SALESmanago Marketing Automation

SALESmango is a cloud-based marketing automation platform designed to cater to small, midsize and large enterprises across various industries including retail, e-commerce, finance, manufacturing, hotels, banking etc. The software solution provides marketers with an extensive range of functionalities including email marketing, mobile marketing, sales management, lead generation, event management, drag and drop designer and campaign management. The software has covered it all for the marketers with its tools such as website visitor tracking, personalized product offers, direct sales channels and more.

The platform is among the fastest growing cloud-hosted service providers for scalable business marketing automation. Geared to serve digital marketers, SALESmango offers a complete suite of solutions to add more value to a brand. The software is suitable for both web browsers and mobile devices.

Pricing: The basic pricing plan for SALESmango starts at 49euro/month.

USP: SALESmango is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Also offers mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Support: Offers support via email, phone, training and tickets.

Product Advantages: The software is capable of generating individual messages for particular recipients on the basis of their behavioral profiles.

Product Limitations: Difficult to use. New users require time to learn the functionalities.

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Call us at

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