Top 5 Popular Oncology EMR For Your Small Practices

With the higher stakes of being diagnosed with cancer, it is imperative for an Oncology or Hematology practice to have customizable EMR software like Nextgen EMR, Oncology EHR, ARIA Oncology Information System, OncoEMR, iKnowMed Generation 2 so they can document patient encounters correctly. 

Errors in documentation can have dire consequences which are why specialists require specialty-specific PMS systems that streamline workflow and follow all protocols when caring for patients at home from surgery through recovery 

A specialist should always be made aware if there has been any change within their family while away on medical leave because this may affect future visits/treatment plans accordingly.

Here are the 5 best oncology EMR for small practices:

NextGen EMR For Oncology

Next gen EMR offers oncologists a chance to use templates that automate their daily chemotherapy treatments. Next-generation electronic medical records (EMR) have made it easier for physicians in-office visits and prescribing, tracking prescriptions over time which has helped patients manage side effects better than ever before.

Oncology EHR (CureMD)

The new CureMD Oncology EHR offers a number of features to improve workflow in an oncology setting. This automation includes monitoring lab work and ensuring chemotherapy plans are adjusted when needed so patients don’t miss their doses, or suffer from an adverse reaction because they were not closely monitored by doctors with this software; we’ve all seen what can happen when something goes wrong without immediate notification. 

ARIA Oncology Information System (Varian)

The ARIA oncology information system offers an EHR and image management solution. The clinical staff can access patient data from diagnosis through post-treatment follow-up in one place with the help of this functional platform! Key features include:

  • Evaluating acute responses to treatment (disease-specific protocols). 
  • Monitoring doses delivered by providing feedback loops that are customized per procedure or protocol. 
  • Ability to review images during treatments. 
  • Developing plans based on outcomes via comparisons between pre & post-evaluation results.

OncoEMR (Flatiron)

The Flatiron Health Oncology-Cloud platform includes a medical record for oncologists, analytics to measure the effectiveness of care, and a patient portal. The company works closely with Varian (see above) in ensuring that its software is fully interoperable with ARIA.

Oncology Information System which has been recognized as one of the leading cancer information systems out there today because it provides easy-to-use tools nurses can utilize during their day job while also being able to help doctors make better decisions about treatments they prescribe based off what’s going around locally/statewide or nationally.

iKnowMed Generation 2 (McKesson)

This system ranks particularly well when it comes down to ease of use, as well an extensive amount of consultation that went into creating this powerful software has certainly paid off; one excellent feature is the separate nursing documentation log which helps keep clinicians informed about their patient’s care progressions along the way. 

Final Thoughts!

The need for an EHR like nextgen software is clear, but the high cost may put it out of reach.  The oncology market appears to be quite narrow and there’s little competition with only a few products in this niche available right now – however, things are changing as we’ve seen recently due to some major companies getting together.

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