Bitrix24 offers both on-premise and a cloud-based system for internal communication, tasks, projects, client management, customer support, and e-commerce. This software is suitable for any business size.

The Bitrix24 HR solution comprises of a report builder, workflow automation, an employee directory, real-time communication, a self-service portal, time management, and employee engagement features. It is a system that allows businesses to manage, engage, and reward employees.

It offers a lot of benefits to its users. For example, having everything in one place makes it easy to find HR documents and employee contacts. Employee training and handling workflow are performed through a social intranet; you can also set and manage access permissions for employees within the system.

Bitrix24 makes reporting more manageable, and the employee evaluation process more transparent. It also helps track time. Moreover, employees can be rewarded and motivated with likes and badges.

Bitrix24 pricing: Bitrix24 has a cloud-based and an on-premise option, and the price varies for both. The cloud-based option has two pricing plans, Special Plan and Business Plan.

The Special plan has three categories: Start+, CRM+, and Project+.

The price for Start+ is $19 per month, and It is for two users. The price for CRM+ is $55 per month, with six users. The price for Project+ is also $55 per month, but the user limit is 24.

The Business plan has two categories, Standard and Professional. The standard option is an Advanced Business Tool Suite for a total of 50 users, and the price is $79 per month. The professional choice is an Unlimited Business Tool Suite with unlimited users, and the price is $159 per month.

The on-premise option's starting price is $1490, with a limit of 12 users. The cost increases as more users are added.

Free Trial: Yes.

USP: Bitrix24 offers a free version with a maximum of 12 users.

Feature customers do not like: The system is complex and requires a proper training session.

Technical Specifications: Bitrix24 is a server and cloud-based software and is compatible with all devices.

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