RescueTime is a time management lightweight desktop app, browser extension, and mobile app that tracks time, rates user productivity, and displays the results in simple, well-designed charts. RescueTime's time-management software assigns a personal daily focus work goal to the user and automatically tracks progress as the user works on the computer. 

RescueTime is not a time-tracking app for freelancers and other hourly workers. It's also not employee monitoring software. Instead, it is a personal tool that provides users with information about how they spend their time on devices. Website blocking and on-screen notifications are also options. 

Key Features 

Blocks unauthorized websites 

For a set period of time, RescueTime prevents you from opening distracting websites. Users can also block distracting websites so that their employees are not able to do idle internet browsing. 

Monitor time spent 

The RescueTime mobile apps serve two main purposes. One is to allow you to track your phone usage, which is ineffective. The other is to view data collected from the desktop app, which works perfectly. The mobile app can also notify you when you're getting close to a goal. 


RescueTime includes activity-tracking features that allow users to see how their team or team members work on a daily basis. Its technology can track the exact amount of time spent on a website, application, or even a specific document. 

Comprehensive Platform   

Users can use RescueTime to monitor both their workforce and their working habits, identify idle employees and those who excel, identify the factors that impede their productivity, and find ways to improve their efficiency and workflow. 

Platform in its entirety 

RescueTime is intended to record more than just the time spent by an individual on web pages or programs. It also includes features that help users stay focused on deliverables, such as goal-setting and task-tracking capabilities. For example, the platform sends notifications when a daily goal is met or a task is completed. 

RescueTime Pricing 

RescueTime has two personal service tiers: Lite and Premium. For first-time users, the free version is more than adequate. RescueTime's team plan is for an organization or group. Click on ‘RescueTime Pricing’ to get a custom quote. 

RescueTime's free Lite members have access to all of the core functionality. Furthermore, they can install RescueTime anywhere it is supported and have it track how much time they spend on each website and app. Subscribers who pay get everything in the free plan plus additional features and reports. 

RescueTime Demo 

In order to learn more about RescueTime Demo, click on ‘Watch Demo” above. 

RescueTime Reviews 

With RescueTime, millions of businesses and modern workers are reclaiming control of their time. Customers who have been pleased include The New York Times, lifehacker, wired, FAST COMPANY, and many others. 

Our Thoughts 

RescueTime is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to know how much time they spend on their devices. RescueTime helps users monitor their productivity, adhere to their personal daily focus work goals, and automatically keep track while working on their computer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use RescueTime?

Simply set aside some time to concentrate, and RescueTime will block off distractions while you work. Your block list for RescueTime will consist of the websites you have designated as "extremely distracting" in this section. Spend some time deciding which websites you think are distracting or productive.

Does RescueTime offer an API?

Yes, RescueTime offers an API.

Does RescueTime support mobile devices?

Yes, the software supports both Android and iOS mobile devices.

How does RescueTime work?

RescueTime only counts "active computer time," which is defined as time spent using the mouse and keyboard. The software starts a 5-minute countdown when it notices that your PC isn't in use. RescueTime will close the most recent record and deduct five minutes from it after five minutes of inactivity.

What is RescueTime used for?

You may install the RescueTime software on computers and mobile devices, and it will automatically keep track of the apps you use, the files you open, and the websites you visit.

What languages does RescueTime support?

It is only available in English at the moment.

What types of pricing plans does RescueTime offer?

RescueTime has not shared its pricing details. It is customizable. But the tool offers a 30-day free trial.

RescueTime Pricing

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