UpWave is a visual tool for cloud-based collaboration on projects, portfolios, and daily chores. It's ideal for all teams who require a location to plan, monitor progress, and complete tasks quickly. A variety of displays, including a board, table, timeline, and calendar, aids users in visualizing their functions.  

UpWave interfaces quickly with various business applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and Slack. Through Zapier, it also connects to other platforms.  

Key Features

Project and Task Management  

Users of UpWave can see the development of their assignments and projects visually. Subtasks enable users to divide lengthy jobs into manageable chunks. You can set tasks and subtasks to encourage responsibility and ensure nothing slips through the gaps. To ensure that the task is finished on time, UpWave also lets you set deadlines. Users can also specify task attachments, start dates, and activity logs. Users can more easily complete tasks using UpWave's pre-made templates, which range from straightforward to-do lists to tactical frameworks like the Business Model Canvas. Users of UpWave are also permitted to create custom project templates, alter project statuses, and track and estimate their time.


Users can build insightful reports and see their work from many angles with UpWave. With columns and swim lanes, users can design the process that is most effective for them. It allows you quickly view all due dates for a project and view user projects in a condensed list manner. UpWave enables users to manage, report on, and take action on projects. Other features include examining all tasks allocated in a user's task list, obtaining an overview of concurrent operations, and visualizing studies horizontally.  

Progress reports

Users may create and export project timesheets and gain a general overview of the progress and status of all tasks inside the project, including pending tasks, due dates, and completion deadlines.  

Team Collaboration

Even when working remotely, UpWave enables users to collaborate and closely group people into teams for various projects. Users can set up teams for departments, project teams, or outside collaborators. They can also check the due dates for all tasks and subtasks associated with projects in the section and obtain a general sense of the team's activity, progress, and engagement.  

Administration and Access Control

It ensures user data security through the admin interface; users may manage members and specify security preferences for private boards that are shared with a team or made public.  

UpWave Pricing

UpWave offers Basic, Business, and Enterprise plans. You can click the "Get Pricing" tab above for exact pricing details.  

UpWave Demo

UpWave allows users a free trial or demo on request. You can access it by clicking the "Watch Demo" option at the top of the page.  

UpWave Reviews

Teams worldwide use UpWave to plan, track, organize, and collaborate. Some of its satisfied customers are TRONDHEIM KOMMUNE, Netlife, Voicebrook, and GaitLine.  

Our Thoughts

UpWave is a suite of products that provides enterprise teams with a complete overview of projects, portfolios, and daily tasks. In addition, UpWave allows users to collaborate in multiple or separate groups within the same organizational workspace.

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