Curve Dental is a cloud-based practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solution designed for small to midsize private dental practices. The software offers a complete suite of features including treatment plans, clinical charts, patient education, clinical notes, billing, imaging, reporting, scheduling and electronic prescriptions to help oral health professionals to automate their practices. Curve Dental allows dentists to access and save all of their patient data through a central platform. Through the interactive interface of the solution, users can also process digital images and build charting.

The platform offers a web-based dashboard so the users can view key metrics and track daily schedules. Curve Dental is a HIPAA compliant solution and aims to assist growing practices that are looking for an integrated solution to automate their daily operations.

Pricing: The software offers diverse pricing plans including curve hero classic, the curve hero +connex, curve hero +image, and curve superhero.

USP: Curve Dental’s built-in native analytics tool allows practices to create custom reports with interactive graphs and charts that can be shared with appropriate medical facilities.

Support: Offers online support during business hours.

Product Advantages: Curve Dental ensures data integrity as it manages all backup and security at their end.

Product Limitations: Poor customer support and takes much time to respond to claims.

Curve Dental

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