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Vidyo is a platform that offers video conferencing solutions for SMB and large businesses. This solution includes rapid cloud development, screen sharing, and group video conferencing. Their system supports integration with almost any application environment, device, and network. Vidyo is used to effectively host online meetings and video conferences. Through Vdyo’s secure, cloud-based services and scalable technology, thousands of people across the world connect visually every day. This video conferencing solution delivers the highest quality video experiences that build trust, build team collaboration, improves team collaboration, and strengthens relationships.  

The Vidyo platform allows users to make a point-to-point call or direct call to Vidyo clients with a resolution of up to 1440p, thus ensuring maximum image clarity. Their service can display up to 8 members using multipoint calls with reasonably good resolution. With their video conferencing solution, users can easily share screens and display the shared information on a different monitor or a separate window. Not on this, participants are allowed to prioritize video or audio data as per their needs. The solution ensures top-notch call quality during video conferencing by minimizing the issue of lower bandwidth. 

The video conferencing service can be used in tandem with other business process automation and office automation platforms including Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft Outlook. This way, users can expect a greater level of productivity and efficiency from their employees. Vidyo offers multiple options to ensure ease of using the solution such as Fullscreen – to increase the screen size on the desktop, Layout – to adjust participant positioning, Share – to enable screen sharing, Volume – to adjust audio levels, and Toggle – to hide or display screen sharing.    


The platform includes three pricing solutions:

VidyoConnect – a desktop meeting system to support team collaboration, starting at $18.99 to $19.99 per user/per month,

VidyoEngage – a live video chat system that includes custom pricing, and - an application programming interface to embed video communication in other apps, starting at $65 per month. 

Free Trial

The video conferencing service offers a free 60-day trial.


The vendor offers 24/7 live support.


Their system offers multiple screen sharing and supports group video conferencing.

Product Advantages

The system is easy to use and ensures video and audio clarity of the calls. Participants can join a call without having to download any software. Vidyo even allows users to connect with members regardless of their geographical area. Additionally, their HIPAA-compliant platform makes it easier for businesses to streamline the process of conference call schedule.

Product Limitations

A bit pricey compared to the products with similar features. There is also a learning curve as some users find their interface confusing.

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The Vidyo Platform is renowned for its flexibility, user-friendliness, competitive pricing and responsive technical support. Unlike other platforms, we have not encountered any freezing or interface issues. Vidyo is an ideal choice for businesses.


Specifically for business meetings, the platform lacks smoothness, which limits its usability.