UniPhi Software

What is UniPhi?


UniPhi is a cloud-based project management software that offers a comprehensive and unified platform for managing projects, resources, and finances. It is an award-winning technology company based in Sydney that provides web and mobile solutions for project, portfolio, and program management. 

UniPhi suite of solutions covers the entire project lifecycle and engages with everyone in that environment. It is an industry-leading software designed to simplify project management and improve team collaboration. 

What is UniPhi best for?

UniPhi software is best known for its end-to-end project management solutions that simplify complex projects, manage resources and finances, and provide real-time project visibility. The software is popular for its real-time utilization and overallocation technology, which ensures that resources are used efficiently and projects are completed on time. 

Additionally, UniPhi project management provides users with automated notice numbers, RFIs, variations, progress claims, and EOTs, helping users save time and money. The software's easy-to-use interface and customizable dashboards give project managers a clear picture of how their projects is going, so they can make decisions and changes based on accurate information. 

UniPhi Software Integrations

UniPhi software offers integrations with various third-party software to enhance project management capabilities. Some of the most popular integrations are: 

  • Microsoft Excel 
  • MYOB Business 
  • Xero 
  • Sugar CRM 
  • Microsoft Power BI 

UniPhi Pricing

UniPhi is an enterprise-grade solution, it is equipped with advanced features such as customizable workflows, reporting capabilities, and document collaboration tools. However, the price isn't made public by the vendor, but you can get a custom UniPhi cost quote for your organizational needs by clicking on the 'Get Pricing' button.  

How does UniPhi work?

To get started with UniPhi, follow these steps: 

  1. Sign up for an account and log in to the UniPhi platform. 
  2. Navigate to the dashboard, which is the main interface of the software. 
  3. Customize the dashboard to suit your project management requirements and set up the modules you want to use. 
  4. Begin by creating a new project and adding tasks to it. 
  5. Next, assign resources and roles to the team members. 
  6. Once the project is set up, track progress in real-time through Gantt charts and other reporting and analytics tools. 
  7. By learning about UniPhi features, you can use them to their fullest and improve your project management workflows. 

Who is UniPhi for?

UniPhi is designed for companies and organizations that need a comprehensive project management solution to manage their projects, resources, and finances. It is suitable for small, midsize, and large companies in various sectors, including; 

  • Construction and Engineering 
  • Facilities Management 
  • Oil and gas 
  • Government and non-profits 
  • Education and Healthcare 
  • Information Technology and Services 
  • Architecture and Planning 
  • Transportation and logistics 

 UniPhi Software Features

All-in-one Project Management Software

UniPhi document management features allow users to upload and share documents. The cost and financial management tools help teams track project expenses and budgets for future projects. The software's risk and issue management tools help teams identify and resolve potential risks and issues. Resource planning and time management tools allow team members to optimize their time and schedule work. 

Collaboration Tools

The collaboration tools allow users to work together on projects. Its chat system enables users to communicate with each other in real time and keep track of projects, documents, and files. In addition, it provides a secure environment for users to collaborate on projects with other users. 

Mobile App

UniPhi's mobile app allows users to manage their projects, tasks, and resources on the go. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, providing access to real-time data and project information from anywhere. Users can track time, update project information, and communicate with team members—all from the convenience of their mobile devices. 

Customizable Workflows

The software workflows can be customized to meet the specific needs of different project teams. Users can create custom project workflows incorporating different stages, approvals, and notifications. Its customizable workflows enable teams to streamline their project management processes and increase productivity. 

Reporting and Analytics

UniPhi project management provides detailed reports and analytics, allowing users to track project performance, resource utilization, and financial data. Users can generate reports on project progress, budget, risks, and issues, providing valuable insights into the success of their projects. The reporting and analytics tools let teams make decisions based on data and keep getting better at managing projects. 

Is UniPhi right for you?

UniPhi is an excellent option for organizations looking for a comprehensive project management solution to handle project, resource, and financial management on one platform. It is cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere, making it perfect for remote teams. UniPhi has won multiple awards, including the Software Innovation Award, Product Innovation Award, and Innovation Award at the Australian Business Awards. 

UniPhi software is also known for its advanced security protocols, ensuring that user data is safe and protected. It has many security features, such as SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and access control based on a user's role. 

