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Wellsoft EDIS Software is an on-premise Meaningful Use and CCD/C-CDA compliant Health IT solution designed to cater to the needs of Hospital Emergency Departments and Freestanding Emergency Centers. The user-friendly software offers integrated patient record tools. Key features include clinical documentation, order management, patient tracking, charge and image capture, communications, reporting, medication management, and discharge planning. Using Wellsoft EDIS Software, healthcare practices can document patient records with triage, access patient information in real-time, pace orders with the help of CPOE, exchange information on home medications and allergies, comply with Meaningful Use, and offer complete discharge documentation for patients. The Wellsoft EDIS Software Tutorial allows users to follow along and easily comprehend the product.

The platform comes with a color-coded tracking module that displays the status of the emergency department with filters. In addition to that, it offers an inbuilt risk management system to help physicians identify procedural considerations or potential risks for emergency department patient care.  Users can request a Wellsoft EDIS Software Demo to get a complete overview of the solution before implementing it into their practice. On top of this, the software is HL7 compliant and supports integration with various emergency department-compatible hospital information systems, radiology and laboratory systems. With its fully customizable interface, Wellsoft EDIS Software empowers urgent care centers and hospital EDs and enables them to improve patient care, revenue, and productivity.

Wellsoft EDIS Software Pricing: The pricing plan for the software starts at $25.00 as a one-time payment.

Wellsoft EDIS Software Support: It offers online and business hours support.

Wellsoft EDIS Software Pros: The software is easy to use and offers an intuitive user interface.

Wellsoft EDIS Software Cons: Customer Support takes too long to respond.

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Efficient tool for Emergency Department!

January 2023


Cynthia McQuade LCSW LLC

Time-saving and efficiency are two distinct feature of this software. Helps a lot in emergency. dashboards and patient tracking are color-coded which makes the workflow quite smooth. Recommended.
Minor details like attaching documents to patient's profile can be improved.

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