CentralReach is a provider of practice management and electronic health records (EHR) solutions that enables behavioral health clinicians to ensure improved outcomes for people with autism. This cloud- based platform is trusted by more than 65,000 users and offers features such scheduling, billing, credentialing, staff training, reporting, employee onboarding, claims, and a patient portal through a central platform. With CentralReach, users can also gather data online or offline, design custom treatment plans and create training manuals. Designed to improve the quality of care, the software streamlines the back-office workflow and improve service delivery.

The platform includes customized forms that can be converted into templates to be used by the clinical staff. CentralReach offers a complete suite of tools for practice management for users to match staff and client availability using the software’s integrated scheduling system. native application is available for both the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Pricing: Not provided by the vendor.

USP: The scheduling module of the software includes links to preloaded authorizations, appointment reminders, and secure patient and team messaging.

Support: Support is offered online during the business hours.

Product Advantages: CentralReach’s reporting module offers real-time billing accruals to assist users keep a track of payroll.

Product Limitations: The platform is not so user-friendly.


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