Office Tracker

Office Tracker is a desktop, web, and cloud-hosted platform that gives users access to an all-inclusive office management solution that makes scheduling, customer management, time management, and group communications easier. 

With the help of Office Tracker, users can schedule and share information for people, rooms, and resources while automating their entire scheduling process. As a result, everyone in the office works faster, makes fewer mistakes, and is more productive. 

Key Features    

Schedule on one screen 

Users can schedule their activities in detail using Office Tracker. and can view schedules in daily, weekly, monthly, or planner format. In addition, they can view one name at a time or numerous names at once. As a result, users may easily book repeating appointments or meetings, plan rooms and events, manage issues, and prevent double reservations with a single click. 


Office Tracker allows customization to meet user needs by creating color-coded labels, custom fields, and keywords to find scheduled events quickly and choosing the user's time range, fonts, and display settings. 

Secure and Simple Management 

Office Tracker configures several security settings for each individual or group. In addition, through SSL (secure socket layers), automatic backups, and automated email notifications, it supports server activities. 

Customer Management    

Additionally, you may use it to locate clients who last bought something from you a while ago and send them an email or text message as a reminder. Users can thus always remain in control and on course. Additionally, it enables users to arrange and share contact records, keep track of all customer interactions, create thorough reports or short one-page appointment sheets, automate email or text message reminders, locate information quickly, and schedule or reschedule events without difficulty. 

Time Tracking    

Office Tracker instantly generates on-screen, precise time-use reports. In addition, users can export reports and convert them to PDF files for later usage, either internally within the user's office or outside. 

Mobile Access    

All users can view the exact schedules on their smartphone or tablet thanks to Office Tracker's browser-based functionality and mobile access. Users can also discover, reserve, create, or update appointments or meetings using an Internet connection and a device with a browser. Additionally, users can read, send, and create reminders. Finally, users can add new contacts for clients and suppliers from any place and recent events for appointments, meetings, room reservations, etc. 

Web-based Scheduling   

With features like automated backups and storage, Office Tracker cloud-hosted, a web-based option, allows customers to avoid installing the server software and improves management accessibility. It keeps everyone on schedule, facilitates rapid scheduling accessible from anywhere, and enables secure side-by-side group scheduling for people, rooms, resources, and projects. 

Office Tracker Pricing 

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Office Tracker Demo 

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Office Tracker Review 

A few of Office Tracker's happy customers are the University of Alberta, Austin Community College, HP Labs, EDS, and Rockwell Automation. 

Our Thoughts    

Office Tracker is used for the user team to be informed about their schedules and client data. The user team may easily access any information while viewing group schedules side by side. In addition, users can send coworkers and clients SMS and email reminders. Additionally, users can generate fast on-screen time-use data, view the team's schedule or simply their own, and send and receive text reminders.

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