Prodsmart project management software is a manufacturer’s entryway to digitalization. It is a comprehensive, modular solution. The application prepares manufacturing environment for the future of production. Prodsmart gives small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) leverage with data. It helps them completely optimize their processes and respond to change rapidly by gathering information on their whole production. This gives SMBs the assurance they need to make data-driven decisions, bargain effectively and support company growth. 

The application provides users with machine control, operations management, and real-time shop floor data collection to manage production lines. Additionally, it provides alerts for any problems and downtime that can affect the entire machine. Moreover, the software monitors machine status as well. 

Key Features  

Manufacturer Dashboard 

This feature provides an affordable solution which has all the features you need. The users can stay connected with the team members even if they are not in proximity through the mobile application. Moreover, the Team Chat tool allows you to maintain a real-time connection with coworkers and employees. 


The program allows you to plan and schedule your operations efficiently to fulfill production goals. So, you can take everything into account: from initial orders to raw materials and the required equipment. 

Inventory Management 

Use this feature to keep track of related operations and raw materials. Moreover, the users can trace raw components via the lot tracking tool of this feature. Therefore, users always remain updated from the initial batch to the finished product. 

Prodsmart Software Demo 

The option for Prodsmart demo is not available on the company’s official website. Thereby, users cannot directly get access to the demo of the application. However, they can get in touch with third-party vendors for this purpose.  

You can click on the “Watch Demo” button above to access it for free. A demo helps users understand how exactly the system works. It enables them to decide whether the software is worth their money or not. Also, the company does provide the option for a free trial version of the software. Therefore, users can freely use the software firsthand before making the final buying decision. 

Prodsmart Software Pricing 

The Prodsmart pricing plan is quite transparent as you can find all the details on the company’s official website. *There is only one package offered by the company. It includes all of the features a user needs for the organization, including: Labels & barcode scanning Quality management Lot traceability Drag & Drop Scheduler Maintenance E-commerce & carrier integrations API access & additional integrations Work instructions MES/Mobile production tracking 

*You can also click the “Get Pricing” button above for detailed pricing plans. Moreover, you can contact our customer service helpline for a customized pricing quote, tailored according to your unique organization. 

Prodsmart Software Review 

The application is performing extremely well as per the Prodsmart reviews. It has an excellent user rating with 4.9 out of 5 stars on G2 and 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice. 

Our Thoughts 

Prodsmart is now being used by many businesses. It is a highly credible and trustworthy tool. The software offers a complete collection of tools and solutions, ideal for large businesses. Hence, the users are free to focus on their operations as they do not have to worry about documentation and maintenance anymore.   

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