Rocketlane Software

What is Rocketlane?


Rocketlane is a cloud-based customer onboarding platform that helps businesses shorten time-to-value, elevate customer experience and improve retention score. The platform offers a unified workspace for project tracking, communication, and collaboration, making it easier for businesses to hit project goals and scale efficiently. Rocketlane also inspects customer interactions to identify domains of improvement and enables teams to resolve pain points effectively. 

What is Rocketlane Best for?

Rocketlane software is best known for its unique, customer-focused design. The platform is designed to help businesses build rapport with their customers by creating a cohesive onboarding experience.  

Moreover, the platform's presentation view, magic-link-based access to project updates, inbuilt customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, and unified workspace all work together to create a seamless onboarding process. 

Rocketlane is also known for its intelligence system, which helps businesses scale confidently. With the ability to run repeatable processes using templates and identify benchmarks for better execution, Rocketlane  project management helps businesses make informed decisions. 

Rocketlane Software Pricing

Rocketlane offers four different pricing plans, suitable for a wide range of users. 

  • The Basic plan price starts from $19.00 /month, billed annually. It offers timesheets, time tracking reports, tasks view (Gantt, List, Kanban), and Zapier integration. 
  • Rocketlane cost Standard plan costs $49 per team member/month billed annually. It offers several templates and also integrates with Jira. 
  • The premium plan costs $69 per team member/month billed annually or $79/per month, billed monthly. It provides a custom email domain and Salesforce integration. 
  • The enterprise plan of Rocketlane is available for $99 per team member/month billed annually. It offers all Rocketlane features of the Premium plan, along with Single Sign On (SSO) and a premium customer support service. 

You can find a detailed breakdown of all Rocketlane pricing plans at the end of this page. There is also a free trial available of Rocketlane software that includes basic project management features and a range of paid features. 

Rocketlane Software Integrations

Rocketlane Software integrates with a variety of other software applications, including popular project management tools, communication tools, and productivity apps. Some of the most popular integrations include: 

  • Zapier 
  • Slack 
  • Jira 
  • Salesforce 

How does Rocketlane Software Work?

To get started with Rocketlane project management, users can follow these steps: 

  1. Sign up for an account: To start using Rocketlane, users need to sign up for a new account by providing their name, email address, and password. 
  2. Connect to your data sources: Rocketlane allows users to connect to multiple data sources such as spreadsheets, databases, or APIs. Users can choose the data source they want to connect to and authenticate their credentials. 
  3. Create projects and onboarding templates: Users can create projects, set goals, and assign tasks to team members. The platform also provides a template system to create recurring processes, ensuring consistency in onboarding. 
  4. Track project progress: Rocketlane provides real-time project tracking and allows users to monitor progress, make updates, and assign new tasks to team members. Users can also access analytics and insights to make data-driven decisions. 

By following these simple steps, users can quickly get started with Rocketlane project management tool and streamline their customer onboarding process. 

Who is Rocketlane Software for?

Rocketlane Software is designed for organizations of all sizes and multiple industries. It is ideal for the following:  

  • Tech companies 
  • Creative agencies 
  • Healthcare organizations  
  • Education sector 
  • Government businesses.  

It is well-suited for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as larger enterprises looking for a robust project management solution. 

Rocketlane Software Features

Customizable Workflow Engine

Rocketlane software customizable workflow engine allows teams to define their own unique project management processes and automate repetitive tasks. This saves time and helps teams stay organized and focused on their most important work. 

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

Real-time collaboration and communication tools make it easy for teams to stay connected and work together effectively, regardless of location. Teams can communicate and share files in real-time and access project updates and progress reports in one centralized location. 

Customer Satisfaction

Rocketlane prioritizes customer satisfaction through its customer portal, which gives clients access to all project information. Upon logging in, users are greeted with an interactive walkthrough that enhances their first experience with the software.  
To ensure a positive customer journey, Rocketlane project management software tracks every milestone and provides businesses with valuable insights to continuously improve the customer experience. 

Comprehensive Overview

Rocketlane project management provides extensive visibility into ongoing projects through its comprehensive dashboards. It offers a 360-degree view of project data and trends, using advanced analytics tools to provide insights and support informed decision-making.  
To ensure complete transparency among all users, the software offers automated reminders and alerts, keeping everyone updated on the status of tasks and project phases. 

