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Vepos is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed to assist retailers and service providers in managing their daily business operations. The application with a touchscreen facilitates ticket creation, fault and maintenance planning, task management, and financial accounting. It includes over 25 modules that help businesses increase the visibility of project workflows in order to more accurately measure work efficiency. Accounting, reporting, content management, time tracking, project management, data recording, and team collaboration tools are among the most important features. 

The inventory management system integrated into the Vepos project management software enables users to organize orders placed by multiple vendors. Traders can improve all aspects of their business processes, from purchasing and procurement to production, warehousing, quality control, and sales, by leveraging advanced ERP functionalities. The warehouse management module provides a comprehensive set of features to optimize the warehouse facility. In addition, its order management functionality maintains a customer database and can be used to optimize pickup routes. 

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The pricing model for Vepos software is a standard subscription-based model.  You can click on “Get Pricing” to get a custom quote for your organizational needs. 

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You can see for yourself how user-friendly the Vepos project management software is by scheduling a software demo online (click the ‘Watch Demo’ button). 

With the in-depth Vepos Demo, you can test the product's functionality and features in real-time. 

Vepos Software Reviews

The Vepos software has received positive user feedback. The application is lauded for its extensive feature set, streamlined user interface, and diverse module selection. 

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Our Thoughts

Vepos is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that integrates project management, financial accounting, warehouse management, customer relationship management (CRM), and service management into a single portal for large businesses. 

We recommend opting for the product demo to determine if the software meets your specific requirements. 

Vepos Features

Vepos software includes a robust CRM module that assists retailers and service providers in managing interactions with current and potential customers. This service allows users to improve their customer communication, lead management, customer selection, campaign management, and sales planning.

The project management module of Vepos enables organizations to plan, monitor, and coordinate diverse project activities. This solution provides raw material management, financial accounting, team collaboration, and performance analysis capabilities. In addition, its project-specific time tracking tool allows for the most efficient use of manpower and other resources.

The software module for financial accounting supports functions such as revenue management and profitability analysis. It streamlines financial processes through real-time evaluations, dialog posting, bank statement manager, and advanced sales tax return features. Traders can also use it to generate and submit internal financial reports.

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The main users of Vepos are small and medium-sized companies.

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