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Prodsmart addresses production challenges with its innovative software solution, incorporating visual workflows, real-time data, and proactive maintenance. This scalable platform boosts efficiency, fostering a responsive production ecosystem. Prodsmart's features are designed to tackle complex production processes, offering a solution to project management challenges. Explore the capabilities of Prodsmart to enhance your production operations.

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What Is Prodsmart?


Prodsmart is a cloud-based production management and production floor tracking software. It offers several solutions to address the complexities in the production industry, including performance tracking, quality reports, dashboards, inventory management, and quality checklists.

The platform helps businesses reduce waste and costs, gain insight into the entire production flow, and identify previously unseen costs to keep their production environment ready for optimal efficiency. It also allows users to balance workloads, adjust schedules, and minimize shop maintenance.

What Is Prodsmart Best For?

Prodsmart is well-known for its straightforward user interface. The software boasts a user-friendly design that ensures easy navigation and comprehension, irrespective of the user's technical proficiency. This user-friendliness permeates every facet of the software, including the setup and scheduling of production runs, as well as the real-time tracking and analysis of data.

Prodsmart Pricing

The software offers flexible pricing plans based on your organization’s needs. Get a custom Prodsmart pricing quote tailored to your business's specific user needs and size.

Prodsmart Integrations

Prodsmart project management enables users to track maintenance operations and plan future actions with fully integrated maintenance management. It integrates with several third-party systems, including:

How Does Prodsmart Work?

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software's features:

  • Log in to your Prodsmart account to access the dashboard
  • Use the scheduling feature to manage teams, machines, and materials
  • The inventory management functionality lets you track materials and finished goods
  • Use visual workflows to identify constraints and set priorities
  • Monitor machine performance and maintenance schedules with the machine management feature
  • Use the quality management feature to track quality metrics and perform quality checks
  • The employee dashboard allows you to monitor individual performance and productivity
  • Gain insights into your production and make data-driven decisions using the analytics tool
You can also schedule a free Prodsmart demo for a detailed overview of the platform’s functionalities.

Who Is Prodsmart For?

Prodsmart software caters to the needs of companies of varying sizes. It is used in the following industries:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Entertainment

Is Prodsmart Right For You?

If you're seeking a solution to streamline manufacturing processes, enhance efficiency, and foster growth, consider Prodsmart. It's a recipient of the Caixa Empreender award for the most promising startup, trusted by notable clients such as Laser Tech and Termobrasa.

Prodsmart provides stringent certifications, robust access control, and a strict data policy with data encryption features, ensuring user data protection and security. The platform's fully integrated quality module, encompassing ISO TS 16949 and ISO 9001 quality tracking, consolidates tracking and traceability information in one place.

Still hesitant about investing in Prodsmart? Reach out to our customer support team at (661) 384-7070 for assistance in making the best decision.

Prodsmart Features

This feature optimizes the planning and management of production schedules, providing a comprehensive overview of timelines. It enhances resource allocation and ensures timely task completion, reducing waste and costs. Clear production schedules foster better coordination among teams and departments.

Prodsmart project management maintains optimal inventory levels, ensuring the timely availability of raw materials to prevent production delays and reduce costs. The platform offers a detailed view of inventory, tracking material quantity and location. It also sends alerts for low inventory levels, facilitating timely replenishment.

The software enables real-time tracking of product quality throughout the production process, identifying and addressing issues early on to prevent costly problems. This systematic approach enhances product quality, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

Efficient tracking of machine performance allows for anticipating maintenance needs, minimizing downtime, and ensuring optimal operation. Prodsmart provides detailed insights into machine performance, helping identify potential issues before significant downtime occurs. It also facilitates regular maintenance scheduling, extending machine lifespan.

The platform offers a graphical representation of the production process, helping identify complexities and inefficiencies for improved production flow. The visual map enhances understanding of task sequences and interdependencies, leading to more effective resource allocation.

The system offers a live view of your production process. It displays real-time data on the status of production lines, machines, and workers. By offering real-time production visibility, the software allows for proactive production process management, helping identify issues.

Pros and Cons of Prodsmart


  • An intuitive design, ensuring ease of use for all users, regardless of technical expertise
  • Instantaneous data from the shop floor, enabling timely adjustments and issue identification
  • Clear visual workflows, aiding in continuous improvement
  • Real-time dashboards provide a holistic view of the manufacturing process for informed decision-making
  • Optimizes resource utilization, maintaining a balance between supply and demand to streamline the production process


  • Advanced customization options may be limited, according to some Prodsmart reviews
  • The extensive features might be overwhelming for some users
  • Potential for information overload

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