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A2C Medical Software is a HIPAA-compliant EMR/EHR software explicitly made for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. This clinical management software improves patient care and healthcare performance. It is an all-in-one integrated management system that is used by small clinics to large enterprises. This cloud-based SAAS clinic controller is compatible with web-based, Windows, and Linux devices.  

You can completely control your financial problems with revenue cycle management. It saves time with the “One System; One Login” feature. You can integrate A2Cmedical with HL7 interfaces. Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) integration allows patient assessment, reporting, and predictive analysis. You can choose from three exercise programs: PhysioTec, BlueJay Mobile Health, and BioEx Systems (makers of Exercise Pro). It provides CAL protection with N+1 data centers.  

Key Features 

Scheduling and Appointing 

Patients can do easy check-ins with color-coded appointment management through A2C medical. The alert system reminds you about appointments, reports, billing, and schedules. It supports 2-way integrated faxing to share documents. Users can create, cancel, and reschedule appointments easily. A2C EMR has a virtual waiting list to manage appointments. 

Secure Billing 

This software offers electronic claim remittance and auto-posting. 98% Claims Acceptance rate ensures reduced costs. It fully supports 835 EOBs. You can analyze patients on a single detailed patient ledger. Smart filtering and one-click posting save time and increase customer engagement. A2C medical software ensures reimbursement and safe, prompt payments.  

Patient Profile Management 

A2C EHR has customizable patient portal dashboards. You can view and edit medical records easily. The HIPAA-Compliant chat enables you to increase efficient communication with patients. OT and PT forms can help you customize the software to your liking. You can minimize management time with digital signatures and “Roll up” form ability. A2C Medical platform keeps everything on track with compliant dynamic flow sheets. 

Reporting and Analysis 

With A2C Physical Therapy Software, users can create flexible custom reports. You can share base reports and common report failures with ease. A2C EHR provides Executive Reports management for Clinic Productivity, Billing and Collections, Referring Doctors, Business Cycle, and Historical Aging. It allows you to calculate visit missing charges with Standard Reports.  

A2C Medical Pricing 

The payment plans for A2C Medical start from $0.01 /month. You can contact the vendor for more details. 

A2C Medical EMR Demo 

You can schedule a demo for the software with the A2C Medical EHR team. They also provide live training, webinars, and guidance documentation.  

A2C Medical EHR Reviews 

Numerous happy users have rated the software highly. It is a therapy solution that saves both time and effort. It increases practice efficiency and clinic reputation. You can find more reviews about A2C physical therapy software in our Reviews section. 

Our Thoughts 

A2C Medical Software is a therapy-centric cloud-based EMR solution for therapy management. It is a fully unified SAAS platform that has integrated Scheduling, Billing, Documentation, and Reporting features. It offers Insurance Management, Multi-Location, Practice Management, Progress Notes, and Treatment Planning. A2C is a complete outpatient therapy tool that is worth investing in.  

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