Confluence is a project management tool that allows organizations to collaborate, organize and review project activities. It is a cloud-based system but has on-site deployment options available too. The software includes knowledge management modules, task management features, and editing functions for all team members.  

Managers and employees can schedule meetings, add notes, set requirements for their products, and generate research reports. Managers have the option to review work and share their feedback on documents. It has a centralized repository where team members can look up relevant content and requirements instead of moving from software to software. There are options for restricting access to confidential data and creating closed groups for added discretions.  

Monitoring tasks, tracking changes, and assigning work is easier than ever with Confluence. Managers are updated on progress and can assign due dates to the high-priority work. Confluence can integrate with Jira and promote maximum project transparency. It is functional software for technical and marketing teams alike. 

Confluence Pricing: Confluence has a free version for smaller teams with fewer requirements and growing companies can upgrade to their premium packages which have a monthly fee starting at $5 per user. The premium version can support organizations of up to 20,000 employees.  

Confluence Project Management Pros: The project management software meets a diverse set of business needs and can be used by organizations dealing with different products and services. It also has visual updates and roadmaps which help with tracking progress. 

Confluence Project Management Cons: The software is not as easy to set up as others and there are fewer administrative features as well. Confluence can improve their technical support as well and add more options for users to communicate with their representatives. 

Highlighted Features 

Easy Sharing: Confluence allows users to create collaborative workspaces where they can share project requirements, meeting notes, marketing plans and other information. Users can begin with a completely blank slate or customize the available templates for their workspace. There are templates available for product launch plans, project plans, meeting notes, marketing plans, customer persona, and other documents. The attachments such as images, videos, tables, GIFs, documents, and background information can be uploaded there too. Collaboration is as easy as mentioning the member on a card and notifications are sent instantly. The page is visible to tagged members as well as guest users. 

Organized Space: Confluence is a collaboration software that lets teams organize their documents in one place. They can group together correlated pages and create a dedicated space for specific types of documents. Access controls for the documents lie with the creator and they can be kept private or read-only depending on the situation. There are page overviews and powerful search options so users can look something up. The page has a tree-like structure so content is categorized under labeled branches. A larger project can be divided into sub-pages to deal with each stage. 

Instant Feedback: Users can give and receive feedback with the in-line comment feature. There are shared workspaces which makes reviewing much faster and speeds up the project’s progress. Team members can edit pages together and add comments to the pages to communicate with their coworkers. They can mention the relevant person and tag them in the comment to get immediate help. Comments are public and visible to everyone so the added visibility has everyone on the same page. There are reaction buttons for quicker responses to show you have received the message. Users can edit their notification settings and receive alerts on important tasks or pages. They can also track unresolved issues and close them when they have been fixed. 

Confluence reviews

Overall Rating

6 Reviews


Confluence is the perfect partner!

September 2021


Graphic Alliance

I like that Confluence offers the ability to rapidly search and examine available templates and the ability to turn anything into a Jira problem, which are really useful to our company.
Exporting documents like PDF is unnecessarily difficult.

The perfect project management tool for us!

August 2021



With Confluence, Editing, searching, and organizing is a breeze. I also appreciate that they are always adding new features. Integration with Jira and Trello is fantastic, but it also functions well on its own as a lightweight project management tool.
The support team has addressed all our major concerns.

Customisable and Flexible.

August 2021



Confluence is a far more economical and an excellent value choice for us as compared to other project management tools in the market. We recommend it, highly!
Confluence is a great software, my only concern with it is that text search is not properly constructed which makes the whole process very time-consuming.

Worked for us!

August 2021


Swarming Technology

Confluence platform may be a highly useful tool for managing projects. I appreciate the flexibility to activate or deactivate the product at the individual user level, unlike other systems.
Sometimes the system can be a bit clunky to use.

All in one Platform.

August 2021


Celcom Axiata Berhad

I like that Confluence's documentation and document storage and sharing are extremely well structured and managed. I am also grateful that confluence assisted us in consolidating our company's technical documents into a single location.
Personally, I think they should update the layout; Navigation is a bit tricky with Confluence.

Fits right in!

July 2021



The elements I find most helpful with Confluence include highly adjustable and easy-to-use document templates, a simple UI, and extensive interaction with Jira Software and Jira Service Management.
I have to admit that there is a slight learning curve when it comes to confluence, but fortunately, the support is available to help you through it all.

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