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UrgiChart - Urgent Care Specialty EMR is a Health IT Solution that provides electronic health record (EHR) management, e-prescribing, and patient communication tracking. The software helps in contributing to the urgent care practices needed in order to complete a single system that can handle all the clinical work as well as the administrative set up e.g. the document registration, exitcare, discharge, and billing. The software is created based on the logic of a care work that is unscheduled, displaying the capturing method of practitioners, and the prioritization or dissemination of data and information of the patients.

UrgiChart Tutorial displays how it offers EMRS of the emergency care kind that help start a stream of success towards the business with the help of creating an enhanced system of quality healthcare services. It makes use of the most accurate and adjusted equipment to gather medical data which helps in the deliverance of the highest quality of services from the practice. The platform also possesses tools of customization which help in modifying the methods of data entry, however the clinic or practice wants. It has a system of organization that is suited to each of its users. UrgiChart Demo shows the absolute objective of the software in converting the workplace through the automation of all the major processes and erasing the concept of paperwork entirely.

UroChart Features are suited for healthcare facilities of small to medium sizes. This software is particularly concentrated on the management of EMR, electronic prescriptions, and tracking of patient communication and messages. Due to the presence of chart macros, it can determine and encapsulate the recurring scenarios of the clinic. Alternating options in the software permit the user to make changes that are best suited to the client but it doesn’t hinder their work in any negative way.

The platform provides some of the best results for practitioners by allowing them to make use of ingrained charting options in the system that help in viewing the patient's history of visits. Any codes of the ICD-9 version are updated to ICD-10 through this system. It easily permits the interconnection of any tools of practice management with the original system which helps in enhancing and improving the tracking and recording of documentation.

UrgiChart Demo & Trial also involves tutorial videos that train individuals to properly use and have easy access to the software. It helps them in the future use of the software. It is available on both mobile app and desktop, using a monthly subscription.

UrgiChart Pricing: Pricing is not openly shared by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button.

UroChart Support: Support made available during business hours.

UrgiChart Pros: The software offers ease of use and enhances the proficiency of the practice, making the management much easier and allows for an increase in income.

UrgiChart Cons: The updates can make the software glitch at times.

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