Scrumvee is the most accurate poker estimation tool currently available. This industry-leading tool offers browser and mobile applications and integrates with Jira. Each teammate can independently estimate without interfering with the work of the others. The IT project management software Scrumvee makes estimations trackable, interactive, and precise. 

It allows the scrum master to monitor teammates' individual estimates. It helps managers determine how many team members made accurate estimates. The teammates even receive points for accurate estimations. It is the best method for determining which members frequently overestimate or underestimate scrums in order to increase overall productivity. 

Scrumvee Features


Scrumvee IT project management permits the monitoring of all incoming and outgoing scrum sessions. Using it, clients say goodbye to inaccurate estimates and embrace precise aggregated data to continue projects. The Scrumvee software's tracking service is free but essential. 

It allows scrum masters to review all product planning session statistics. This service includes commitment and deviation reports for improved data processing and decision-making. 

Jira Integration

This scrum estimation tool integrates seamlessly with Jira, the agile software development platform. Jira facilitates the establishment of roadmaps, the tracking of issues, and the promotion of efficient workflows for project management teams. It also provides a scrum board dashboard for analyzing scrum estimates. 

According to reviews, Scrumvee software enhances the two platforms through their extensive collaboration. The clients retrieve stories for upcoming sprints, estimate them, and save them directly, eliminating the need to copy and paste vital data. 

Presenter and Observer

These are two distinct roles that the Scrumvee software supports, as demonstrated in its demo. The scrum master uses presenter mode to reassure the team about what is occurring. They can do so without sharing the estimates with other crew members. 

Next, the Scrumvee project management platform offers the observer function. It allows members to participate as observers in planning sessions. They do not have the ability to vote, but they can view all new estimates in real time. 

Scrumvee Software Pricing

Scrumvee offers a free version; this aspect of its pricing strategy is unique. Scrumvee also provides two additional pricing plans, ranging from $9 to $18 per month per user. 

Scrumvee Software Demo

Scrumvee offers a free demo to demonstrate how this scrum estimation tool generates accurate estimates. In addition, a free trial is available to everyone. 

Scrumvee Software Reviews

All things considered, Scrumvee software has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The free Scrumvee project management services are astounding. Scrumvee software reviews shed light on its real-time estimation service that reduces the workload of scrum masters. To learn more, please review the vendor testimonials provided below. 

Our Thoughts

Scrumvee is the premier scrum estimation tool that enhances planning sessions. It boosts the confidence of teammates by affirming their choices. The mobile applications are of the utmost importance because they enable team members to attend planning sessions and even submit individual estimates. 

Scrumvee Features


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Scrumvee support an API?

No, Scrumvee does not offer an API.

How does Scrumvee work?

Scrumvee is a form of bar chart that displays the beginning and ending times of each activity in a project schedule. A work breakdown structure is typically used to categorize tasks, with summary tasks for the key project deliverables and sub-tasks that divide the project down into a thorough and manageable task hierarchy.

What is Scrumvee used for?

Scrumvee is the most comprehensive Scrum Poker estimating solution, including a mobile app and a web platform to manage all of your software development team's Scrum planning.

What level of support does Scrumvee offer?

Scrumvee offers chat support.

What other apps does Scrumvee integrate with?

Scrumvee does not mention the apps it can be integrated with.

What types of pricing plans does Scrumvee offer?

Scrumvee ’s pricing model is free and subscription-based.

Who are the typical users of Scrumvee?

Scrumvee 's typical users are mostly small businesses.

Scrumvee Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Scrumvee reviews

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