CCH Tagetik is an all-in-one enterprise-level accounting and BI software solution that provides medium to large organizations with budgeting & planning, management reporting, modeling & forecasting, disclosure management, consolidation & close, and analytic information hub. It offers enough flexibility to cater to businesses in various industries such as software/technology firms, CPG, manufacturing, insurance, telecommunications, banking & financial services, construction, and healthcare, etc. The solution empowers executives with a simple and straightforward MS Excel-like interface and business performance tools for effective operational planning, consolidating, analyzing results and compare the financial impact of different business scenarios.

With Tagetik’s integrated financial intelligence, users can gain access to more insights on and visibility of the company's health. Full integration with Microsoft Office apps and BI suite, Qlik, and SAP HANA are offered. Additional features include Data visualizations include dynamic charts, heat, and geo-maps, embedded business and financial intelligence features, full-featured cash flow modeling and forecasting capabilities adjusting strategic plans, updating rolling forecasts.

Both cloud-hosted and on-premise deployments are offered as well as a hybrid approach which offers flexibility to transition from one to the other.

Pricing: Not provided by the vendor.

USP: Automate disclosure and conduct collaborative business reviews. High flexibility and scalability to add any number of modules with utmost convenience.

Support: Support is extended via email and phone.

Product Advantages: Easy to use and configure. Highly scalable design. Consistent data management. Robust advanced analytics tools.

Product Limitations: old database records are in Italian which is inconvenient. Some logical aspects could use simplification for non-tech users. Complicated implementation.

CCH Tagetik

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