Uniformity and Reliability

Rocketlane provides potential buyers with a demo showcasing the templates available for quick and efficient process execution. Additionally, users have the option to create their templates for future use.  
Its unified workspace fosters collaboration and enables customers to communicate through comments on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Rocketlane also enables the maintenance of multiple versions of documents through internal and shared spaces, ensuring consistency in all project work. 

Is Rocketlane Right for You?

Rocketlane is a project management software that has gained popularity among modern businesses, such as Carta, Clari, Mixmax, Zoom, GoCardless, and nCloud Integrators. These companies use Rocketlane to enhance the profitability of their projects, reduce the time it takes to realize the value and improve the customer experience.  

Rocketlane is highly scalable, making it a suitable option for businesses of all sizes. Whether your business is small or large, Rocketlane can accommodate your project management needs as they grow and evolve. 

In conclusion, if you're looking for software that can help you improve project predictability, profitability, and customer experience, while also being secure and scalable, then Rocketlane may be the right choice for you. We recommend looking at Rocketlane demo, via the “Watch Demo” button, to get an idea of how it works and whether it will meet your project management needs. 

Rocketlane Software Pricing Details

The software paid plans that include a monthly or annual subscription model, and pricing varies based on the number of users and the features included. 


$19 per team member/month billed annually or $29/mo, billed monthly *Minimum of 5 team members

Unlimited projects Unlimited customer members

$49 per team member/month billed annually or $59/mo, billed monthly *Minimum of 5 team members

Unlimited projects Unlimited customer members

$69 per team member/month billed annually or $79/mo, billed monthly *Minimum of 5 team members

Unlimited projects Unlimited customer members

$99 per team member/month billed annually

Unlimited projects Unlimited customer members
What’s included:

✔ Branded customer portal
✔ Project and document templates
✔ Customer approvals
✔ Customer login via magic link
✔ Status updates
✔ Timesheets
✔ Time tracking report
✔ Project chat
✔ All tasks view (Gantt, List, Kanban)
✔ Zapier integration
✔ Actionable emails
✔ CSAT reports
Everything in Essential, plus:

✔ Forms
✔ Custom domains
✔ Status update templates
✔ Task custom fields
✔ Project custom status
✔ Task custom status
✔ Slack integration
✔ Project baseline
✔ Project performance report
✔ Multiple dashboards
✔ Custom cards
✔ Custom charts
✔ Merge templates
✔ Dynamic templates
✔ Form automation
✔ Form customization
✔ Annotations and proofing
✔ Jira integration
✔ People performance report
Everything in Standard, plus:

✔ Resource management
✔ Skill based resourcing
✔ Capacity management
✔ Utilization tracking
✔ Salesforce integration
✔ Work to integration
✔ Custom email domain
✔ Operations insights report
✔ Team member fields
✔ Auto publish status updates
✔ Time-offs
Everything in Premium, plus:

✔ Premium support
✔ Custom onboarding and training
✔ API - Advanced rate limits
✔ Single sign-on (SSO)
✔ Unlimited automation for salesforce integration
✔ Soft allocations / tentative planning

Rocketlane Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Rocketlane Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Rocketlane Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


Great tool for client onboarding

July 2022

Jeff B.

Information technology and Services

All the features you would expect from an implementation provider is present in Rocketlane. Magic link sign on process quickly does away with the onboarding.
Customization is good but needs some improvements.

Best app for project tracking

June 2022

Pooja T.

Information technology and Services

It allows smooth communication between team and client. But the most amazing feature is the private space which I use just to communicate with my team away from the client.
More ready-made charts and reports would have been great.

My preferred onboarding platform

June 2022

Connor L.


There are times when you want to limit the information your client can have and were happy to report that Rocketlanes external view features lets us do just that.
It is still a relatively new software so some features are buggy.

Powerful project management tool

June 2022

Guirec L.

Information technology and Services

Presenter mode is great and helps me show my clients what the project is gonna look like. Helps in confidence building.
We should be able to define custom tags but its currently a missing feature.

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