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Oracle Primavera Cloud

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Oracle Primavera Cloud, an innovative project management software, makes navigating through complex projects effortless for business teams. Its intuitive, robust, and scalable features provide a seamless experience for the entire project lifecycle, from planning to execution.

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What Is Primavera Cloud?


Primavera Cloud is an advanced construction and engineering software developed by Oracle. It is designed to unite office and field teams, synchronizing schedules and resources to empower thousands of decisions engineering and construction professionals make daily for multiple projects. The Primavera tool offers the industry’s only fully integrated Critical Path Method (CPM) and task management solution.

What Is Primavera Cloud Best For?

Oracle's management software excels in shared planning, scheduling, resource management, and risk management. It connects owners and delivery teams around a single shared execution plan, reducing risk exposures and predicting the future by leveraging past data. Primavera project planning software is perfect for projects of all sizes and provides the flexibility to adjust to changing requirements.

Primavera Cloud Pricing

The Primavera cost may depend on the number of user licenses, features, professional services, contract terms, support costs, hardware needs for on-premises deployment, and integration with other apps. An Oracle sales representative could offer quotes customized to an organization's size and requirements.

Primavera Cloud Integrations

Integrations within the Primavera Cloud service are configured through the Integrations application. It enables users to establish connections with various systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, human capital management (HCM) applications, and project portfolio management (PPM) tools.

Some key integrations include:

  • Primavera P6 EPPM
  • Primavera Gateway
  • Microsoft Project

How Does Primavera Cloud Work?

After successful implementation and logging into Primavera Cloud, follow these steps to start using the software:

  • Project managers can identify, prioritize, and select the projects that align with your organization's strategic goals
  • Create and manage scenarios, track funding, reallocate budgets, and report performance across the entire portfolio
  • Connect the contractual CPM schedule with the field's task management detail
  • Plan and schedule on the go with anytime, anywhere access to all your critical schedule, resource, and risk information
  • Use task management supporting lean construction practices
  • Manage your project team, equipment, and material resources within and across projects to optimize utilization and avoid resource constraints
  • Perform risk analysis to assess impacts and mitigate to keep projects and programs on track
  • Conduct quick and accurate cost and schedule impact analysis and reporting
To learn more, watch a Primavera Cloud demo.

Who Is Primavera Cloud For?

The Oracle Primavera Cloud service is ideal for businesses of all sizes, particularly those in the construction and engineering industry. It caters to contractors, owners, and public agencies.

Is Primavera Cloud Right For You?

Primavera Cloud is an excellent choice for a comprehensive project management solution for businesses. It offers robust features for executing projects and portfolio planning efficiently, making it ideal for companies in the construction and engineering industry. The software also provides robust security and compliance protocols, assuring the safety of your data.

Read Primavera Cloud reviews to learn how existing users benefit from the software. Contact Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 for more details.

Primavera Cloud Pricing Plans

The cost of Primavera scheduling software can vary based on factors such as the quantity of user licenses, available features, professional services, contract terms, support expenses, hardware requirements for on-premise installation, and integration with other applications. Potential customers may also be able to get tailored quotes that align with their organization's specific needs and scale.

Oracle Primavera Cloud Features

Oracle Primavera Cloud provides comprehensive project management capabilities. Project managers can plan all aspects of a project, including creating a project breakdown structure, defining tasks and milestones, assigning resources, tracking progress, and monitoring budgets and schedules. To maintain visibility, they can also capture issues, risks, and change requests in a project schedule.

Robust resource allocation and management features help organizations plan, track, and optimize resources. Users can define availability and rates, allocate projects, and level over-allocation. The extensive resource analytics can assist with identifying over/under allocation. This way, managers get a unified view of capacity across all their projects.

Oracle Primavera Cloud enables organizations to capture risks and opportunities systematically across a project lifecycle. Users can record potential issues, assign probabilities and impact values, define mitigation strategies, and track responses over time. This helps improve outcomes, even for complex projects, through proactive risk-based decision-making.

The solution provides deep financial management for improved visibility and control. Define budgets, record actual costs, track earned value, and capture invoices. Managers get comprehensive financial reports on performance, variances, cash flows, etc., for better oversight.

The software fosters collaboration through integrated communication tools. Features like discussion threads, ideas sharing, document libraries, and tagging bring dispersed project teams together. Users can also schedule virtual meetings, capture meeting minutes, and assign and track follow-up tasks within the platform.

The project management software offers over 200 predefined reports and dashboards. Customizable reports can also be created to meet unique visibility needs. Real-time data tracking provides actionable insights on profitability, risk exposure, resource utilization and more for informed decision-making.

Pros and Cons of Oracle Primavera Cloud


  • Provides CPM scheduling
  • Risk register feature available
  • Creates a work breakdown structure
  • Customizable reports available


  • API access is not available
  • Multi-language support not available
  • Steep learning curve

Oracle Primavera Cloud Reviews

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Mar 24, 2023

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As a verified reviewer I have found Oracle PrimaveraCloud to be a comprehensive project management solution that caters to projects of all sizes and complexities. It efficiently handles the entire project lifecycle from planning and execution to tracking and control. One of the standout features is its online accessibility allowing users to access the software from any device with an internet connection. Realtime collaboration tools such as instant messaging task management feedback and document management foster effective teamwork. Additionally the software enables realtime cost tracking aiding in budget management and preventing cost overruns. The advanced data visualization capabilities including charts dashboards and custom reports provide valuable insights into project performance.


While Oracle PrimaveraCloud offers a comprehensive solution it comes at a higher cost which may be a limitation for smaller companies or projects. Users may need to invest time in learning the software due to its complexity. Initial configuration can be challenging and may require professional assistance. Although collaboration is a key aspect certain collaboration features such as realtime document editing may have limitations. It's important to note that the software relies on cloud services and network availability for its operation which could be a concern for users in areas with limited connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

API access is not available for the software.

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