxo software is suitable for businesses of all sizes that engage in corporate development and M&A activities. It caters to various industries and sectors, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Software and IT services
  • Financial services

The software meets the needs of corporate development leaders, in-house counsels, and private equity investors, enabling them to reduce diligence time compared to traditional approaches.

Is Midaxo Right For You?

If you're seeking to help your business company by streamlining corporate development and M&A processes, Midaxo could be the right choice. It offers a purpose-built work management platform that reduces complexity and increases repeatability.

The platform's customizable playbooks and project plans ensure consistent workflows and improved collaboration among team members. With AI-powered automation and data intelligence, Midaxo revolutionizes corporate dealmaking organization, making it easier to identify, evaluate, and prioritize targets. Furthermore, the software provides robust security measures and compliance protocols to protect sensitive M&A information.

Notable brands that use Midaxo include Samsung, Rovio, and Philips. Read Midaxo reviews to see how existing users benefit from the platform. Call Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 to learn more.

Midaxo Features

Midaxo Cloud is a flagship product. It is a cloud-based work management platform that centralizes workflows, documents, information, approvals, compliance, reporting and analytics for corporate development and M&A initiatives.

Playbooks in Midaxo capture best practices and preferred work methods in customizable templates that can then be used to create online project plans for deals and transactions to promote consistency.

Customized analytics reporting with real-time dashboards and reports provide insights, track progress, and help make data-driven decisions. Reports can be tailored for various levels, from high-level overviews to deal-specific details.

This module streamlines due diligence workflows and supports capturing and sharing diligence findings through customized playbooks and checklists. It also includes a buy-side virtual data room (buy-side VDR).

This customer relationship management (CRM) module helps manage the deal sourcing and tracking process. It includes features like deal scoring, Outlook integration and automated reporting on funnel metrics.

The module provides playbooks and templates to standardize post-merger integration planning and execution. The systematized post-merger integration management enables accelerating time to achieve value.

Midaxo leverages AI to provide automation, data insights, workflow recommendations, and the ability to identify new targets to further enhance the dealmaking process.

Pros and Cons of Midaxo


  • Helps teams accelerate M&A initiatives
  • Offers API access
  • Role-based access available
  • It is cloud-based


  • Steep learning curve
  • Interface is difficult to navigate, as per one Midaxo review
  • Limited integrations

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The Midaxo cost may depend on the number of users requiring access and the extent of functionality offered through its different features and modules.

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