Scalability is not an issue with the software, as it can be used by small, mid-sized, and large organizations across various industries, such as government, non-profits, technology, IT, education, and healthcare. Some of its popular clients include the NWS Government, North, Point Polaris, and Ridgemill. 

Overall, UniPhi project management tool is a solid choice for organizations looking for a unified platform to manage their projects, resources, and finances with advanced security protocols and scalability. We recommend you watch a live demo to understand the features better and decide if it is the right choice for your organization. 

UniPhi Software Pricing

The UniPhi price isn't made public by the vendor; however, they offer custom quotes based on your organizational requirements. All you need to do is click on the "Get Pricing" button and provide relevant details so we can customize a package tailored to your needs. 

UniPhi Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Customization options: The software offers a wide range of customization options to fit the needs of different projects and organizations
  • Contract management: The system excels at contract management, making it easy to track payments and invoices and streamlining the approval process with templates.
  • Ever-growing functionality: UniPhi's functionality is always growing, with updates and new features that make it easier to use and more productive.
  • Data insights: The software gives users full and detailed data that helps them understand how their teams and projects are doing and how they are doing.


  • Limited visibility: The user interface can be overwhelming and confusing for some users, particularly with regard to navigating between different team members and data sets.
  • Contract phasing: Right now, UniPhi doesn't let project schedule lifecycles be tied to contract phasing, which can be a big problem for some users.
  • Cashflow issues: Some users have reported issues with the accuracy of cash flow data, with numbers changing unexpectedly or without explanation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does UniPhi offer an API?

It does include an API utility.

Does UniPhi offer customer support?

Yes, UniPhi offers comprehensive customer support, with a team of dedicated agents available to assist you with any queries or issues.

Does UniPhi support mobile devices?

It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

How does UniPhi work?

It provides multiple project management features, including financial management, document management, risk management, project collaboration, resource planning, issue management, cost management, time management, and more.

Is UniPhi available for free?

No, UniPhi is not available for free. However, it offers a free trial, so you can try the software before deciding if it’s the right fit for your organization.

Is UniPhi cloud-based?

Yes, it has a cloud-based deployment.

What are the typical users of UniPhi?

Freelancers, large enterprises, mid-sized and small businesses, nonprofits, and public administrations are the typical users of this software.

What is UniPhi used for?

It is software for project and portfolio management.

What languages does UniPhi support in their product?

UniPhi currently only supports the English language.

What other apps does UniPhi integrate with?

It can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, MYOB Business, SugarCRM, and Xero.

What type of pricing plans does UniPhi offer?

To view UniPhi's pricing plans, click the "Get Pricing" button above.

Who are the Top competitors of UniPhi?

UniPhi’s main competitors are Asana, Trello, Wrike, Monday.com, and Basecamp.

UniPhi Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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UniPhi Software reviews

Overall Rating

9 Reviews


A very powerful tool.

March 2023

Brett K.

IT Services

Real-time management of problems, risks, and expenses. The screen structure and filters are put up so that the user may focus on the tasks that must be finished first rather than browsing through irrelevant information. Reports have the power to effectively compile all of the project metrics in one location.
Not too many issues with the software, to be honest, the specifications of setup are customized for your company. Prior to implementation, you should conduct a review of your operational procedures to ensure that your deployment is suitable. If designed properly, the system has the power to reinforce the company culture.

Easy to work with.

February 2023

Sonia J.


Many things to like. The seamless fusion of data input, information, reporting, records management, version control, transmittals, document and methodology libraries, and the traceability as a document controller. I also appreciate the assistance. There are many resources available for help, and the tutorials on the UniPhi YouTube channel are fantastic.
I dont have faith that filters always produce reliable results. Filter settings or ranges seem cumbersome or dont offer enough freedom to adjust data sorting. Having said that, our deployment of UniPhi hasnt yet been optimized to its full potential.

Offers better visibility into work.

February 2023

Neil G.


There are many things that we have been loving about this software. With tremendous visibility into your contracts, cash flow, risks, and difficulties provided by the UniPhi software, the entire project team and senior management can make real-time choices to ensure the projects success and offer expenditure and income estimates.
As the applications administrator, I want to offer additional audit trails to determine who carried out which tasks and when. Many places in the system allow users to remark on the justifications for particular modifications. However, this does not always give a true audit of how and why a scenario was achieved.

