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TriMed Medical System is a robust healthcare solution for medical providers. Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Patient Portal, Mobile, Check-in Module, and Telemedicine are all part of the software suite. Since all the products are fully integrated, your practice's modules will work together seamlessly. In addition, the TriMed EHR is highly durable, adaptable, and template-driven. The software is designed to fit your workflow, not the other way around. 

TriMed Medical System Key Features


TriMed Ortopedia provides you with everything you need with just a web browser. There's no need to download a tool or create a new login; you can access your patient data and charts right away using the web browser. 

Real-time Appointment Scheduling 

Patients can request and book appointments online through the TriMed EMR website. The patients can schedule an appointment through the Patient Portal, and it will be automatically added to the system's common schedule. These appointments will appear in real-time on the same schedule that your staff uses, ensuring that no overlapping or incorrect slots are booked. They will be able to book an appointment as soon as they click the button. 

Patients can also check in online and complete tasks such as verifying personal information, verifying insurance, filling out forms, and paying copays. The software patient portal is also configurable to allow appointment cancellations to be made online. 

Appointment Reminders 

With EHR, you and your patients will benefit from appointment reminders. Text, email, and voice reminders are fully integrated into TriMed PM. Reminders will be sent directly from the system, and the system will read responses as a result of this integration. For example, if a patient responds that they will not be attending the appointment, the system will automatically cancel it in the PM. 

TriMed Medical System Pricing 

Want to know about the TriMed EMR pricing? The software offers a monthly subscription-based model. The pricing begins at $589. For more pricing details, you can contact the vendor.   

Software Demo 

If you're still unsure if TriMed solutions are right for you, you should schedule a demo. The demo is a real-time environment where you can explore the software and learn more about its features. You can analyze whether the software fits your needs or not. 


User reviews show that the product is generally well-liked. According to the reviews, users like how easy it is to navigate through the software, and customer service is also very responsive. The detailed pros and cons are listed below. 

Our Thoughts  

TriMed EHR creates, sells, installs, and supports a comprehensive medical charting and practice management software suite. An ONC-certified EHR solution with integrated E-Prescribing, Practice Management software, Telemedicine platform, Patient Portal, Digital Check-In module, and Mobile applications are part of TriMed's comprehensive software suite. Medical billing, website design, and patient engagement tools are TriMed's additional services. 

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