Visual Planning Software

What is Visual Planning Software?


Visual Planning is a purpose-built software offering advanced features to help businesses streamline their operations, improving productivity and efficiency.  

No matter if you fall under the category of a small or large company, Visual Planning has a number of planning solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements. 

The issues associated with following up on a construction site or an intervention are among those that can be dealt with using the Visual Planning software, which spans all the business verticals necessary for the efficient management of your processes. 

What is Visual Planning software best for?

Visual Planning comes equipped with features specifically tailored to the needs of all kinds of businesses. It is especially useful for those with complex scheduling requirements, such as project management, resource management, employee scheduling, and tracking of activities. 

The software provides an intuitive interface that allows users to easily enter and manage data and visualize the associated tasks. It also has powerful tools for sharing and working together that make it easier for team members to talk to each other. 

Visual Planning project management software offers an all-in-one solution that can be used to optimize business processes and increase productivity. It helps to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and make informed decisions. With it, you can track and manage progress, compare different versions of plans, and create meaningful reports. 

Visual Planning Pricing

Visual Planning pricing is based on the number of users because it follows a per-user model. The exact details are unavailable, and the interested parties need to contact the provider for more details. They offer a free trial to allow prospective buyers to test-drive the system before committing. 

For more details regarding Visual Planning software pricing, please click "Get Pricing," and one of our customer care representatives will help you select the best plan. 

Visual Planning Software Integrations

The software can be integrated with multiple key applications, such as Microsoft Office, Google Apps, and Active Directory. It also supports bi-directional synchronization with the major calendars and CRM applications. This ensures that data is always accurate and up to date across all platforms, resulting in a unified workspace.

How does Visual Planning software work?

Visual Planning software is a resource management and scheduling solution rolled into one. This hybrid platform helps businesses manage all their assets and handle day-to-day operations. The software can be deployed on-site or as a cloud-based service. Visual Planning provides multiple business tools with a wide range of features. 

Visual Project Planning software has functions related to project management, human resource management, construction and field service scheduling, customer relationship management, and fleet management. Visual Planning project management tool helps managers allocate resources to different projects based on the budget and workload. They can update reports and monitor graphs in real-time. 

Visual Planning software provides a free demonstration so that licensed professionals can see all of the features and functionalities firsthand. The demo can be booked through any local vendor. For more details regarding the Visual Planning software demo, please click on the "Watch Demo" button.

Who is Visual Planning Software for?

Visual Planning software is suitable for all types of businesses, from small and medium enterprises to large corporations. It can be used in different industries, such as: 

  • Construction 
  • Health Care 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Financial Services 
  • Education 
  • Public Administration 
  • Retail and distribution, and more 

By using Visual Planning project management, businesses can allocate resources more effectively and optimize operations to drive productivity. The software helps them save time and money by streamlining their processes.

Visual Planning Software Features

  • Customizable

Visual Planning software has a completely customizable scheduling option, and the calendar can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. The calendar interface is highly intuitive, making it easier for the user to navigate the system. It lets them make processes and workflows that are flexible and can be accessed from anywhere.

  • User-friendly UI

Visual Planning has drag-and-drop features that make interacting with it simple and fun. The interface has colors, icons, and other visual aspects that make it easier to reference when checking schedules. It also offers multiple views to help managers access information quickly and accurately.

  • Automated Scheduling

The software has automated scheduling features that allocate resources and optimize task completion. This helps managers save time and effort on the manual parts of operations.

  • Filtered Views

The software has multiple filters, making sorting through task lists easier. With filtered views, managers can easily identify the exact resources they need to complete a particular job. They are based on the skills required, location, certification, or overtime.

  • Reporting

Visual Planning software provides reporting capabilities that make tracking performance, analyzing data, and generating summary reports easier. The software also offers customizable reporting templates that can be used for different tasks and projects. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or PDF format for easy sharing.

  • Resource Optimization

Visual Planning software provides tools to help managers optimize their resources. The software includes resource optimization and real-time tracking features, making allocating resources easier.

  • Productivity

Visual Project Planning software increases teams' productivity through immediate file sharing and the planning of all tasks. It helps managers track all their team members' capacity, time, cost, and progress.

  • Updates

Users can send updates or add data to the platform and get automated text messages and email notifications. The updates can also be sent to live RSS feeds.

Is Visual Planning software right for you?

Visual Planning project management is a complete task scheduling and resource monitoring solution. It is a hybrid platform that helps users derive the maximum benefit in terms of productivity, flexibility, and organization. The customizable features, intuitive interface, and reporting capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective scheduling solution, Visual Planning could be the perfect fit for you. We suggest you watch the demo and see how the software can help streamline your business operations and improve workflow.

Visual Planning Pricing Guide

  • VP GO

Rich client

PC/Mac, Java 1.8 or VPDeskLauncher

Web client

Web browser

Mobile application

iOS 8+ & Android 7+
  • Saas: $55 / user/mo*
  • or a yearly subscription of $660*
  • or Lifetime license: $1270*
  • + 20% annual maintenance
  • Saas: $35 / user/mo*
  • or an annual subscription of $420*
  • or Lifetime license: $540*
  • + 20% annual maintenance
  • Saas: $15 / user/mo*
  • or Annual Subscription: $180*
  • or Lifetime license: $290 HT*
  • + 20% annual maintenance

Visual Planning Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • Powerful, highly customizable resource and data management capabilities.
  • Can help teams quickly identify problems in their plans and prioritize tasks.
  • Helps streamline communication between team members and stakeholders.


  • May require additional training for complex tasks.
  • Can be expensive to purchase and maintain.
  • Compatibility issues between different versions or software packages can occur.
  • Updates can cause disruption to workflow as teams adjust to changes.

Visual Planning Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Visual Planning Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


A very powerful solution for scheduling and tracking

January 2023

Dave H.


Two reasons it has been great for us: Number 1 is that it is extremely flexible and can be setup to do the most complex scheduling and Number 2 is the beauty of its interface. It lets us readily see multiple pieces of equipment, their locations and more all in one place.
With a software so powerful comes an obvious downside of it being so complex. However, the product training team is very competent and knows what they are doing.

Recommended to use this to follow all activities of your teams

December 2022

Jesús F.

Education Management

I have been managing my resources in a more efficient way thanks to its intuitive interface. You can access system information from anywhere and at any time.
Implementing the system took a lot of work and the process was very complicated.

Makes a world of difference

July 2022

Trevor W.

Information technology and Services

It has a sleek look which helps in literally "visualizing" key data, manage it, and share it. We have been working at greater speeds thanks to it.
Setting it up is no small feat, won't work for small companies as the cost gets too high in the process.

VP is a good product with great employees

June 2022

Marisa W.

Computer & Network Security

The purchasing decision was influenced by one of their representatives but we do not regret anything so far! VP was implemented in our company with ease and it's way better that microsoft projects.
So many features and layers to be dealt with. It is definitely intimidating to new users.

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