Useful advanced features.

January 2023

Graham O.

Real Estate

Works more like a complex and all-inclusive project management and collaboration tool. It is significantly more efficient to record all pertinent and significant project-related information than it is, for example, to utilize email or task-logging software with a single purpose. I like how many times previously entered data may be reused in UniPhi.
Users who have previously used standard Gantt charts will need supervision to help them understand the advantages of NOT using a Gantt chart to manage their and their teams workloads. This should be simpler to market as more project management software products depart from the traditional Gantt chart method.

Flexible and customizable project management software

November 2022



After using UniPhi for several weeks, I can say that the software is quite flexible when it comes to customizing workflows. We always needed a software system that could manage to create customized workflows as different processes vary in requirements. With UniPhi, I can easily tailor workflows as required. Moreover, I am satisfied with the training and implementation of the software. It really helped us overcome the initial hassle of using an entirely new software application.
While the initial training was satisfactory, the customer support, in general, is not very responsive. Some of the problems weve had with the software have never been resolved, or the team takes too long to respond. Additionally, the software offers a wide range of options for generating reports. However, they have not proven to be very useful. I would prefer having one or two reports that provide a comprehensive view of a project rather than three to five reports providing different data.

Amazing customer support and quality enhancing updates

November 2022

Joshua L.

Architecture and Planning

The best feature of the application is its customer support. The software support service is incredibly responsive. Moreover, the representative is quick to respond, and they always find a quick solution to solve my queries. The thing that I was delighted with was the ability of these representatives to have knowledge of the system and save time by providing immediate answers. They are not like other software representatives who only listen to respond and thus leave customers helpless. Adding to that, another thing I appreciate a lot is that the UniPhi software is always frequently updated with new features. This allows me to stay one step ahead of the competition.
I have an issue with the application and would appreciate it if that issue was resolved as soon as possible. Firstly, my clients have different requirements, which is why I have to customize the invoicing contracts accordingly. But the software does not allow me to insert additional information into the contracts, including the contact information of the suppliers and multiple names. Therefore, I always have to go out of the box and edit the contracts using a PDF editor, which gets very hectic and annoying. I am looking forward to future versions of the software where this issue is resolved.

One-of-a-kind features with an exceptional user interface

November 2022

Graham B.

Government Administration

The thing I adore the most about this awesome software is its capability to allow me to use a single piece of data in numerous ways. Moreover, it does that by duplicating the information. Adding to that, I also value the fact that the software allows me to design my custom fields. All of my colleagues and teammates can create their own personalized fields. Therefore, we can efficiently achieve our business requirements while giving users access to fields that employ lingo, they are familiar with. Overall, I would highly recommend this app to others as well.
Being one of the administrators of the application, I would love to have additional audit trails offered by the software. These additional audit trails should allow you to determine who performed which tasks and when. This will allow me to keep a check and balance on the workforce and their progress on several tasks, which is currently a little troubling for me. Moreover, the system allows users to provide remarks on the justifications for particular modifications. As a result, this does not always give a true picture of how and why a situation was achieved. I look forward to these issues being resolved urgently!

One of the most Flexible, intuitive, and reliable software

November 2022

Axel W.

Team leader of operations

The greatest thing about the UniPhi software is its versatility. The software is flexible enough to let me and my department customize operations for each specific procedure on an individual level. As a result of this personalized customization, all of us can use the software very easily, as it makes the user interface much more intuitive and simpler. I have never experienced such satisfaction from the entire department in the previous applications that were used throughout the organization, as there was always someone who had issues with user-friendliness.
I have faced one issue repeatedly since the day I fully started using the software. I noticed that the software performs some of the more difficult system administration tasks slowly. It takes more time to perform such tasks. Initially, I thought that it was due to my company’s internet. However, Ive noticed that when performing such tasks, the software always takes longer. Thus, I would like the application a lot more if this issue is resolved in the upcoming versions of the software.

UniPhi | Customizable

October 2022

Cameron Baylis

alinea consulting LLP

UniPhi is an excellent piece of software which has given our business exactly what we require. We have been able to customise it to meet our specific requirements which requires analysing a high level of data.

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