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WonderDoc is a chiropractic-specific EHR and practice management solution. You can install it on any Windows platform as it does not require additional costs, equipment, or third-party software. 

WonderDoc software comes in four scalable versions, allowing doctors to select the required level of functionality. All four versions have a complete EHR that includes integrated billing, scheduling, and reporting. The system is also compatible with tablets and PCs. In addition, thanks to the user-friendly interface, doctors can take notes directly from the exam room. 

WonderDoc EHR Key Features 

Administrative Ease 

The administrative side of running a chiropractic practice can be one of the most challenging aspects. Patient scheduling, note-taking, billing, and ensuring that the paperwork side of your practice is in order so you can focus on treating patients.  

Employing people to handle these tasks is frequently necessary, but it comes at a cost, both time and money. All of these administrative tasks are handled by WonderDoc EMR without the need for additional paperwork or staff. 

SOAP Compliant Notes 

In the medical field, the need for accurate and compliant record-keeping is critical. It may be time-consuming and a less enjoyable aspect of the job for many practitioners, but it is a necessary evil of the job.  

Fortunately, electronic health records (EHRs) can also assist with this. For example, the software makes patient record-keeping simple and is specifically designed to generate SOAP-compliant notes. As a result, you can easily keep your records up to date with little effort. 

Medical Billing Solution 

Another dreaded aspect of owning a practice is bookkeeping, which takes up far more time than you would like. Some doctors prefer to use specific accounting software, but EHRs like WonderDoc include built-in billing features. This means that you can essentially do everything with just one piece of the system. Practice management at your fingertips, with the assurance, that everything is being done according to the rules. 

WonderDoc EHR Software Cost 

WonderDoc software pricing starts at $75 per month. There are different pricing packages, and you can select the one based on your needs. Please contact the vendor for additional pricing details. 

Software Demo 

There is no better system for Chiropractors than WonderDoc EHR because it is user-friendly and feature-rich. Please contact a vendor for a demo to see how EMR can help you transform your practice. The demo will guide you through the software in real time so you can decide whether it's worth your time and money. 


The software appears to have a generally positive rating in WonderDoc reviews, indicating that customers praise it and its many features. Furthermore, most customers appreciate how simple the system is to use. Below you'll find detailed reviews with pros and cons. 

Our Thoughts

The software offers cost-effective EHR and practice management solutions. The system can increase revenue, lower overhead, and improve patient outcomes by using powerful tools that automate most administrative tasks. 

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