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BestNotes EHR Software is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to meet the unique needs of behavioral health and substance abuse practice. The software is an all-inclusive solution that helps users to manage intakes, assessments, inquiries, admissions, treatments, plans, lab results, medications, billing, and more. It merges EHR and CRM functionalities into a highly functional product that aims to enhance user interactions. Key features include a patient portal, practice management, scheduling, medication administration, documentation, e-prescribing, outcome tracking, lab tracking, and reporting. Using BestNotes EHR Software, users can access their native mobile app to manage tasks while on the go and improve productivity. It additionally covers the entire spectrum of client interactions, from sales to alumni relations. The software's patient calendar automatically provides billing codes and notes for each appointment.

The HIPAA Compliant platform features documentation that is designed with behavioral health practitioners in mind. It helps users eliminate double data entry so that they can quickly create treatment plans and group notes. The BestNotes EHR Tutorial allows users to follow along and easily comprehend the product's features. On top of this, it helps small to medium-sized healthcare practices streamline their daily workflows. Their iOS and Android apps provide a lot of functionality, including client management, task scheduling, note sharing, and e-signatures. The software also tracks follow-ups, referrals, sales activity, and ongoing consumer interactions. Moreover, users can request a BestNotes EHR Demo to get a complete overview of the solution.

BestNotes EHR Pricing

The software's pricing plan starts at $50.00 per month, per user.

BestNotes EHR Support

It offers online and business hours support.


The reporting features offer excellent functionality, and note templates are highly customizable.


The documentation can sometimes get confusing.

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