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Nowsta is a cloud-based comprehensive workforce management software designed to help businesses of all sizes handle staff scheduling, communications, time, and attendance. Nowsta project management software is an employee scheduling software that offers a complete set of tools to hire, manage, and pay your hourly, gig, or temp workforce. 

With Nowsta software, users can build schedules in minutes, send open shifts to staff instantly via mobile app, and watch them respond faster than ever. Nowsta Track time and attendance with pinpoint accuracy get notified of lateness or absences, and then, with just a few clicks, sends the information to the user's payroll provider. 

Nowsta Software Features

Managing employees

Get things done more quickly with Nowsta project management. Drive cost savings by optimizing schedules, controlling budgets, reducing waste, and eliminating errors. Enable real-time notifications and reports by enabling automated templates. Cross-platform messaging is allowed. 

Virtual Bank Account

With Nowsta, users can get their wages right away, customize their digital paychecks, find out about their savings accounts, and get information about how to integrate payroll. 

Scheduling & Staffing

Create a worker availability calendar and allow unlimited multi-event management views. Spend less time preparing schedules via a robust schedule automation process. Time and attendance 

time-clock punching, coupled with photo verification and GPS check-in for mobile interface. Help users obtain accurate pdf timesheets. 

Reporting & Integrations

Access basic reporting, leveraging comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to perform calculations related to overtime rates. It integrates with payroll systems, Total Party Planner, and Caterease. 

Customer support

Nowsta helps new users get started with articles and videos, one-on-one onboarding sessions, help with data import and migration, email and online support. 

Nowsta Pricing

Nowsta offers pricing plans for teams of all sizes. The Starter is a core scheduling and communication tool to get the users' team off the ground and costs $3.00 per user/month ($125.00 minimum per month). Professional, which is the most popular, is ideal for mid-size companies, costing $4.00 per user/month ($125.00 minimum per month). Finally, the enterprise version is for large businesses; users need to contact the sales team for a price. 

Nowsta Demo

Nowsta's award-winning platform offers a free demo. 

Nowsta Reviews

Over 10,000 managers and many companies trust Nowsta; a few are Graces, Oliver Chen, Footers, and many more. From hotels and restaurants to stadiums and factories, more than 10,000 managers across the globe rely on Nowata to effortlessly manage, track and pay their workers every day. According to users, Nowsta integrates time tracking and payroll integration under one system. 

Our thoughts

Nowsta is the most efficient and user-friendly scheduling and time-clock software. Integration with users' catering software, reporting, and calendar functions is excellent. Communication with employees is instant, clear, and complete—ideal for an off-site catering business. With Nowsta project management software, employees can better manage their schedules, plan for the future, and deal with their finances, all from the comfort of their phones.

Nowsta Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Nowsta provide an API?

No, the software does not have an API available.

Does Nowsta support mobile devices?

Yes, the software works on all iPad, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

How does Nowsta work?

Nowsta is a workforce management software that combines scheduling, time tracking, and payroll. Create your schedule in minutes, instantly share open shifts with employees through a mobile app, and see them respond faster than ever before. Track time and attendance with pinpoint accuracy, receive notifications when employees are late or absent, and effortlessly submit data to your payroll provider.

Is Nowsta cloud-based?

Yes, Nowsta is a cloud-based workforce management solution.

What is Nowsta used for?

Nowsta is a tool for managing event staff that allows users to plan and track their employees from a single platform.

What other apps does Nowsta integrate with?

Paycor, Paycom, Curate, and Total Party Planner

What type of pricing plans does Nowsta offer?

There are three pricing plans offered by Nowsta: starter, professional, and enterprise. To learn more about Nowsta pricing plans click on ‘Get Pricing’ button above.

Who are the typical Nowsta users?

Medium- and large-sized businesses, non-profits, and small businesses are the typical customers.

Nowsta Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Nowsta Software reviews

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