The challenge of task overload and inefficient workflows can hinder productivity and effectiveness. OmniFocus addresses these issues by helping users manage intricate projects efficiently. The software provides expert customer support for seamless user guidance, ensuring a streamlined project management experience. Explore OmniFocus functionalities to boost your organization’s productivity.

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What Is OmniFocus?


OmniFocus is a cloud-based task management software designed to help professionals stay organized and productive. It caters to various industries, with a particular focus on professionals who need to manage complex projects with multiple tasks.

The software offers solutions that address challenges such as task overload, missed deadlines, and inefficient workflows. Additionally, the software also has a focus mode that allows users to avoid any distractions by choosing not to look at anything other than their current projects.

What Is OmniFocus Best For?

OmniFocus software is best known for its highly knowledgeable customer support team. The software’s customer support team is recognized for their deep understanding of the product and their ability to help users navigate its many features.

OmniFocus Pricing

The vendor offers the following two pricing plans:

  • OmniFocus Subscription – $9.99/month
  • Web Add-on subscription – $4.99/month
Get a custom OmniFocus cost tailored to your company’s specific size and needs.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

OmniFocus Integrations

The software integrates with all Apple devices. However, the vendor does not provide any details about its third-party integrations.

How Does OmniFocus Work?

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software's features:

  • Login to the software to access the OmniFocus dashboard for an overview of tasks and projects
  • Capture tasks in the inbox, then organize them later
  • Create projects to group related tasks
  • Assign contexts to tasks for location-specific organization
  • Use flags to highlight high-priority tasks
  • Set due dates for tasks to stay on top of deadlines
  • Regularly review and adjust your tasks and projects for efficiency
  • Utilize tags for additional task categorization
  • Create custom views to tailor OmniFocus to your workflow
Learn more about the software’s functionalities by scheduling a free OmniFocus demo.

Who Is OmniFocus For?

The software is used in the following industries:

  • Writing and publishing
  • Education
  • Information technology
  • Animation
  • Healthcare

Is OmniFocus Right For You?

Are you looking for task management software that’s designed to help users stay organized and productive? OmniFocus can be the perfect solution for you. The software encrypts your data as it leaves your device so that it is encrypted on the server itself. Moreover, all encryption and decryption happen locally, so your data is always encrypted end-to-end, and the server you sync with never has access to your encryption passphrase.

Still unsure whether OmniFocus is the right software for you? Contact our customer support team at (661) 384-7070, and they will help you analyze whether the software fulfills your organizational requirements.

OmniFocus Features

This feature allows you to add actions as soon as they come to mind, ensuring that no task is forgotten or overlooked. You can then set a due date, assign a project, and add tags at your convenience. It is useful for capturing tasks on the fly, providing a simple and efficient way to manage your to-do list.

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This functionality provides a structured way to organize your tasks. You can group related actions into projects, reflecting how you naturally think about them. Additionally, you can organize related projects into folders for even more structure. The software helps keep your tasks organized and makes them more manageable, enabling you to focus on what needs to be done without getting overwhelmed by the volume of tasks.

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You can create tags for various aspects such as location, person, energy level, and priority using the software. Any action can have multiple tags, providing a flexible way to categorize and filter your tasks. This feature enhances the versatility of task management in OmniFocus, allowing you to focus on the right tasks at the right time based on your specific criteria.

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The platform presents a visual timeline of your actions and calendar events in chronological order. You can tap on an upcoming day to plan it, giving you a clear view of what is coming up in your day or week. Omnifocus helps manage your time more effectively and aids in prioritizing tasks based on their deadlines.

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OmniFocus allows you to view your data in several different and useful ways. This functionality enables you to customize your task view according to your needs, providing a more personalized task management experience.

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Pros and Cons of OmniFocus


  • Can create tailored views for workflows
  • Makes it easy to set and track due dates
  • Robust tagging options for precise categorization of tasks
  • Responsive customer support team


  • Limited availability on Windows and Android platforms, according to some OmniFocus reviews
  • Certain features of the native apps, such as the review perspective are not currently available on the web

OmniFocus Pricing

OmniFocus Subscription

(Plan 1 features)


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What's Included

  • OmniFocus Latest Pro version on all supported platforms

  • No major version upgrade cost

  • Save with annual subscription

  • Requires macOS 11, iOS/iPadOS 14, watchOS 5, or newer

  • Auto-renews until canceled

Web Add-On Subscription

(Plan 2 features)


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What's Included

  • Web companion access

  • Requires existing OmniFocus for Mac, iPad, or iPhone setup

  • Save with annual subscription

  • Auto-renews until canceled

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OmniFocus supports multiple languages, including French, English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish.