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Are you facing challenges in tracking project progress and staying on schedule? Rally software offers an intuitive and agile platform for efficient project planning, prioritization and monitoring, allowing teams to easily visualize their tasks and keep work seamlessly aligned with strategic goals and objectives.

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What is Rally Software?


Previously known as CA Agile Central, Rally software is an enterprise-class platform that helps agile teams plan and manage their software development projects. It was originally developed by Rally Software Development Corp., which was later acquired by CA Technologies and is now owned by Broadcom Inc.

Rally provides project management tools that support agile development practices such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean. These tools enable teams to collaboratively plan, track and manage development work iteratively and incrementally.

What is Rally Software Best for?

One of Rally's best capabilities is its support for value stream management. A software team can map its workflow from idea to cash, including development processes, business operations, and product delivery. The value stream maps help identify bottlenecks, synchronize work across multiple teams, and improve productivity.

Rally Pricing

The number of users in a team, the types of features required, and other similar factors can influence the total Rally cost.

Rally Software Integrations

Rally offers ValueOps Connectors, which can combine different tools from across your value chain, collecting data in one place for easy access. With this single source of truth, you can make better decisions faster and more accurately.

How does Rally Software Work?

Here are a few basic steps for setting up and using Rally software:

  • Sign in to Rally using your credentials
  • Select the type of project you want to manage, whether it be agile, enterprise, portfolio, or release-based projects
  • Choose how you want to view your project data (e.g., Kanban board)
  • Add users and assign tasks within their respective roles and teams
  • Set up your projects with relevant deadlines, sprints, tags, and more
  • Use Rally’s analytics feature to track the progress of the project
To further understand the functionality of the software, schedule a Rally demo.

Who is Rally Software for?

Rally caters to a wide range of business organizations, including small, medium, and large enterprises. It is particularly well-suited to organizations that practice agile project management methodologies. The software's use is more common among software development teams, product management teams, and IT departments.

Due to its customizability, Rally can accommodate the complex processes and needs of organizations in various industries and sectors, including:

  • Technology
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail

Is Rally Software Right for You?

Rally software can be a good option for teams or organizations looking for a comprehensive agile project management tool. It improves team collaboration and communication through a central hub, monitors progress, measures success, and scales with growing project management needs. The software also complies with industry security standards to protect sensitive business data.

Verizon and Honda are among the notable brands using Rally project management software. We recommend reading Rally reviews to see how well the platform works for existing users. You can also call Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 for further assistance.

Rally Software Features

Rally features numerous out-of-the-box chart types to visualize data. Rally metric charts include flow velocity/throughput, flow load, flow time, flow efficiency, and flow Predictability. Custom chart types can also be created.

The software allows planning capacities per user or team and tracking time spent on projects. The capacity forecast metrics give teams the data they need to balance risk and predictability for planning future quarters.

Users can define objectives and key results (OKRs) with specific targets and due dates to structure strategic goals. They can associate each objective level with a different level of work by associating each level with a portfolio item type. Aligning the actual work to be done or user stories to an objective helps team members have better visibility into the business outcomes that the organization aims to achieve.

Rally helps map value streams by providing tools to visualize and analyze workflow processes through cumulative flow diagrams (CFDs). Performance can be optimized by identifying bottlenecks, work-in-progress limits and lead time metrics uncovered by the CFD view.

Users can create fully customized dashboards by dragging and dropping Rally's wide array of real-time portlets displaying metrics like velocity, burn-up trends, and top issues. Dashboards can be tailored specifically for any stakeholder's monitoring needs.

Rally offers end-to-end visibility of work across the entire value stream, from strategic ideation to customer delivery. Value streams make complex processes more transparent so the business can quickly change direction based on data-driven decisions.

Pros and Cons of Rally Software


  • Helps align teams around the same goals
  • Includes release tracking tool
  • Allows time tracking
  • Organizes tasks into lists, boars, or timeline views


  • No API access
  • Limited customization, as per one Rally review
  • Initially challenging to navigate

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The size of the user base and the nature of requirements may determine the total Rally price.

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