Abacus Pharmacy Plus Software

Abacus Pharmacy Plus assists companies in the healthcare industry with processing prescriptions and generating purchase orders. It lets administrators upload patient information and send online claims using a single interface. Its technology also enables administrators to monitor order entry lines, validate pharmacists, and scan prescriptions. Teams can also instantly record delivery and digital signatures using Abacus Pharmacy.  

Abacus Pharmacy Plus Software Key Features 

Retail Pharmacy 

You can save, and retrieve any sort of document such as prescriptions, insurance cards, doctor documents, worker compensation forms, etc. to eliminate manual filing. A patient record is created and the prescription, insurance card, and signature are all scanned. The photos automatically show as evidence of the patient's prescription when the patient's information is accessed. The module may significantly cut down on both the time and cost of an audit in addition to assisting with the prevention of dispensing mistakes. Retail pharmacy features also include inventory scanning, barcode scanning, workflow management, and patient counseling.  

Long-Term Care 

Long-term care, mental health, assisted living, board-and-care, or prison facilities can all benefit from the forms, reports, and functionality offered by the Facility Module or Nursing Home Module. It supports the special requirements of long-term care environments while assisting institutional pharmacies in increasing production, efficiency, and profitability. Support is provided in the module for a number of different forms, including MAR (Medical Admission Record), physician orders, treatment sheets, and psychotropic monitoring sheets. 

The prescriptions written for your patients are fully connected with the nursing home module. Printing MARs and physician orders is one of its capabilities, along with doing drug use reviews, end-of-month unit dosage billing, batch filling regular medications, and cycle filling for nursing homes. Thermal printing is another feature of the nursing home module that creates clear, simple-to-read labels with ‘easy peel’ tabs and barcodes for quick, precise refill ordering. 

Mail Order Pharmacy  

For a variety of national and local carriers, Interfaces with many shipping systems, providing the ability to rate, route, print labels, track, email notifications, signature confirmation, delivery confirmation, generate reports and provide various standard and programmable functions.

Abacus Pharmacy Plus Pricing  

The software pricing is affordable. The basic cost starts at $145 per month and is customized based on the size of your firm. 

Software Demo  

There is a 45-minute-long Abacus Pharmacy demo listed on the website to help you learn about the features before you get started.  


The Abacus Pharmacy Plus reviews depict that it is easy to use, the functionality is user-friendly, and it helps you manage your pharmacy.   

Our Thoughts 

Conclusively, This software provides a wide range of tools to help you manage inventory levels and inform patients about pick-up time with real-time notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Abacus Pharmacy Plus offer an API?

No, Abacus Pharmacy Plus does not offer an API available for use.

What is Abacus Pharmacy Plus?

Abacus Pharmacy Plus is prescription processing software that helps pharmacy businesses process prescriptions and create purchase orders.

What languages does Abacus Pharmacy Plus support?

Abacus Pharmacy Plus supports the following languages: English.

What level of support does Abacus Pharmacy Plus offer?

Abacus Pharmacy Plus provides the following support options: 24/7 (live rep), chat.

Who are the typical users of Abacus Pharmacy Plus?

Following are the typical users of Abacus Pharmacy Plus Software: small businesses (50 or fewer employees) in the health, wellness, and fitness industry.

Abacus Pharmacy Plus Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Abacus Pharmacy Plus Software reviews

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