ARIA® Oncology Information System is a solution of Oncology Information known as OIS created by the Varian Medical Systems. It is certified by the ONC-ATCB for being good software for both EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and PM (Practice Management). The software comes complete and combines different disciplines involved with the treatment of oncology such as radiology, surgical and medical information, all gathered together on one platform in the form of an Electronic Health Records (HER) software.

ARIA® EMR software Features include the evaluation of the responses given by patients to different treatments by storing and documenting the information of their medical experience in the software. This makes the job of the practitioner much easier as they do not have to waste their time, instead they can directly analyze, assess, and make decisions about setting up treatment plans and employing protocols that are suited to particular diseases. It is incredibly meticulous in carrying out a high standard of constant and quality care for the patients.

ARIA® EMR software Demo followed by the AJCC had them state that this software is automated to respond to the staging of cancer and provides a unique interface that involves laboratories, pharmacies, and healthcare information about oncology to help the patients and practitioners both in any kind of decision making. ARIA® EMR software features particularly include a graphing tool that can be used to help evaluate and chart the progress being made by a patient in a quick and efficient manner.

ARIA® EMR software is able to specifically target cancer-related issues due to its partnership with OncoLog Cancer Registry. It is a cancer-related program that offers insight into several different studies that assist in understanding both the retrospective and prospective analysis of treatment in a patient whether it is about the complications or the positive outcomes. In addition to all this, the ARIA® EMR software Tutorial shows that it possesses cooperating and helpful tools for queries, automatic import of data, and remote access to the mentioned data on one single platform.

One of the most distinct qualities of ARIA® EMR software allows users to incorporate any and all kinds of diagnostic or imaging tools used in labs that might involve radiographic, fluoroscopic, and cone-beam CT images. This kind of incorporation is incredibly beneficial for the practice as it allows for the practitioner or physician to gain better and quick access to whatever progress the patient has made and assist them in deciding if the before mentioned change is relevant to the plan created for the treatment or not. With the use of RVU (Relative Value Units), ARIA® EMR software manages to create a billing segment or module that has procedures simply based on RVU to enhance the working ability of the software and the physician. Lastly, in order to satisfy the need for the management in the practice (PM), ARIA® EMR software partnered up and collaborated with the Unlimited Systems’ Centricity Physician Office.

ARIA® EMR Software Pricing: Pricing is not openly shared by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button.

ARIA® EMR software Support: Support is offered in regular business hours.

ARIA® EMR software Pros: This software is the best for the particular field that it targets in EHR/EMR.

ARIA® EMR software Cons: The navigation can be difficult as the training videos aren’t very great and the choice of tools can be limited.


Aria Oncology EHR Software

Aria Oncology EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews



Wharf Beyond

51-200 employees

July 2020


I really like the amount of free time I have now because work doesn't take me as long.

None if I am being honest.



501-1,000 employees

June 2020

Not bad.

The tabular form makes it easy to go through your EMRs.

I hope in the future the imaging of this thing is bettered.


Richard E Winter Cancer Treatment Center

11-50 employees

May 2020

It is the worst.

It is convenient to use because it is paperless.

The customer support is terrible and the entire EMR is pretty bad overall.



11-50 employees

December 2018

So many issues

We did not like anything

Good luck ever getting it to work!

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Call us at

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