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Project DocControl is a cloud-based or on-premise project management solution designed to help specialty contractors centralize large volumes of paperwork. This system has functions for document control, contract management, photo management, equipment management, and resource management. It also has a full dashboard that makes it easy to find and organize project documents. 

The software has been developed by experienced tradespeople from the architecture, engineering, and construction industries to support document control efficiently. By providing a traceability system, contractors can easily generate and maintain project documents while ensuring accuracy, accountability, and compliance. The system also tells users when they haven't replied in a while and can tell them the average time it takes to finish a project.

Additionally, Project DocControl automatically generates letters of transmittal to link all documents together for a complete audit trail. Project DocControl software gives users the tools they need to stay organized and make sure they are following the rules. It has an easy-to-use interface and powerful tracking features.

Key Features

Activity Dashboard

The Project DocControl project management tool offers an activity dashboard to streamline document management and improve the overall efficiency of projects. These include tools for creating, tracking, and managing documents, real-time project monitoring, secure data storage, and an easy-to-use user interface.

RFI and Submittals

Project DocControl also comes with an RFI and Submittals module to help contractors and subcontractors track requests for information (RFI) and transfer documents to 3rd parties for bid reviews and other processes. The system can generate RFIs automatically, track responses, compare documents, and manage attachments. 

Resource and Equipment Management

The Resource and Equipment Management tool allows users to track and manage equipment or resources assigned to a project. This feature allows users to view, add, delete, or transfer resources while tracking and managing equipment on the job site. In addition, users can also view the real-time status of resources and track the estimated cost of projects by resource.

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Project DocControl Demo

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Project DocControl Reviews

The software has received positive reviews from customers online. Customers praise its easy-to-use interface, comprehensive project tracking capabilities, and robust document control features. Users also appreciate the real-time project monitoring and resource tracking functions and the ability to create RFIs and submittals quickly. You can read more Project DocControl reviews in our Reviews Section.

Our Thoughts

With its cutting-edge features and intuitive design, Project DocControl is the perfect document control solution for any industry. The system comes with an RFI and submittals module, resource and equipment management tools, and the ability to generate transmittal letters. With all these features in place, Project DocControl would be an ideal choice for those who need to streamline document management and improve the overall efficiency of projects. We suggest readers watch the demo video to get a better understanding of the software before deciding if it is worth their money or not.

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